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Help with Warwick item build

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Trying to find a nice solid item build for Warwick for my friend, were around lvl 20 atm just doing 3v3s alot and some 5v5s, any nice stomper item builds, that arent outrageously spendy post up plz

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Warwick's main advantage is that he has a lot of lifesteal. His passive steals life and adds onhit damage, and his Q which is pretty spammable heals him quite a bit.

As such, the usual strategy for Warwick is to build tanky so he doesn't ever die. As long as WW can survive burst damage, he can recover quite a bit of health over a fight. He isn't really a stomper type champion. He has 1 gap closer on a looong cooldown and no good chasing power.

An offensive WW build is gimmicky because he is likely to Ult and pounce on someone, get CCed and killed within 2 seconds, doing nothing.

A defensive one can still pounce on their carry and be tough enough to survive lots of punishment and keep lifestealing and autoattacking while regaining health. Meanwhile your team beats them down.

You want to focus on ARMOR/MR!!! This means that every point of life you steal will be worth more effective health due to high resists, vs trying to get lots and lots of extra health.
CDR is important too for max use of his ULT, keep the AS buff up all the time, and spam Q.

Usual items for Warwick include:

Whatever boots.
spirit visage - MR, health, CDR as needed.
wits end - AS, offense, MR.
Frozen Heart - incredible armor, great aura effect, and CDR.
Phage -> Mallet - snare effect. Mallet is particularly good at peeling enemies and sticking to them.
Aegis - great sharing effect and general toughness.
Warmog - tons of health and regen.
Banshees Veil - health, MR.
Sunfire Cape - good health and armor, with extra offense boost.

I usually wind up with:
2-21-7 (mana). whatever reds, armor yellow, MR/lvl blue, MS quints or whatever.

Frozen Heart - 20% CDR
Spirit Visage - 10% CDR (this plus Defensive = 38.1% CDR...good enough)
Wits End
Frozen Mallet
merc treads
Aegis of Legion

This gives me a whopping armor of 80ish +13ish +6 +99 heart +30 aegis = 250ish.
Magic resist of 50ish base +25 shoes +6 def +40 aegis +50 WE +30 SV = 200ish.
Health boost of 1300ish.

WW's nice 80% AS boost, plus 40% WE boost gives him decent attack speed, and his melee is pretty decent too with 150ish AD, 42 onhit, plus his passive stacking OnHit (48 with 3 stacks @18). His Q deals solid damage too at a good rate, 320 vs a 2k foe, 480vs a 3k.

If WW's being ignored (which has yet to happen to me) you could take a Bloodrazor as a 6th item...