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Strange and Dangerous (Remake)

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Be merciful, Magister girl.

Strange and Dangerous
Chapter 1: The two who are bound to fate


His dead brother came at sundown. Always at sundown.

As the sun went down behind the mountains, Chasm took a look at himself. He wore a large raven skull as a mask that covered his entire face, which was a sign of wisdom in the way of the raven to his tribe, though his long black hair was visible. He wore black sweat pants, which was needed for his agility and parkour style of free running, along with his tight boots. He wore a white shirt with a black long caped leather jacket on top of it. His right arm is entirely covered by a black Vanbrace gauntlet, complete with a skull image on the surface of the hand piece.

The sun then finally went down. A shuffling sound comes from afar. The shuffling of boots…… His boots. The boots of one of the tribesmen of the southern crow clan.

As Chasm busied himself with the fire that lay before him, he started to whistle a little tone in an attempt to calm his mind.
A bush rustles.

Chasm’s yellow eyes stare at it.

Emerging from it was a grey, foul creature. The smell of sweet rooting came from it. A line separated its body, revealing its ribcage. It wore nothing but pants. Blood dripped from in between the legs were the line started.

Chasm turned his eyes back at the fire, wishing his brother would leave him alone. He won’t, not until he has addressed him.

Chasm rises and looks at his brother.

“Say what you have, brother.” He said with a deep voice.

The creature raises its finger. A black tongue dangles.

“Chasm…..” It said with a withered voice that was barely audible.
How can he speak? Chasm thought.
He gathers his courage and speaks:

“Brother, I am sorry….”

“Liar!” It shrieked. “You killed me! You were my brother! You traitor!”

“I was not in control…… I really am sorry.”

“Traitor!” He shrieked before touching Chasm’s chest.
Since his brother’s death, Chasm had nothing to live for but redemption.


It is late at night here in the institute. Riven walked the halls. She was tired of all that happened today.
The fan mail, the chatter about the 100th champion, the people who tried to piss her off today, she had enough. After all, she had other things to attend to.
Reaching her door, she starts to meddle with her keys.
Then, two summoners walked by her.

“You know, I heard a rumor.” Said one of them.

“Well what a surprise.” Said the other sarcastically.

“No really, this one is MAJOR!”

And their voices soon drowned as they walked away. All Riven heard was the word reaper, leaving her to wonder.
Doesn't matter. She says to herself as she opens the door to her room.
Her home was standard, normal. A Table stood in her bedroom. On it is a map.

“Now,” She quietly says as she fully opened the map. “Let’s see how we can get to mister Singed.”
Since the bunny suit Incident, she swore to get rid of him.

8 hours later

As the sun rose, Chasm opened his eyes. He felt cold, and the sun did nothing to change that.

“I will never get used to this.” He says as he rose, shaking his head. Indeed, his dead brother has haunted him ever since his death.
Burying the fire, he looks to the distance.

“Not too far from now.”
Picking up his hand bag and placing it on his shoulders, he thought to himself.

I am not betraying anyone by traveling. My tribe is dead, my brother is dead, the love of my life is…… Gone, and there is no one left to go to. This is my path. I am not betraying anyone. Not now, not again.

He walks away from the camp.

Jericho swain, here I come.
He stops.

I really have to stop thinking to myself.


Waking up, Riven realizes that she was sleeping on the table. The map was filled with circles and arrows.
Well, at least she knew what she had to do.

This will not work, though. She thought to herself. This is a two man operation. I need a partner. Someone who hates Swain and his associates as much as I do…….
She stops.

I really have to stop thinking to myself.

Chapter 2: The life and times of Chasm Coremax

A Crow does not peck another Crow’s eye.

That was the most important tenant in the tribe. When you become part of it, you must never betray your fellow tribesmen.
The orange sun, the blue bonfire, the rising black smoke, and the whispers of ancient language, the thirty or so tents, this was the day.

This is the day he and his brother were inducted into the tribe.

It took weeks, but there training was enough to go through the tests the tribe gave to them. In fact, their outstanding work gave them a higher title than that of those who are usually inducted, which was Hatchling. Instead, their title was Kaisor, which meant in their language the one who is bound to fate. It was sensible, for the tribe leader Taiir believed that they were sent to them by their god Ravash.

But before either is inducted, one of the seven gods of the sky must accept them. This ceremony was called Sa ye Ravash. This means to look in the eye of Ravash.

The shaman approached Chasm. The old man appeared to be at least sixty, but the truth was he had an incredible age of one hundred and ten, making him the oldest and wisest of them. He gently asked Chasm to look at the bonfire. Doing so, the shaman began to whisper ancient words.

Staring at the blue flame, Chasm starts to see some image as the chanting grew louder. The image began to become clearer.

As the chanting intensified, Chasm looks closer to the flame and makes out most of the figure. It was an image of a woman, a beautiful woman, with shoulder length black hair. She was clad in a black robe, with two black feathered wings on her back.

Her blue eyes stare at Chasm. As the chanting grew louder, Chasm felt as if he was being pulled by this woman away from everything. His body felt light.

Suddenly, he found himself away from everything.
All he saw was that female gently run her hand through his long hair, smiling.
She says one thing:

"You are accepted."

The last thing he can remember while being with her was her hand going over his chest.
The next thing he knows it, he wakes up in one of the tents to find a mark on his chest. The mark was an E with a line beside it.
The Shaman then enters, and is shocked at what he sees, which soon turned into a cry of joy.

“What is it?” Chasm asks, still tired.

“Who accepted you!?” The shaman said with energy that should not be found in people of his age.

“Well, there was a woman with black hair. She had two wings on her back...”

“The Daughter of Ravash has accepted you!”
Cries of joy are heard as the Shaman yells out the news.
It is a month since his induction in the tribe.
He sat alone, the mask he wore then was different than the one he wore now. This one was in resemblance to a human skull, with two horns that pointed forward. The vanguard on his right arm was also different. The skull that is on the surface on the one he has now is not present. Rather, it is replaced with a stone, carved with the original mark he has on his chest. His chest was bare. He liked to feel the breeze of the wind hit it.

Scythe in hand; he was busy sharpening it in front of a flame. He was not in the land of the tribe. Rather, he was sent to investigate a strange interference that happened during one ceremony. The source was located here. The tents were now only three; His own, his brothers, and the other one was to a female from the tribe who accompanied them.

The woman then comes out from her tent. She wore different clothing than that of the tribe. Instead, she wore leather boots, black pants, and covered her upper body with a grey cloak. However, she still wore a vanbrace like most of the tribe on her right arm. The surface of the hand piece was covered by a gold orb. She had blue eyes and shoulder length hair.
She sits beside Chasm.

“Are you still awake?”
Chasm looks back at her.

“Yes.” He turns away his sight from her.
She grabs his chin and pulls his face towards her.

“You have permission to look at me.” She said, smiling.
Chasm keeps on sharpening his scythe.

“You know,” He said. “You should really go back to bed, daughter of Taiir…… “

“Just keep it formal and call me Layla.”

“Layla then, it is best that you go back to bed. You would not want your father to find out, would you?”

“My father has nothing to do with this. I choose who I see.” She moves closer to him.

“Besides,” She places her head on his shoulder. “Since when did he have to do with anything with my personal life?”
She takes the rock from Chasm’s hand.

“Hey, I need that!” That was the only stone that can sharpen his scythe.
She walks backwards towards her tent.

“You want it?” She says as she disappeared into the tent with a sly grin. “Come get it.”
The scythe dissipates. No need for it now.
Smiling, Chasm walks into Layla’s tent.
It has been a year now since Chasm joined.
Chasm was to marry Layla in a month’s time. His brother is now the official ambassador of the tribe, taking international affairs in his hands. The number of warriors has grown to a large scale, with a number of almost one thousand warriors, and the lands have grown to the length it has controlled most of the plague jungles and beyond. Chasm is to be the next leader of the tribe after Taiir. The crow tribe never was so alive and prospering.
It is now a year and seven days since Chasm joined the tribe. Disaster has struck.
A plague has spread, killing as much as all the tribe, including Taiir. Chasm has run with Layla and his brother from the plague jungles. They take refuge in Chasm and his brothers old home; Noxus.
Sitting in a bar, Chasm drank his beer. It has now been a month since the plague had killed his people, and much has changed. When his brother was ambassador, he was ambassador for only a short time, so not much news about the world had come to them. He has put the mask away and now wears a black shirt, covering his chest for the first time since he joined. His boots were replaced with sneakers. He wears a long caped leather jacket to hide his vanguard.
Noxus is at war with Demacia, Ionia was at peace, and the league of legends is dominant and now controls kalamanda, which is referred to as the crystal scar.

A few days ago, Layla had killed herself when she found out that she carried the plague. She did that in order not to spread it.
The memory was painful.

“Get me another pint please.” He says.

“Sorry bud, you have had enough.” Replied the bartender.

“I’ll pay double.”

“No. It’s for your own good.”
Sighing, Chasm rises from his chair and leaves.
Just as he turns to an ally, a man attacks.
He slashes his knife around, hoping to kill Chasm. But Chasm was wearing the vanguard.
With one ancient word and a scythe appears in Chasm’s hand.

“Stay back!” Hissed Chasm.
The man lowers his knife.

“Chasm?” He says.

“How do you know my name?”

“It’s me, your brother!”
Suddenly, something over took Chasm. A feeling that told him to kill, to live, to eliminate, that his brother was a threat.
The instinct of a killer told him to end his own brother.
One swift strike is all that took. The blood splattered onto the walls.
Dissipating the scythe, Chasm looks at the half ripped man.

A tear falls from his face as the Instinct fades away.
It has now been nine months.
The Instinct did not stop when Chasm killed his brother. It kept affecting him, kept telling him that everyone was a threat. With every kill he made, the reputation of the Noxian reaper spread to the outer reaches of Valoran. Some people said it was a creature made of the desire to kill, others believed him to be a man confused. One thing all could agree on was that the Reaper of Noxus was merciful, as tests showed that the strike kills the victim immediately.
It has now been a week since all Valoran knew him as the Reaper of Noxus.
His search has proven him correct. The plague was not born in the jungle. Rather, it was released. And he now knows exactly who did it.
Jericho Swain, the master tactician.
It has now been 3 weeks since he discovered that Swain ordered the disease to be released onto his people.
Packing his things, Chasm grabs a picture of him and Layla.

“I swear I will get you and my brother vengeance.”
As he finishes packing, his foot hits a box. Opening it, Chasm finds himself looking into the abyss of the hollow eyes of his raven mask. Grabbing it, he looks through the back.

“Why did she accept me?” He wondered. “Why did the daughter of Ravash accept me?”
Putting on the mask, he looks at the mirror.

“Redemption.” He reminded himself.
Chasm now understands he cannot get to Swain here in Noxus. Instead, he has to go do it the other way. Now he knew what must be done.

Join the league of legends.

He walks out.

Chapter 3: First match: Part 1


As the memories started to simmer away, the summoner who conducted the judgment approaches Chasm.

“Well that was…… eventful.” Said the summoner in a British accent.

“Are we done here?” Said Chasm in an angry tone. He was mad that he had to show his memories to the summoner.

“Almost, you are going to go in your first match. I will be your summoner.”

“What is your name?”


“What is your name?”

“Deimus, Deimus Underdark.”

“Well then, Deimus. Here is the deal.” He summons his scythe and points it at Deimus. “You get in my way and I will make sure your blood splatters on the walls.”

“Really?” Said the summoner without changing his stance.


“You are not a killer, Chasm. You were only made into one.”

“You don’t know me.”

“Fine. Let us just get on our way. The match will start soon.”
With that, they both leave the Judgment room.


As Riven left the mess hall, she started to wonder if the new rumors were true.

They say the Noxian reaper came and is in judgment right now. I hope they do accept him.

She cracks her knuckles.

I have to teach him a lesson for killing some of my people.
Suddenly, summoner energy started to go around her.

Well, good thing I ate breakfast.
She closes her eyes as the summoner teleports her to the summoners rift.

Opening her eyes, she looks around to see her team mates. There was Alistar, Ashe, Lux, and….. The fifth summoner has not come yet.

“Well, that’s Deimus for you.” Said the summoner in her head. “Though he is good and makes up later on.”
Sighing, Riven approaches the shop. However, she notices that the old shopkeeper is gone and was replaced by a yordle.

“Were is the original shopkeeper?” She asks.

“Oh, the old hag? She was fired for being part of the scandal.”
Nodding, she takes out four hundred and fifty gold and purchases a Doran’s blade. As the purple blade became smaller, two strings appeared from the handle.
As she placed it around her neck, the summoners voice booms out.

A Summoner has reconnected!

Well it’s about………
She quiets down to take a look at the crow masked reaper who was slowly appearing from the spawning pool.


The cold breeze of the ‘Summoner’s rift’ blew Chasm’s hair slightly as he made his way to the shop. Scythe on shoulder, Chasm started to speak to the yordle.

“You have any long swords?”
The shop keeper looks into his bags.

“You are in luck! This is one of the few I have for now.”
Putting his hand in his pocket, Chasm takes out four hundred and fifteen gold and places it in the yordel’s hand. The yordle then gives him the shrinking sword. Placing it around his neck, he looks around and takes a deep breath.

“So, you’re the Noxian reaper?” Said a female voice beside him.
Turning around, Chasm sees a white haired woman with hazel eyes. She wore a large gauntlet on her hand and wields a broken sword.

“Her name is Riven the Exile, just for the heads up.” Said Deimus in Chasm’s head.

“Yes. I am the reaper of Noxus. And you must be Riven the Exile.”

Silence goes between the two until the announcer spoke again.
Thirty seconds until minions spawn!

Riven and Chasm

“So, I heard that you killed a large number of Noxians, right? How many? Twenty, forty?”

“One hundred and twenty five people. Most of them worked for Jericho swain.”
Killed those who worked for Jericho? Wait, does he hate swain?

Minions have spawned!

And out from the overly large blue crystal the small blue robe wearing creatures appeared. Though mindless, these creatures knew their destination; The enemy Nexus.

“Best we get moving.” She said as the siege minion came out.

“Which way?”

“Well, bottom lane is taken by Alistar and Lux, middle lane is for Ashe. Top is open for us.”

“Well, let’s go then.”
As they made their way to the top turrent, Deimus spoke with the other summoners. Their speech was not allowed to be heard by the champions because it can sometimes take their attention away from the battle.

*Unmuted Version*
Deimus144 (Chasm): Hello one and all.

Holyhit (Alistar): Were the **** were you!?

Deimus144 (Chasm): Calm down, old chap.

Holyhit (Alistar): No! I will not calm down! What the **** kept you so late!?

Deimus144 (Chasm): It’s the beginning of the game, I came just on time.

Holyhit (Alistar): Well what if you didn’t!?

Garenman12 (Lux): Here we go again.

Monstar6 (Ashe): You never shut up Holyhit, do you? It’s the beginning of the game.

Holyhit (Alistar): Shut up let me talk to this British *****!

Garenman12 (Lux): Holyhit please….

Holyhit (Alistar): Shut up!

Monstar6 (Ashe): Dude…

Holyhit (Alistar): Shut up!

Deimus144 (Chasm): Really, how rude of you to talk to us like this. We never talked to you like that.

Holyhit (Alistar): Want rude!? Here is rude! You are a *********** ******* who is only good with Darius who you keep calling Iron man!

Garenman12 (Lux): Well he is all metal……..

Holyhit (Alistar): Shut up! In fact Deimus you should be arrested for killing the English language! How do you like that! *****!

Deimus144 (Chasm): Turning away my British accent. Now speaking normally.

Deimus144 (Chasm): Hater’s goanna hate.

Holyhit (Alistar): This game sucks I’m going AFK at pool.

Monstar6 (Ashe): REPORTED!

Holyhit (Alistar): Please don’t report me and I promise I will never play with you noobs again.

Garenman12 (Lux): I thought you said you were going AFK.

Holyhit (Alistar): Let me be the first to clarify my judgment to your stupidity!

Nobody******bag (Riven): Through all this I just sat back and laughed.
*End Of Unmuted Version*

Reaching the turrent, the two inspected the battlefield. There was no enemy champion in sight. Only the minions were fighting.

“I’ll check the bush.” Said the Exile.

“Wait.” Said Chasm, stopping her. “I have a better Idea.”
Closing his eyes, the reaper said ancient words:


Suddenly, dark magic starts to swirl on his shoulder. It forms the blurry image of a bird before that very bird came to view. With feathers black as a Nocturnal night and eyes as purple as amethyst, the Raven sat on Chasm shoulder, looking for any kind of danger.

Rubbing his hand over it, Chasm orders the Raven in his language to go and check the bush. The creature obliges.
As it swooped into the bush, it dodges a Javelin and runs back to its master.
Another Javelin is hurled, this time at Riven. Chasm pulls her away from the spear.

“Kill some minions!” He said. “I will cover you!”
As Chasm rushed into the bush a woman, clad in marks that made her look like a tiger, attacked him.

“This is Nidalee. Watch out for her Javelin and make sure you keep distance so you can dodge!” Said Deimus in Chasm’s

*Unmuted version*
Nobody******bag (Riven): Oh God why do you have dodge? HAX!
*End of Unmuted version*

Soon, Riven had enough ‘experience’. She takes her broken wings ability and attacks Nidalee.
The huntress growled as the two approached her. Chasm then gains more ‘experience’ and takes his horrify skill. The raven will soon die from not being fed, so Chasm orders it to attack for the remaining time it has left. As the Raven pecked at Nidalee, Riven dashes towards the bestial huntress with her blade, striking twice. However, Nidalee jumps away and tries to strike Chasm.

That was her mistake. At Deimus’s command, Chasm uses his horrify ability.

The reaper of Noxus takes of his own mask, his head bowed and his hair covering a majority of any line of sight anyone can
see through to his face. He hisses another of his ancient words:


Dark energy swirls around his arm. The blurry vision of a face is shown in his hand. Clutching the newly formed mask, he immediately dons it.
The once dangerous huntress steps back in horror and start to run. Luckily, Riven had her KI ready. She yells as the energy was released in a blast. Nidalee is now stunned. She cannot do anything but watch as Chasm’s passive goes into play. His
scythe ripped through her.

First blood!

The blood splashed on the ground and onto nearby minions, though they did not pay any attention. The Great huntress now lay before them, leaving a gory scene.

“You ok?” Asked Chasm to Riven.

“If regulations were not around,” She said as she rose. “I would have been more than ok.”
He smiled as he quickly changed masks without anyone noticing his face.

“If regulations were not around, probably anarchy would ensue.”

He looks back at the body.

“So much blood…….”


“Nothing. Let’s just keep pushing this lane.”
Riven nodes in agreement. The two then attack the next wave of enemy minions.

“When in the battle field with others, it does not matter what you are to each other. Even if you are lovers, friends, family members, or even enemies. What you are with them is only one thing: Comrades. And that is a bigger responsibility to take. So be proud you are taking it.”
- Deimus Underdark

*Unmuted Version*

Deimus144 (Chasm): Wait, were is the other champion?

Garenman12 (Lux): To be continued……..

Nobody******bag (Riven): Dun! Dun! Dunnnnnnnn!!

Holyhit (Alistar): I will never play with you guys again.

Mostar6 (Ashe): Yea right. We made you what you are today. You need us.

Deimus144 (Chasm): Now that is just a gay way to express it, Monstar. No offence.

*End of Unmuted Version*

Now at this point of writing

'Put picture of koala with big red eyes'

I just ****ing LOVE coffee!

Anyways, I am going to a camp and I will not be back until 4 weeks are complete. But as soon as I come back, I will write the next chapter.


1. As you all saw, I gave Riven a tough personality, but it knows honor. If there is an OOC moment please inform me cause I am a bit drunk from the coffee.
2. The old version was the shool girl version of riven. In this remake I will not do the same mistake.
3. The next few weeks I will not be around, so please keep this alive for me.
4. I tried to post this with chapter 4 and 5 but it said there were too many characters.
5. The crow tribe was used in the first Chasm incarnation, but was never used until now in his final incarnation.
7. The original Chasm used two mini scythes. But since Akali had the same design, I made some changes.
8. The name Layla, in my arabic language, means night.
9. If there are any arabian racists around here, then I am arabian. Though LOVE OR HATE YOU CANNOT DEBATE THAT I WROTE THIS STORY AND I AM SURROUNDED BY ALL OF YOU!

Thank you for reading. As always, comments are apreciated and if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment. I will try to post something tomorrow. Dont forget that I am living in Jordan so times might be different. And dont forget to thumbs up just bellow the post.

Oh, and my other stories, with the exception of the death chronicles, will be droped. I just had to do those because they were stuck in my mind. But The death chronicles is in my intrest of writing list like this story. So I am sorry that I had to drop them but believe me The death chronicles will make up for them. Cause its plot is spicy! Trust me.

See you all in 4 weeks.

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Chapter 4: First match: Part 2

Riven and Chasm

It has been fifteen minutes in the match, and so far they only have the outer turrent to deal with.

“It is best that you get back to base,” Said Riven. “You have a great deal of money to spend.”

“You sure you can handle this lane alone?” Chasm replied. They were ambushed twice, and twice they could have died.

“No problem. Just don’t let me lane alone for the rest of the match while you just sit back and watch.”

“I am not those types of people.” He slays one more minion and then activates his teleport.

“I hope so.” Said Riven as her comrade’s teleport was complete. "Cause if he was, I would make sure he goes to the hospital"


“She is distraction. Have to kill her. Yum, she looks delicious!”


A projectile is shoot from the jungle. Riven sees it too late.
The acid hits her straight on the chest. Kogmaw then emerges with hunger in his eyes.

“Time to feast!” He screeched.
Riven rises and dashes before Kogmaw spits his void ooze. Raising her blade high, she gives a battle cry before attacking the voidling head on.


As Chasm purchased an Aegis of Legion, Deimus hears a ping from top lane.

“Oh no…….” Said Deimus.

“Something is wrong, is there?” Asked Chasm

“Riven is fighting Kogmaw. He is an abomination of creatures. Get the rest of the item I instructed for you and I will teleport you to her.”
Something catches his eye. He smiles from behind the mask. He purchases the hungry red blade.


She did not think straight. Attacking Kogmaw like that. What a stupid strategy. As acid dripped from the voidling mouth, he gets ready to swallow the exile in whole.

Then a minion stops in its tracks. A golden ray blooms from the sky.

“Uh oh.” Said Kogmaw.

“Looks like you are in trouble.” Said Riven with a smirk.
The Voidling then stares back at her. Hunger fills its eye once more.

“No! If Kogmaw die, he at least has you as feast!”
His maw opens wide. The tongue filled with spikes. The teeth dripping with acid. Riven closes her eyes.
And just before it could close his mouth on her, a certain Scythe comes in contact with his tail. The Abomination screams as his killer pulled him to the jungle.


“One second Riven. I got a dog to put down.” He said before he disappeared into the jungle with Kogmaw screaming.

*Unmuted version*

Nobody******bag (Riven): Thanks man.

Deimus144 (Chasm): Anytime.

Holyhit (Alistar): ULTRA GAY!

Deimus144 (Chasm): When you get ganked, don’t expect me to help you.

*End of Unmuted Version*


As the reaper pulled his victim into the jungle, it turned around and starts to fight back.
“No! No! No!” It screamed as it spit acid. “Kogmaw not be feast!”

“Who the **** said I will eat you?”
The creature then spits right onto Chasm’s mask.

“Argh! You little ****!”
The mouth of the abyss runs towards Riven.

“No!” Chasm yelled.
He says another ancient word:



Just as she was about to finish teleporting, Kogmaw leaps forward, with his mouth wide open. A Chain latches out and grabs the voidling. But not without price.
Riven held her scream as this creatures teeth latched onto her leg. She grabs her sword and activates her ultimate in an attempt to make it let go. It does not work.
The chain then starts to pull Kogmaw towards the jungle.

“NO! I MUST FEAST!” It screeched.
Slowly, it started to bite on more of Riven’s leg till it reached over her thigh.
Finally, Riven gave in to the pain and yells.

Riven and Chasm

Hearing the scream, Chasm knew Kogmaw did something. He pulls the Chain one more time before seeing the awful scene.
Grabbing his scythe, and his passive intact, he stabs the abomination in the back. Screeching, Kogmaw opens his mouth wide, giving Riven the chance to pull her leg and lip away from the mouth of the abyss.
“Dogs get sent to pound Kogmaw,” He said as he stood before the creature. He raises his scythe. He swings it down.

“But Abominations get put down.”

An enemy has been slain!

Green blood and acid squirts around like a fountain. It sprays onto Chasm’s mask for a second.
Dissipating the scythe, Chasm falls to the ground, exhausted. The fight toke more than it should out of him. Riven should have teleported back to base by now.

“Chasm! Are you ok?” Asked Deimus worryingly.

“I am ok. This is the least I can say for that worm.”

“Wait, you killed Kogmaw?”


“Get the **** out of there!”

“Wait, what?”

Chasm did not understand.

Until the very creature he killed rose. Its body was in a state of hyper active, with the color purple and scales intact. The slobbering was more than it used to be before

“I ****ing killed you son of a *****.”

“Hey! Don’t say that about daddy!”
Kogmaw then approaches him.

“Time to feast!”
Suddenly, Riven appears and grabs Chasm's hand.

“Hang on.” She said.
In an instant, they were not in the jungle anymore. Instead, they were in the wide open road of top lane.
An explosion happens behind them.
Letting go of Chasm, she looks around.

“Looks like they didn’t make the rule that you can’t flash with others.”


“Well, I owed you.”

“For what?”

“For watching my back.”
Chasm smiles behind his mask.

“Let’s get back to base.” He said as he rose. Riven immediately activates her teleport.

*Unmuted Version*

Deimus144 (Chasm): ‘Smiles’.

Holyhit (Alistar): ALPHA GAY!

Deimus144 (Chasm): You just ruined the moment.

*End of Unmuted Version*


“This is my chance. For Demacia!”


Riven now has teleported back to base, leaving Chasm with only a few seconds.
Suddenly, a yell is heard above.

As the man comes down on Chasm, an earth barrier forms in a ring around them.

“Die!” Yelled the prince.
He stabs Chasm with his lance and then throws down a flag. Chasm tries to fight but the exemplar activated his shield.

“Resistance is futile, Reaper. Now die so I may give Demacia the pleasure of killing you first.”
Chasm stays silent. Then he says one last ancient word:


A portal opens over and under the Exemplar of Demacia.

“You seem to be mistaken to think I am locked in here with you.”
Souls start to linger in the portals, and Jarvan cannot seem to move.

“Because you are locked in here with me!”
The souls then start to leap from one portal to the other at rapid speed. The Demacian’s shield could not handle the attack.

“No! I will defeat you!”

“You are a child. You rely on others to do your work. Demacia will burn, UNDER YOU!”
The prince falls on the ground, trying to take in all he had just heard.
As the wall crumbled, Chasm raised his scythe.

“Good bye.”
The scythe comes down.

An enemy has been slain!

Riven and Chasm

As Chasm appeared at the spawning pool with his bloody scythe on his shoulder, Riven starts to talk.

“Your strong, I will give you that, to take on Jarvan in his wall.”

“Couldn’t have done it without this.” He raises a necklace. “The shield from hexdrinker saved me when he threw down his ultimate.”

“Well, like they say, Break the walls.”
He looks to the distance.

“So Lux and Ashe are at the enemy base?”


“Then I will go ahead with my teleport.”
He looks to the sky.


“Heard you before, old chap.” Said the British summoner as the golden ray etched from the sky.
Chasm takes a look at Riven.

“Be seeing you, Comrade.” And then, the Reaper teleported away, leaving Riven to get ready to get to the enemy Nexus.

After the match:

Deimus walks from out of the summoning chamber.

“Well, I am happy that is over.” He said.

“True.” Said Chasm who was approaching him from the champion chamber. “I never took so many hits and got out alive.”

“Thank God that we got a no death streak in our first ever match together.”

“Yes. So, be seeing you?”

“Maybe. Either summoning you or summoning a champion to assist you.” He raises his hand in a handshake position.
Chasm shakes his hand with his vanguard.

“Wow that is some cold metal! Well, goodbye.”
With that, the summoner walks away.

Chasm then starts to walk away himself if not for a cold hand to grab him by the shoulder.
He turns around and sees the familiar face of a short haired raven headed woman clad in black robes with two feathered wings on her back. She looked no older than Chasm. Her blue eyes seemed to glow with a light blue aura.

“Enemies are made with every scar you make.” She said.

Before he could reply, she disappeared.
Confused, Chasm makes his way to the neutral section only to be stopped again.
He turns around to see Riven. Strange, she looked a bit like the daughter of Ravash.

“Yes?” He asks.

“Can we have a minute?”

She gestures him to follow her. As he walked behind her, he thought about what the daughter of Ravash said.
Enemies are made with every scar you make.
Suddenly, they reach a corridor.
Leaning on the wall, Riven begins to talk:

“Do you hate Noxus?”

“No, only the government.”

“Do you hate Swain?”


“By how much?”

“A lot.”
She gives off a very faint smile.

“Then I have a position for you."

Chapter 5: A new kind of nightmare

In his room, Chasm waited.

As he saw the sun set from his window, he rummages through his bag. He picks up the rock he used when he sharpened his scythe.
Fiddling with it in his hand, Chasm summons his scythe. The cold blade made contact with the equally cold rock. This, however, did not calm him. He knew his brother would come. He always did.
The sun left of an orange glow before disappearing behind the mountains.

He closes his eyes.

The room was silent. Too silent. Where was the shuffling? Where was the sound of dripping blood?

Opening his eyes, he found nothing. Not a soul but his was in the room. The smell of fresh rotting was not present, nor was the body of the maker of the sound.

“Brother?” He whispered quietly. “Are you there?”
No response.

He could hardly believe it. His brothers tormenting spirit was gone!
But what if he was outside?

Going to the window, Chasm looks out. Nothing, not a sound but the cricketing of crickets.
Closing the window, he slumps back to his bed. His brothers spirit……. Did it forgive him?

He smiled. For the first time he smiled at sundown. His brother no more would torment him.
He goes into bed and closes his eyes.
Bring her to him, oh king of crows,
She wants to speak, and then she may rest in peace.

“Chasm……” A familiar female voice whispers to him. “My love……”
Burst open his eyes, he looks around.

No response. No one was around.

“Chasm….. I loved you.” It came again.

“Layla? Where are you?”
He looks up.

Like a crow of the night, she flies above her goal,
But she means no harm but the truth is what she wants, that is all.

She stared down at him from her floating form. She wore nothing at all, but the vanguard was still present.

Her eyes were milky white and her hair as black as night.
Her skin pail as fright, and her body beautiful in sight.

“I loved you. I sacrificed for you. I gave my life for you!” She said with a higher tone.

“How….. How is this possible? You killed yourself.”

“You…. You betrayed me!” She yelled.

“You betrayed me!” She screams agony in her tone,
But let us see if he will save her from the reaper of doom.

He blinks repeatedly.


“You betrayed me! I thought you loved me!”

“I do!”

“Then why did you fall in love!?”

“No! I never did fall in anyone’s love except to yours!”


Milky tears came from her eyes,
This sad soul now cries.

“Then who is this!?”
Suddenly, her form started to change as she floated down to the floor. Her hair lightened to become white and clothes started to cover her.
She came to in Riven’s form.

Her old loves loyalty she craved to know,
Who was the one who took his mind and soul?

“Who is this!?” She yelled.
Chasm could only stare.

“Who is this!?”
Slowly, he takes his mask off.

“A comrade.”
Her form then went back to her usual shape, though this time she wore her old clothes when they were with the tribe.

Now back she thought of the times before,
Oh, how she craved to go back to them so.

“Do…. Do you not love her?”
“You are my only love. And I would never betray you.” He gets out of bed and walks to her.
He takes a tear from her face.

And he takes her by the hand and takes away a tear.
“I love you.” He says in sincere.

“I love you. No one else.”
She smiled, but only for a second. Her eyes grew angry.

“LIAR!” She pushes him away. He slams onto the wall. “YOU TRAITOR!”

But alas, the sad soul does not believe,
And still she calls him a traitor for that is all she sees.

He lays there, motionless.

He still remains motionless.

He does not move.

Summoning his scythe, he roars and rips her chest with the blade.

And now, fury has taken him by the storm,
He wanted peace and nothing more.

“SHUT UP! I am sick and tired of that word! I am not a Traitor!”
She lay there.

“Get up!”
She still lays motionless.

He turns her over. She had tears coming from her eyes. The wound was deadly.

“No… I am so sorry! Please! Don’t die!” He yells, believing she would yell out the word traitor.
Nut she makes a smile as her eyes turned sea blue.

“I… I love you….” She says before she gives him a warm, last kiss.

“I love you.” She says for the very last time,
And her spirit on the ground kisses him goodbye.
And now that this sad soul has said her words,
Wake him up, oh king of birds.

Opening his eyes, Chasm immediately jumps out of bed. He looks around. No one was there. He looks up. She was not there either.

He thinks to himself:

I have betrayed again. She is right.
I am in love with Riven.

He puts his face in his hands.

What have I done?

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