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Save the Scientist!

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This is my first fan fiction ever so please comment on what you think. Thank you!

Chapter 1

Teemo scurried through the forests outside Bandle City, checking for enemies and meticulously setting his traps. The task would be exhausting and time-consuming for a normal yordle, but to Teemo, a member of the renowned Scouts of Mothership, this was routine. After he finished his tasks, he returned to Bandle City to see Tristana enter Bandle City with a group of her fellow Megling Commandos.

Teemo waited patiently until the other commandos dispersed before approaching her. Teemo snuck up behind her and asked “Back from another successful mission?”

Tristana, not startled at all by Teemo coolly replied, “Of course.”

Teemo, a bit disappointed that he did not scare her, asked “You busy today?”

Tristana replied, “All the special forces have been busy! Haven’t you heard the news?”

Teemo, confused, asked “What news?”

“The Revered Inventor, Heimerdinger, is coming all the way from Piltover for a vacation!” Tristana said excitingly. “I hope he brings some cool new inventions. Maybe even new weapons!”

“And why are the Scouts and the Meglings so busy because of him?” Teemo asked.

Tristana, becoming annoyed with Teemo’s ignorance, said “Because we need to protect him on his way here to Bandle City. Heimerdinger is a very important yordle! The Piltover Special Forces are going to take him to Ionia where we then will have to escort him to Bandle City. Since we will be on ships for this mission for a while, we need to train to get used to ship combat.”

“All this fuss for one yordle” thought Teemo. “How annoying”.
Meanwhile, deep within the walls of Noxus, a secret meeting, consisting of the highest officers of the Noxian High Command, was being held. Swain, the leader of the meeting and seated at the end of the table, stood up and said “Let us cut to the chase. I have called you here to discuss a matter of great importance: Noxian control over Valoran. We all crave the day when Noxus shall rule over this mighty continent. But, we have been stopped by the accursed League of Legends”.

The members of the room murmured in agreement. Swain continued, “The League’s presence prevents us from utilizing our full military might to smite our enemies, the Demacians. If we did engage the Demacians in an all out war, the League’s powerful summoners would step in and punish all involved.”

“We all know this to be true, General” said Darius, the legendary Hand of Noxus, “Why have you called us here?”
“Because there is a way for us to destroy Demacia without using a single Noxian foot soldier.” replied Swain.

The members of the room were shocked to hear such a statement. They whispered to each other anxiously about what Swain had in mind. Darius spoke up, “And how do you propose on accomplishing this feat, sir?”

“Recent reports from our spies in Piltover indicate that one scientist has been developing a weapon so powerful it could flatten an entire city.” Swain responded, “We will capture him and ‘persuade’ him to develop this weapon for our cause.”

“How will we do that?” asked one officer, “Piltover is heavily guarded and if they discover that this scientist was captured by Noxus, neither Piltover nor the League would condone such an act”.

“That is why I plan on abducting him when he is outside Piltover.” Swain replied, “He is planning on taking a little vacation in his home in Bandle City. On his way there, we will capture him.”

Swain produced a picture of the target from his coat pocket and showed it the room. He then gave the picture to Katarina, who had been silently sitting next to Swain throughout the meeting.

“His name is Heimerdinger.” Swain said to her, “Make sure you take him alive”.

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Hmmm... interesting! I'll have to keep up with this one. Do wrirte more. I want to see what you do with this.

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Chapter 2

Heimerdinger busily worked in his make-shift lab that he set up in his small motel room in Ionia. He never stopped to rest, he continued to mix various chemicals, scribble down incomprehensible scientific jargon, and tinker with his H-28 evolution turrets. The other guests complained of the funny smells and loud noises that came from his room but knew that they were powerless to stop the yordle from doing what he loved.

Ziggs knocked on his door, and upon hearing no response from Heimerdinger, he promptly used one of his hexplosive bombs to destroy the lock on the door and nonchalantly walked in. The explosion had failed to even catch the attention of Heimerdinger, who, without turning away from his work, said “You promised me you would try to do as least damage as possible”.

“And I’m keeping that promise” Ziggs said, cackling maniacally, “For someone on vacation you sure are working a lot.”

“Yes, I am quite busy. If you came here to check up on me, I’m fine. You can leave. I have important work to get back to.” said Heimerdinger.

“Catch!” Ziggs yelled as he lobbed another bomb towards the scientist.
As if on cue, one of the turrets Heimerdinger had set up locked on to the bomb and shot at it, causing the bomb to explode in mid-air, away from the scientist. “Quit wasting my time” snapped Heimerdinger.

“I actually came to ask a few questions” said Ziggs.

“Can’t you come back later?” complained Heimerdinger.

“I can stand here all day” replied Ziggs.

“Fine, what do you want to know?” sighed Heimerdinger.

“I think you’re hiding something from me… from everybody who’s taking you to Bandle City actually.” Ziggs declared.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” retorted Heimerdinger, “I just need a little hiatus from the world of science.”

“We both know that’s a lie” replied Ziggs, “We’ve been here less than a day and you’re already working on scientific stuff. What do you even plan on doing when you get to Bandle City?”

“Look, Ziggs. My true reasons for going to Bandle City are a bit complex to explain right now,” responded Heimerdinger, “But I assure you I have good intentions. Let’s just stick to the story I have devised for my trip, alright?”

“But—” before Ziggs could protest he noticed a tall, hooded figure standing at the door. Before Ziggs could react the figure knocked Ziggs out, dashed forward and subdued Heimerdinger. Heimerdinger’s turrets began to shoot wildly at the assailant, but the figure blinked out of the room quickly and avoided most of the damage. The assailant quickly put Heimerdinger in a bag, heaved it across her shoulder, and sprinted away from the scene.

“I’m so BORED!” exclaimed Teemo, as he paced around the deck of the S.S. Badger. He, stuck on a confined surface in the middle of the sea, missed his scouting trips in the openness and familiarity of the forests outside of Bandle City

“Relax Teemo, we’ll get there in a couple of hours.” assured Tristana.
“I wish I could participate in some League games, but because of this stupid trip I can’t!” cried Teemo.

“The summoners were very kind in excusing us from the games because they realize how important this mission is for us. I wish you would too.” scolded Tristana.

“I do understand why this mission is so important. It’s just I can’t stand how long we’ve been out at sea. There’s literally nothing to do!” Teemo replied.

“Just be patient, Teemo.” Tristana said, patting his back “It’ll be over before you know it.”

“You idiots!” Caitlyn, the woman in charge of escorting Heimerdinger to Ionia, yelled. “How did you let this happen?”

“I… I don’t know.” stammered one hapless Piltovian special agent. “Everything happened so quickly… I couldn’t even see –”

“I don’t want your excuses! The minute I turn my back and let you morons take over for a while, you lose the most important scientist in all of Valoran?” Caitlyn exclaimed. “Do you have any idea what this will do to us?”

“We are so sorry, Sheriff! Our agents are currently trying to locate the suspect. According to the witness, Ziggs, here, the attack occurred about two hours ago. There may be a chance the criminal is still on Ionia.” said another agent.

“Were you able to profile the attacker?” inquired Caitlyn, “Were you able to recognize any distinct features?”

“Well, the assailant’s face and body were covered but according to Ziggs, the attacker was a human. Also, we can say for sure that he or she has access to some powerful explosives. The lock on Heimerdinger’s door was blown away clean.” the agent replied.

“Actually,” Ziggs sheepishly commented, “the lock was blown out by me.”
Caitlyn and her agents gave him a cold, silent stare of disbelief, to which Ziggs countered

“Hey, you guys were supposed to watch him. This isn’t my fault!”

Caitlyn broke the silence, “Well, the yordles will be here any minute now. We are royally screwed. I hope you have some good news.”

“Oh yes, I forgot, we found this blade in Heimerdinger’s room. We think it belongs to the attacker.” replied an agent.

As the agent handed her the blade, Caitlyn looked at it with shock, “You imbeciles! Why didn’t you show me this before?”

The agents, dumbfounded by the day’s events, hung their heads in shame.

“This attacker, I know where she came from,” she replied. “Noxus.”

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anymore coming?