Okay, sweetest job ever??

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So, I thought I'd turn the disaster known as Riot's "servers" and "reliability" into something positive. I officially would LOVE a job as their network administrator. I could EASILY meet the demands of his position, such as:

Working one hour a night, sometimes two.
No requirements for planning ahead, or building anything for reliability.
No crazy "goals" or expectations to live up to.
Sleep in.
Not ACTUALLY work when at work, just get your thumb a little brown.
No maintenance window other network techs have to worry about, release trash updates whenever! Meh, who cares if it destroys the servers

I think there was more on the job description, but I can't remember all the incompetencies they actually require a person to have. I'm pretty **** sure I could do it, though! What do you guys think? Step in line?