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Rayla, The Beloved Killer

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Rayla, The beloved killer
Role: Assassin, Healer, Melee

Passive: Mother's heart
Rayla allies gain 10 hp per 5 seconds recovery

Q: Love troubled
Rayla kisses ally increasing healing your life in 5% of her life, in the case of skill to be used on the enemy, the opponent is paralyzed for 2 seconds and receive a hit of 150 true damage
Initial Base Damage: 150/180/210/250/300
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

W: Have Heart
Cost: 45/55/65/75/85
Rayla Katar their sticks in the heart of the opponent, causing 100 damage and silencing the enemy for 1.5 seconds.
Damage: 125/150/200/225/250 (+.40 atack damage)
Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/8 seconds

E: Heart of Stone
Active: Rayla, tenacity is Passive: permanently increased by 10
Passive: Rayla allies receive the Love and healing, thereby gaining 10 health regen/5sec
Tenacity: 10/15/20/30/35
Hp Regen: 0.15 per level
Range: 400

R (Ultimate): Betrayal
Rayla, sacrifice 25% of your hp to increase your physical damage and speed by 40% for 8 seconds
Cooldown: 160/130/110 seconds
Duration: 8/9/10/11/12

Lore: Few know the true history of rayla, some who dared to ask, never returned with the answer, what is known is that, long ago a young man she loved, married and became pregnant, close to the child born, the man was interested in a rich woman, but he could not marry because of the current wife is alive and pregnant, then tried to murder her. What he did was awaken the fury of a mother, a woman he loved, by someone who lived and who was betrayed, Rayla never forgive!
Base Hp: 400 (65/lvl, +1170 at max)
Base Mana: 250 (35/lvl, +630 at max)
Base Move: 325
Base AD: 60(3.4/lvl, +61 at max)
Base AP: 0
Base Armor: 10 (3.5/lvl, +63 at max)
Base Magic Res: 26 (3/lvl, +54 at max)
Health Regen: 7.25 (+0.60 / per level)
Mana Regen: 6 (+0.55 / per level)

Health: 4/10
Attack: 7/10
Spells: 2/10
Difficulty: 8/10


Upon Selection:
Cold, fast and lethal, what else do you need?

I go where you need for Love and hate
Looking for a victim

Surrender to love
No one can resist the passion

Love, come feel the forgiveness of my blade.

Pain, love, just a paradox
You wanna know me better?..

Love, don’t forgive me
I'll be back for you.
Wait and you will see the change.

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Her picture there:

http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/32/rayla.jpg/ (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/32/rayla.jpg/)

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S20G Treble

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ok, concept is fine but there's a lot of technical issues with this champion that would just make them an OP monstrosity.

A listing of support with this write up is a blatant lie, as this character would excel at killing everything instead of supporting an ally of a team.

Passive - way too high, a Regrowth Pendant costs 435G and gives about the same HP regen over 5 seconds that this passive gives in 1 second.

If you want this character to be a support, this should probably boost the health regeneration of nearby allies by 3-5 hp/ 5 seconds, and increase by about .45-.65 hp/ 5 seconds per level. At .45/level this passive gives an additional 13.1 hp regen/ 5 seconds, at .65 this would give 16.7 extra hp/5 seconds.

If you want this character to be an assassin, have it increase just the champions hp regen/5 (not nearby allies though), and have it regenerate an additional 4 hp/ 5 seconds and progress at 1 hp/5 seconds /level.

Q - The buff to allies, how long would it last? On opponents the stun effect is ok (I'd put it at about 1.5 seconds, but that's just me), and it should NOT deal any true damage, at all, especially since after the stun you want it to give bonus crit % which is also way too high, unless it lasts no more than 3 seconds.

W - Causes damage, silences enemy, pretty straight forward ability. not sure why it says it deals 100 damage and then has a listed damage scale. The damage scale is enough for this ability, it doesn't need the extra 100. That would effectively make it deal 225 (+.4 AD) which is way too high, it would become an immediate lvl 1 grab and be too dominant in the early laning phases.

E - Tenacity goes up to 35, and there's a reason. Since 35 is just over 1/3rd of 100 +35 Tenacity reduces cc effects by 33%. This doesn't stack with other Tenacity effects. At +50 Tenacity you'd be reducing all CC by roughly 45% duration. Also, having passive regen on top of that is excessive.

It should probably give +35 Tenacity passively, and actively remove slow and snare effects on the character. This however would give the active portion of the ability a significant CD.

R - Is this just increasing Attack speed or movement speed as well? With the written in regen you have there needs to be more than 10% hp sacrificed, more like 30%.

Base stats - These in general are way too high. Some in base value, others in scaling, some in both

HP - At level 1 you'll have 620 HP before a Doran's item, which will give you 700 after purchasing a Ring or Blade.

Neither supports or assassins are supposed to be that durable, and the health should probably be in the 425 area scaling at about 72-80/level).

Mana, same story, way too high base and lower progression. There are mages that don't break 350 mana at level 1, let alone assassins, supports, and carries. This champion should probably have a base of about 230-245 and progress at about 65-75/level.

Damage - base is good but the scaling is pretty high. Even higher end damage dealers only gain 3.5-4 damage per level. If you want it to be on the really high end, keep the 60 and scale it at 3.7-4 damage/level

Armor and MR - Way too high in both values. All champions have 30 MR as a base, and the ones that actually scale MR/level scale it at about 1.25-1.75/level, not at 6. Armor is the same story, support and assassin champions average 13-16 base armor and scale at about 2.8-3.3/level. There isn't a tank in the game with anywhere near the values of armor and MR you have, and again nowhere near the scale that you have them at.

Your base stat numbers should be more in line with current champions. A good way to get a baseline is to write down the stats for 2-3 supports and 2-3 assassins and see what the averages are between them all for health, mana, damage, ect. It'll give you a much more realistic scale of where the stats should be.

Final Note : You should give a review or suggestion to another person in addition to asking for a review. It's a little rude to just post a link everywhere and give nothing back.

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I'l make u corrections and re write my summoner idea, this is my first summoner idea ssry...


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Evilwerewaffle can you give me feedback on my champ, your have a good understanding and give a honest answer
Appreciated the help

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S20G Treble

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Ok second look

Innate - Looks a lot better but it'll lose a lot of it's potency. Right now it your champ heals an additional 2 hp per second, early game that'll be really solid but in the later phases it'll lose a lot of it's effectiveness.

I realy would recommend giving it a scale, or just improving to 15 hp/5 seconds at level 7 and again to 20 HP/5 seconds at level 13.

Q - If you honestly want the Q to deal true damage look at Ahri and or Vayne's Orb of Deception and Truesilver Bolts. Orb of Deception is a skillshot, not a direct hit and only half of it's damage is true damage. You have to be a good shot with it, or your not dealing True damage to anything. With Vayne it's just consistant hits, but it's based on the enemy champions maximum health, again it's not a solid true damage nuke. Kog'Maw's is but he has to die first so that's a decent trade off for him.

The only thing I really don't get about your listing for the damage is You have initial base damage with no scale then say it does X damage in the entry. It's a little confusing.

Suggestion - Kiss has super short range, 150-200, something like that. If it hits an enemy they take 60/85/110/135/160 (+.5 AD) damage, half physical and half true.

W - Still no problens here, other than this champion has a damaging silence and a potential damaging stun. Double CC still isn't fun, but even in the case of Fiddlesticks one of his CC's deal NO damage which is why it's "balanced" on him.

E - I still say just make it +35 Tenacity or make it an effect that decreases the duration of cc effects by 10/15/20/25/30% actively, and how long does the active last? Passively with her Innate I think this should honestly do something else, or the Innate should have a different effect. If you stack health regen on your health regen you can still be bursted down but champions aren't really supposed to have rediculous amounts of sustainability with very little exception, it's just redundant and kinda bland.

R - I'm still not keen at all on sacrificing a quarter of my health for extra damage. The only reason Mundo's ult works is because he gains stupid health regen directly afterwards. I honestly think as it is this would make this champion way too much of a glass cannon as you'd easily contribute to your own death a lot.

Base stats - Armor looks better, MR still scales pretty high but now the base is a little low (30) (it's mostly tanks that scale MR and only about 1.25-1.5/level), AD looks better, move speed is alright. You'll want to put your Health and Mana scales up though. Health probably up to around the 72-84/level area and Mana into the 57-68/level area.