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[Suggestions] New Item's for my old post

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Clutch Kaos

Senior Member


- http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=193707
For the 2 new gametypes I would love to see! (Hunt 'n' Capture and League of Fame)

Anyways, what would I like to add some items for the gametypes im suggesting.

For Hunt 'n' Capture (One of my popular idea's for a gametype)
I would like to add some crazy ideas to give the players a advantage for the gametype.
There will be 21 Items for this gametype only... I will add more later - Here's the first item...
Idol of Doran -> Requirements: The 3 Doran items (Doran's Blade,Ring and Shield) , Long sword and a Blasting wand.
Stats: 450 Hp , 30 AD and 60 AP.
Unique Passive: Grant's a aura to the user and nearby friendly champions 10% Lifesteal and 20 armor and magic resistance and 10 Hp and Mana Regen.
Unique Active: Grants the user and his team to reveal the object for 2 seconds (Note that this will be effective if the object is not in the lane)
Cost: 2780

The Butterfly (Known to a Kick-arse weapon in DotA - New Modified version from me) -> Requirements:The B.F Sword, Needlessly Large Rod, Chain Vest , Cloth Armor and Giant's Belt.
Stats: 80 AD and 100 AP, 600 Hp and 80 armor
Unique Passive: Each Kill or assist will give the carrier 1 AD/AP, 20 HP and 2 armor (Bonus Cap: 30 AD/AP - 600 Hp and 40 armor) and give nearby champions 35 hp and 15 mana per creep (Enemy Champions: 250 HP and 150 Mana). When the Carrier dies, the Bonuses are lost.
Unique Active: Increases the carriers attack speed by 100% for 2.5 seconds and grants sight to the hidden object for 2 seconds.

This is all for now...