Mains and runes: A levelheaded guide.

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A lot of people will tell you to pick a main champion and do nothing but play that champion. That's fine for levels 1-5. But after that you're going to get chewed out for being a "One trick pony" (Only good at one champion/lane/role) and you're not going to have a good time. You'll notice that many of the people who say "Only play this role" also give you a bunch of runes to buy for that champion.

Well, here's a simpler way: Build a general runepage.

Here's my motto on why i have my runepage set up for "general use"

I don't know any champion that doesn't benefit from moving faster (Movespeed quints)

I don't know any champion that doesn't benefit from a higher attack speed (Marks of attack speed.)

I don't know any champion that doesn't benefit from more armor (Seals of armor)

I don't know any champion that doesn't benefit from more magic resist (Glyphs of magic resist)


Sure, having that big number at level eighteen is nice. But having only +0.3 at level one? Not so nice. A lot of games don't get to have a long late game anyway. League of legends is kinda like starcraft 2 in that regard: Once a major blow is struck, the game ends very quickly.

So, to say it again in the simplest terms i can say: The big runes should be movespeed, the red runes should be attack speed, the yellow runes should be armor, and the blue runes should be magic resist. None of these should be scaling.

This runepage will benefit all champions universally. While not as helpful as a specialized page, it helps prevent the all too common situation of "Welp, guess im playing APC (Ability Power Carry. AKA: Midlane.) with my tank runes.

As for picking mains. It's fine to like a champion, but it's not a good thing to hit level thirty and go into a game and say "I'm mid because that's all i know how to do" That will get you chewed out, cursed at, reported, and generally make you not have a fun game if you do that. You need to have at least a basic understanding of every role in the game and what lanes they go with. Tanks are typically top, magic users are typically mid, attack damage carries and supports are typically bottom lane. The jungle is a very complicated role, and should be approached last when you've got your head around all the other lanes and roles.

If you've got questions, ask away, I'll not hesitate to answer. Though please keep the discussion civil, I hate my threads turning into battlegrounds when I'm trying to have a meaningful conversation.

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I agree with the armor seals and MR glyphs, but people usually go for runes that increase their flat damage. MS quints are usually seen with junglers, as are AS quints.

In general, runes are mainly used for early-game benefit these days. Yes, these stats are all benefits that have value through the whole duration of a match, and yes it may be good to START with a general rune page if you're learning the roles, but ultimately it's a better idea to make a general page for each role you play.

I say armor seals in all of these, but use ad marks and quints for AD champs, ap glyphs and quints + magic pen marks for mages, and MR glyphs in the others. It'll take forever to get specific rune pages for every champ, but people usually start damage for better last hitting in the lane phase.

So yes, I agree that you should have at least 1-2 not-frequently-banned champs for each role in Summoner's Rift learned and practiced.

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Being a one trick pony is definitely a viable way to gain elo, if not easier than being mediocre at everything. I mean, if you want to hit diamond for example, then you should be able to play your secondary roles at least at a platinum level, and have your main be maybe D3 to compensate. If your main is mid then you're probably going to have trouble getting your role but otherwise you should be fine.

Also that rune page is very ineffective for AP champs. I'd replace AS with AD and then you've got a fairly solid page for AD champs.

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I would suggest 2 rune pages


Mpen Reds, Armor Yellow, MR Blue


Flat AD, Armor Yellow MR Blue

Basically just swapping out the reds.

Quints pick whatever you want.

Yes learn different roles, but always have at least 1-2 mains that you will play 100+ games with. those champs will usually give you the highest win rate. When you hit a losing streak as we all do, your mains will always be the ones you can fall back on to get your win rate up.

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Scaling runes have their place.
IF you have a bunch of runepages, or main jungle:
- Scaling MR is useful in some situations. Especially if you are in a vs AD lane and the enemy jungle is AD. By the time you face magic dmg, the scaling will have more than caught up to the flat.

Thats actually the only thing I ever scale on... I think I sometimes used to run scaling health, but even after the nerf armor runes are probably better for basically everyone.