Leona's jungle clear times are actually not that bad

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Blaine Tog

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I love Leona and am looking for another champion to jungle, so I figured I'd sit down and try her out in a custom game to see how her clear times are... and actually, they're not that bad.

I gave it two runs and each was around 4 minutes, which certainly isn't the best in the game but could also be much worse.

Here's how I built her:


For Offense, I went with the AD masteries, putting my spare first-tier point in minion damage.
For Defense, I went the pretty standard jungler set: Bladed Armor, Vigor, Veteran's Scars, Indomitable, etc.

Runes were:

3x Attack Speed Quints
9x Flat Armor Seals
9x Armor Pen Marks (would've probably been better with 3x Flat AD, 6x Armor Pen)
9x Per level MR Glyphs

I started Cloth Armor+pots and took Eclipse Shield first, then Shield of Daybreak, then Zenith Blade, giving your level 3 gank a gapcloser+minisnare and a stun, plus your laner can get extra burst from your passive. If your lanes are all pushed when you hit 3, you could go WQWE and continue to farm minions.

For route, I went Blue --> Wolves --> Wraiths --> Mini Golems --> Red. I never came close to running out of mana (which can't be said for all mana junglers) and my health never dropped very low.

I didn't play through the test for very long, but my first buys were Boots of Speed and a Madred's Razor, which made clearing minions trivially easy. I barely even needed to use my skills and Leona's naturally high health regen (+Vigor) meant I didn't need to buy pots after that first clear, even less so once I upgraded the Madred's to a Wriggle's.

So, yeah. Jungle Leona. Not as bad as you'd think.

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I love leona too and i imagine the ganks would be awesome but i cant see this as practical lol but ima try it in a normal haha