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Hey Sound Guys!

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Seraph Nephriel

Senior Member


You guys are awesome and I wanted to rave about your work a bit and ask a few questions. Sound effects are right next to mechanics in how satisfying and fun champion is to play for me and I can't think of a champion I've played whose sounds don't feel correct and totally natural.

I was curious what the process is like though. How do you decide what Ahri's ball should sound like or what Mordekaiser's death should sound like? Do they go through a ton of iterations? How do you even make them and how does one get into that kind of field (it seems pretty awesome)?

Praeco/Other Composers (Sorry I only know of Praeco from these forums ._.):
I love your music. The login screens, the draft pick music, its all awesome. I can't wait for PFEs login (if we are indeed getting one). A lot of the time I'll just leave the client login screen on as I work around the house or whatever just to listen to your stuff.

I think you guys play a huge part in making this game amazing but you don't see many threads on GD about sound compared to visuals, so I just wanted to let you know there is at least someone who really appreciates you guys and always looks forward to what you're doing next. So thank you for your hard work

I just hope this post gets noticed >.>

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Senior Member


Your praise is nice to see and all, But i am SICK AND TIRED of
No Support For Surround Sound.
I hate having to turning off 4/6 of my speakers Just To Play League.

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Lead Sound Designer


Thanks Seraph Nephriel! It's always really encouraging to get posts like this and know people are enjoying the audio as much as we love making it.

When we're digging into a champion we really like to spend some time getting acquainted with everything about them: they're lore, the appearance, their spells. We use a lot of this to help guide where we start on sound. Usually there's a lot of iteration, but you know when it feels right because it adds that life and personality to the character.

There are lots of different ways to get into the field. There's colleges that have programs specializing in this type of audio work, as well as a lot of other places to learn. There's also a ton of great resources on the web with articles, interviews and vids that are a great place to start learning. The best thing to do is jump right in though and start making audio and actively listening to the world around you!

DingoRabiit: Totally understand the frustration, I have to do the same thing. I promise it's on our radar!

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^ Your work is definitely appreciated. I kinda feel bad because I feel like the sound guys are probably the least noticed. We just kind of expect the sound and don't think about it too much generally I think. It's really awesome though and really adds to the experience.

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Junior Member



Love the sounds. Do you have set voice actors? If you are looking into new talent, Neil Kaplan (the voice of Tychus Findlay in Star Craft II) is always looking for more work. He totally digs video games and with the amount of personality you put into even electronic whirs, I'm sure you guys would sync up nicely.

In any event, please keep up the amazing work!