Another LF Ranked Team Thread

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Hi, I'm DemolitionDean
Req: must be level 30 preferrably with some serious TT experience. and able to play a wide variety of champions as well as be able to communicate vocally via a program like ventrilo/skype/teamspeak (aka have a mic) My biggest issue is raging, don't rage on your teammates even if they did completely screw up it doesn't help win games.
My experience: Ranked Silver (just barely) with my team in season one, some ranked 5's experience currently ~1460 maining ranged AD. I played Jungler on my twisted treeline team but I own 75% of the champions and am willing to adjust. I have like 400-500 normal wins right now and I've played since the Fall of 2010.

I also play TF2 if that matters...

I hope to be playing and talking to a lot of new people in my search for a great ranked team with both good players and good people.