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Ranked games and unfortunate events

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Well, I have been getting quite a few ranked games where players will just leave, afk, feed/troll and im the only positive feedback they have.. I lose consistently because of other players, making my w/l ratio look very, very unpromising to others. I just want to give an idea to "Riot" and, other players who have the same situations that i do, give an idea that if someone leaves and is gone for more than, lets say 10 min for a fair time for anyone to come back, and if they are gone that long the game should just end as a "Draw" or potentially bring another person in game and start at the average lvl the team is at. If someone is feeding/trolling there should be a consequence more severe to that individual than what they put the team thru. So after game when all the scores pop up there should be a mini tribunal or something suspending and or banning him right then and there for the satisfactory to other players that he wont be able to do that again and that will be one less person to worry about messing up important games to ppl such as myself who want to become pro. I am trying to give myself a name but i cant when individuals lose it for the whole team by leaving/afking out of the game or feeding/trolling and there is nothing you can do about it. Gets me upset that it happens a lot more often in ranked games than in normal games.. I mean please take this into consideration for the entire LoL community which will make playing a lot more fun and less worried about people such as i was tlaking about... TY for your time reading this and im sure you (Riot) will do something to help all o fus thru this torture! =) --- Facerollah

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Hopefully you can read this and take it constructively rather than as an insult.

Normal or ranked games alike you will be forced to deal with these things at all levels of ELO. I am referring to people leaving, raging, afking, feeding, trolling, and etc.

The simple fact of the matter is this. These things may happen to you a few times in a row on what I'd like to call a "string of bad luck." However, there's no convincing yourself or anyone that it happens every game, or even every other game.

That being said, you will eventually, through enough play and time, reach the level of ELO that you are playing at. Time and time again, people will constantly seek to blame other players for their resulting record or ELO placement, but time and time again, they are proven wrong by the few people who change their mentality and outlook of "ELO Hell" and climb up the ladder. There are plenty of success stories out there of people who started off with a post just like yours, and are now playing at higher ELO's as a simple result of them changing their own attitudes, and improving their own gameplay.

The first step in success is to not blame others. The fact that McNasty5822 had a bad game (or is simply bad himself) and fed top lane, isn't the reason you lost. There's a lot of reasons you lost, he is part of the reason. Most likely, if you took a step back, you would find reasons that you caused for the loss as well. Spend more time finding ways to improve yourself rather than blame others. Figure out ways to carry your team to victory, rather than depending on others to carry you. When you are critical on yourself, and better yourself, you will find that more often than not, you end up in a game with another or two others that are working hard just like you, and you will find victory.

There are a ton of resources out there on the internet already with a lot of information on how to escape the elusive "ELO Hell." There's even a thread somewhere on this forum that someone took the time to link to about 6+ resources on the subject. The concluding point of the majority of these resources? Exactly what I outlined above.

Good luck.

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First, I'm nowhere near a pro. Probably never going to be but stats are stats and there's something to be said about your influence on the outcome of a game.

I agree ELO Hell exists but I think you gotta do a little bit more on your end of the bargain.

I looked you up: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/29802515#stats

You have a negative to barely even KD for your top 5 most played characters whether that game ultimately wins or loses. That means you give, on average, give more gold to the other team than help your team. I know there's more that influence a game than KD alone, but based on that, you are a neutral to negative influence on the outcome of a game. That means you ARE the feeder we all fear in ELO Hell.

If you look at higher ELO players like say Doublelift or Presidency or Elementz when they play a AD ranged like Ashe, they on average kill twice as much as they die and average around 170 creeps a game.

When support/tankybot like Soraka/Sona/Blitzcrank, usually about 12 assists/game.

Your Ashe is nowhere near that with negative 2 KD and 90 creep score.
Your Teemo is closer with an even KD and a 107 creep score.

Everything else is just kinda neutral. Basically your influence on a team based on your stats is between neutral and losing right now and you really need your teammates to carry you. Work that up and I think you'll have better luck.

(Hey, I suck too so I understand...)

Good luck my friend.