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tournament - your thoughts?

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(please know i may state the obvious but please follow my logic)

Hey summoners,

I'm head host/creator of OAT. The Open Amateurs Tournament.
We have hosted so far 6 tournaments consisting of 1v1's, 3v3s and 5v5s.
There was no entry fee and prizes consisted of RP and more.
We were supported by RiotGames (they gave us prizes) and IGN Entertainment is one of our sponsors.

We currently want to go about hosting an entry fee tournament.
This will offer a more focused and serious tournament and make the prizes/stakes go up along with them.

We almost have RiotGames approval and the details of the tournament are almost complete.
The only issue now is entry fee price, payment method and prize %.

And then we have other ideas for Achievements.

Basically our current thought is that the entry fee will be $25 ($5 per player).
A minimum of 16 teams with a maximum of 32. Best 2 out of 3 with losers bracket as well, same as other tournament set ups.

Teams will be allowed 2 subs and they also must pay the per player entry fee.

For all purposes of the explanation lets say 16 teams registered and no subs were put in.
The prize pool consists of $400 USD.
My idea of prize distribution would be:
first place: $200 USD ($40 per player) (1/2 of the total prize pool)
second place: $100 USD ($20 per player) (1/4 the total prize pool)
third and fourth place would have no actual USD prize but IGN has given us prizes to go for those places and RiotGames might also.

Please remember that is what OAT would give in prizes. So in theory a player on the first place team gets the $40 USD + IGN Prize + RiotGames prize. So it would be higher/more.

Would this be a good setup/would teams be happy with the layout of the prize distribution?

With the remaining $100 USD my plan was to set up "Achievement" prizes.
Such achievements include:
Best play (Games will be streamed and viewers can pick what they thought would be the best play) resulting in that team getting $25 ($5 per person)
Team with the overal best score in entire tournament: (Never lost a game etc.) would receive $50 ($10 per person)
MVP would recieve $X USD (whatever decided)
Also having raffles or such for anyone watching streams to receive RP/USD also.

We are coming up with other achievements but if anyone has any ideas feel free to provide any.

Lastly, the issue of payment.

OAT has a setup Paypal account that is verified and everything by Paypal.
The issue is, not everyone can pay via Paypal.
So what other methods could players use in order to put in their fee. Please know: That method must be able to do both ways. The teams to send in their entry fee and a way for my staff at the conclusion of tournament to send them their prizes.

We also must take into account that such sites have fee's. Paypal has i believe a 2% fee.
Yes for such sites they may have a gift option but please realise that would hurt our credability. If you gift someone money Paypal is less likely to give refunds to people if you use the gift option.
So the entry fee would also be adjusted so that the fee holds up to what we want but also accomodates the fee that such websites or such take.

If anyone has any ideas, comments, concerns etc. feel free to post them here or email me at [email]openamateurstournament@gmail.com[/email]

I take everyones words to heart and will listen to everyone. Please respect this and reframe from trolling or being rude.

I want people to realize as this will be our first ever entry fee tournament we plan on not taking any profit and all USD received from teams will be using in prizes