Game Breaking Zed Bug

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Rina Raindrop

Junior Member

1 Week Ago

In a game I was playing just now before I am typing up this report, I was playing as Zed, when something very strange occurred. I was roaming bot lane, and I attempted to ult a karma, as I did so, Zed froze in place for several seconds and sort of twitched about. Long after the ult was actually meant to go off, it did, not on karma however, onto some random location behind tower where I soon died to aggro due to there being no creeps. It was a very unusual occurrence already, but that's not the bad part. The BAD BAD BAD part, is that Zed's ult shadow? bugged out, and remained in the same spot for the rest of the game, even after deaths, even after ulting again, it remained, and it gave vision like a free ward in the spot, constantly. clearly whatever happened should be fixed right away, as having a total of four shadows out, and also giving free vision is NOT something that should be happening. I have not been able to reproduce this, but I thought this needed to be reproted ASAP. Here are attached some screenshots of the event.