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1450 elo currently- Looking for a team.

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I'm currently looking to really improve my gameplay through playing with a group of people that are willing to honestly critique my play and practice with me, and do some competitions maybe. I really want to get better, and beyond my current Duo Q partner, there really isn't anyone that I can get help from. Just the usual OMG YOU OP or OMG YOU NOOB comments from solo Q. yeah solo Q.

At any rate, I'm currently focusing on my jungling and top lane play. I'm expanding my champion repetoire slowly, and by expanding, I mean able to dominate with, not just play okay. Top lane I can Riven, Jax, and Irelia. Yeah the OP ones, I know. Hence the expansion. I'm also really comfortable with Nasus, but his effectiveness in teamfights is questionable even when powerfarmed for me. He just seems to get frozen too easily. But he's fun to rock with. I can kayle decently top, but need to work on avoiding the creepwave push when I use her. I can also malphite decently, but then again, who can't?

Jungling I can Riven, Jax, Irelia (yeah I learned junglerelia back in the day. still works, but not great, so I don't actually DO it), J4, WW (whom I want to learn how to successfully dominate top lane with), Sejuani (so fun with coordinated teams, so it's been a while since I've used her. She sucks rocks in Solo Q), Shyvana (don't really top with her much, but I should learn), and I'm comfortable with Nocturne. In the old jungle I could do Katarina to low elo/normal stomp effect, but it doesn't work too well anymore.

Historically I've always shied from Male/OP champions, so I haven't touched traditional champs like Lee Sin, Skarner, or Udyr really. I personally don't like Udyr too much because he's a lot like nasus in teamfights, unless he's broken fed, he tends to get CC'd and die. In my experience with udyrs on my teams. Lee and Skarner have that make or break utility to other aspects of the game. I really want to learn Skarner, but am low on IP to buy him. Just finished out all my runes, and by all, I think all. I have a ton of them.

So that, in a nutshell, is me, and what I play. I could also add Ahri, Ashe, Sivir, Vayne, and Cait to this list, but that's not why I'm great at. Blitz, Leona could also be added, but again, not my greatest.

There is a large amount of other champions that I used to be great at, but I won't include them as they're really rusty and would need a good amount of polish before I felt comfortable trusting myself to play with other people for serious business again.

Looking for a team, but yeah.