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Proving Grounds feedback from an ARAM vet

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One thing you might want to keep in mined, is that the PG games can get to be quite long. Ive had 2 40min+ games and 1 55min game. Ive always felt and seen that ARAB and ARAM were like shortest in-between games where you join them while you wait for your friends etc, but not if its like 30mins+

Hmm incorrect. Classic ARAM is one of the longest game modes in this game.

ARAB on the other hand is quite fast, and tbh from all my PG games so far, the average seems to be around 25 min which is good imo. Only around 10% of my games end up going above 30 min and probably like 1% over 35 min.

I guess you have just had bad luck on your games to end up being so long.

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Mad Hit Monkey

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My very first Proving Grounds match was about 42 minutes long, and it was ridiculously fun, despite the intended length, with a double ace happening near the end.

I don't see what the problem is. Maybe it's because I'm not a 'ARAM Vet'.

Twenty minute matches, or forty minute matches, fine by me as long as you get rewarded for them appropriately.

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Thing is, if you don't like the proving grounds-you can still make a normal aram...