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Dominion Queue times

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now i dont know if theres any reason behind this. but since the last two weeks, the queue times for dominion have been crazy. right now, ive been put in queue for 30 mins. i cancelled that did other stuff. and wanted to play again, and this time ive put in queue for 50 mins!

now there are people who are complaining about afks, but my theory is, one person gets in queue, and since it takes a very long time to start a game, he either watch tv, falls asleep and totally forgot that hes still waiting for dominion! so now, we have 10 people waiting for 20-30 mins of queue, only to ruin their day because of an afker.

i understand that dominion is not a popular mode like "Classic", but you guys at riot, can at least do something about queue times, like automatically cutting it off at 10mins, and not prolong it to like an hour.

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Your theory makes sense but isn't correct. If you get in queue and then fall asleep or whatever, then the game will kick you out of the queue (make you queuedrop) before the game starts.

So no...the AFKers are at keyboard to pick their champ, but then go AFK before the game starts. Unlike SR where the first 2 minutes arent really as crucial for most, being 1 man down does make a significant impact in dominion.

As for queue times, play Blind Pick instead. It sucks dealing with Jax/Rammus/Darius/etc, but at least you can freaking PLAY. Draft just plain sucks balls.... 30 minute queues, and then you have TONS of queuedroppers. I quit Draft even before the long queues just due to all the queuedroppers.

Its not like Riot is making long queue times just for the hell of it. Its based on how many players are queued up for dominion and how well their matchmaking service works. Best they could do is make it more liberal with parameters...but if there aren't enough players, theres not a whole lot they can do about it.