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43 minute long ARAM!

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Oh ARAM (All Random All Middle) has been around for quite some time. People love it while others hate it. I myself, absolutely adore it.

I was just in the greatest ARAM match of my life (on the new Proving Grounds map in the PBE!). The match lasted for a total of 43:18. Probably the longest anyone has ever heard of.

Story Time:
The match started off with the enemy on the back foot. Befuddled on how! Well the trick was, we had Evelynn! Believe it or not Evelynn is the reason we were ahead until the end. Well Evelynn and Zilean...

This tricky champion maxed her stealth and rushed a Sunfire Cape (oh the old days when they stacked...) Whilst the Zilean placed bombs on her while she was stealthed! The enemies had no clue what kept hitting them (cool strat for pro players who want to have fun! PS: do it in tourneys! Haha)....... Until the enemy Soraka caught on and started using Starcall..... Hehe.

The fights raged on throughout the match. Both teams winning some and losing others. We had battle down to just 1-2 Nexus turrets left with the trolling inhibitors coming back up to save a team multiple times. Sooner or later the enemy team prevailed, having overall more damage with max items. (*cough* soraka heals amazing when she maxed *cough*)

Basically what I'm saying is. RIOT!! I love this game mode! Great job to the rioters who worked on it!

Question Time:
First off. Spirit Visage... Since I'm lazy and don't want to go and look through multiple dominion threads. Does Spirit Visage improve the amount of life gained from the healing relics. Also, how does the mastery (runic affinity I think... I forget name, the one that increases buff duration) effect the relics, if it does at all.

Second Question... Well more like statement: This game, I used Promote. It seemed pretty decent at first, popping it when a cannon minion came out, and we would initiate with it. But once we started taking out Inihibitors. It became 100% useless. No more cannon minions spawn once they are down and you can't use it on any other minion. I hope there can be a change to the spell in this game mode. To make it more viable, 'cause the way I currently see it. It's not viable, and I love me some buff underrated minions!!

Question to the readers!!: What has been your most epic ARAM game? Was there some crazy team composition you got or was it insanely long with epic battles? I would love to read your stories!!

PS: Link to the screenshot of the score screen! http://i.imgur.com/8bsIF.png