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How do I tell a bot to GTFO of my lane?

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Just a quick follow up. I ran a couple of tests yesterday by setting up full bot games + me. When you set up your "opposing" bots, I found the order in the list to be bottom, top, mid, bottom, top.

For my side, my name is always first (I go top), then bottom, top, mid, bottom. This does take some planning. Too add a quirk, if you switch a bot, the new bot you select goes to the last place in the order listed. If you want specific bots in specific lanes you sort of build from the bottom-up. However, if you change a bot that is below the other bots in order, the upper bots do not change i.e. changing the 3rd bot moves that selected bot to the bottom, #s 4 and 5 become 3 and 4, and #s 1 and 2 remain unchanged.

Probably spent too much time figuring this out but hope this helps.