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hey saw this tier list thought id sharei Barricade i's 3v3 Tier List (ranked) - Graves Patch
This is version 3 of a Tier List going over all of the champions in league and their viability in 3v3, as of patch (Graves Release).
The font is blue at a suggestion in comments of previous posts because for some reason it was default posting for me in black, which is fine on RoG, but in forums it was black on grey. Blue is just a color that will show up on both white and dark grey. If you would prefer another color, just like copy paste it to word and change the font color when you read it. Sorry.

Tier 1 contains very elite champions who excel at 1 thing while remaining good at most / all other things.

Tier 2 contains a larger (but still select) group of champions which include champions who hard-counter other high-tier picks, or are strong against a majority of standard picks. These champions are either versatile and are very good in multiple areas, or are the best at one aspect of play, at the cost of being subpar in another area.

Tier 3 consists of above average champions who can defeat the majority of picks from lower tiers. Some of them are extremely strong picks but there are other champions who preform all of the same jobs but better. Many of them excel in small niches but are weaker than comparable champions in others.

Tier 4 is formed of average champions who fill one role adequately but do not provide anything special or useful outside of that role.

Tier 5 is formed of subpar champions who do not fit the meta, only counter other low tier champions, scale poorly, or simply provide NOTHING that another, higher tier champion can do better. All champions are viable but picking these champions will put your team at a significant disadvantage unless these are picked as a direct counter to your opponent.

(in alphabetical order)

TIER 1 - Lee Sin, Singed, Yorick

TIER 2 - Akali, Cho'Gath*, Gangplank, Gragas, Graves**, Irelia, Jax*, Kennen*, Renekton, Riven*, Rumble, Talon, Trundle, Tryndamere*, Udyr, Xin Zhao

TIER 3 – Alistar*, Anivia, Annie, Brand, Cassiopeia, Corki*, Dr. Mundo, Fiddlesticks, Garen, Jarvan IV, Malzahar, Mordekaiser, Morgana, Nasus*, Nocturne, Nunu, Orianna, Poppy, Rammus, Shaco, Skarner*, Urgot, Warwick

TIER 4 - Amumu, Blitzcrank, Caitlin*, Ezreal*, Galio, Heimerdinger, Karma, Kassadin, Kog'maw, Leblanc, Maokai, Master Yi, Nidalee, Olaf, Ryze*, Shen, Sion, Soraka, Taric, Teemo, Tristana, Twitch, Vayne, Wukong, Zilean

TIER 5 - (the rest) - Ashe, Evelynn, Janna, Karthus, Katarina, Kayle, Leona, Lux, Malphite, Miss Fortune, Pantheon, Sivir, Sona, Swain, Twisted Fate, Veigar, Vladamir (Note many of these are good or even great on SR. This isnt SR, there is a specific reason each of these champions is in this tier).

*Changes from Riven patch –

Graves (new release) tentatively placed in tier 2. Laning very good, escape very good, jangle is decent (mediocre/poor ganks). Very high damage from lvl 1 to 18, great aoe. Good for kiting, chasing, and baiting. Smoke Screen has great utility. Very vestatile builds and imo the best passive on an ad carry yet (with the exception of maybe vayne and tristana).

Nerfed Champions –

Gangplank, Kog’maw, Talon all were slightly adjusted in stat values of one way or another. Minor changes, all will remain in their respective tiers.

Buffed Champions –

Corki received a slight change to gatling gun which I would consider a buff. However I will be dropping him from tier 2 to tier 3, not because of the change but rather because graves is going to take his spot as best ad carry in TT.

Skarner received a massive buff which hits all the important points of why he was weak before. The mana buff to his q now makes him more than viable on TT, and he will be moved from tier 5 all the way up to tier 3. The changes to his ult and his e also imfluenced this change. His jungle is now very reliable although wraiths at lvl 1 are quite irritating.

Riven received a nice quality of life change which (if I read correctly) will now allow you to auto attack by targeting with broken wings (q), rather than having to click multiple times. The increase of duration to ignored unit collision with q combine with this to make her noticeably stronger. This combined with the hotfix soon after her release warrants a significant change in tiers, and as such I have moved her from tier 4 to tier 2.

Shaco received a slight buff to hp and mana values which with be very helpful in his early to midgame, but is not a significant enough buff to increase his tier.

Orianna received a slight buff to her auto attack range, which changes little other than her ability to safely cs.

Gunblade Nerf –

While being addressed as a major change by many, I disagree on the impact this change will have in summoner’s rift and twisted treeline. The only champions I used gunblade on pre-patch were Jax, Katarina, and Cho’Gath. I didn't even use it on akali, and I thought that gunblade akali was wayyy overrated. I’m not going to get into a big theorycrafting / math discussion here, so suffice to say Jax will feel the impact but will still get it, and therefore he will be dropped to tier 2 because his lategame comes…..later. Katarina will be hurt but is a rare pick as it is, and will most likely just go hextech revolver into a faster rylai. As for aspd cho, I’m going to have to take another look at the build but I doubt this will have a major impact. Akali players will have to adjust to a different build (perhaps the one I’ve always used, perhaps not) but akali will be fine.

Other Changes, unrelated to patch –

Alistar has been slipping in my high opinion ever since the back to back nerfs to his AP ratios. He will move to tier 3, and may drop further. He can still find a place on the team, but is much more situational now. I believe ad alistar > tank alistar > ap alistar now.

In the reverse fashion to alistar, Cho’Gath has been steadily climbing in my regard for viability. He is a solid pick for nearly any role, jungler, lane, ap, ad, tank, hybrid, etc, and has the best dragon secure in the game. I am moving him up to tier 2, as he is filling the spot left by alistar as best all around champion.

Kennen has also been very solid, and ever since the buffs to his AP ratios, he has risen in my estimation very much. His lane ability allow him to beat nearly every bruiser and nearly every mage, as well as many tanks and assassins. He is being moved up to tier 2, and will be tied for highest tier mage with rumble and gragas.

Tryndamere is a champion I have had a love – hate relationship with in terms of viability, and I get the feeling that many other players agree. He has one of the highest potentials in the game for snowballing and carrying a good supporting team, but also is one of the weaker junglers pre-6 and can fall flat quite easily if kited well. He is a champion that will win if you are more skilled, lose if you are less skilled, and will do “meh” if you are equally skilled with your opponents. Since the tier list must rate the champion with the assumption of equal player skill, I have always considered him in low regard. However, the average skill of tryndamere players is rising in their ability to avoid getting kited, so for now I will be moving him to tier 2. In the future I would not be surprised to move him back down.

Nasus and Ryze are two champions that are rather weak early game, but can singlehandedly carry a team if they can build up fully. TT is a map designed for quick games, so this point can be difficult to reach. However, after giving it some thought, correct team composition can allow for these champions to shine. Since this mentality allows them to fit the definition of tier 4 easily, and Nasus definently fits the requirement of tier 3 of “excel in small niches but are weaker than comparable champions in others.” For now, both will be moved up 1 tier, Nasus to 3, and ryze to 4.

META CHANGE – With the decrease to the number of assassins in TT, and the majority of bans being used on champions like jax, akali, talon, lee sin, etc, ad carries are going to be more valuable / viable in TT. We may see a re-emergence of several champions who provide long range poke and good escapability. With that in mind, the following changes are being made to bring the fitting ad carries in line –

Graves placed at t2.

Corki Moved down to t3.

Caitlin Ezreal Moved up to t4, to join tristana.

Teemo, twitch, and vayne will remain tier 4. None bring lone range poke but all fill the ad carry role while providing some other benefit (map vision, stealth scouting, high burst/invis/kite/chase ability)