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Huge Lag?

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Just started randomly DCing everyone in my dominion game and people would randomly have ping spikes ( mine went from 100 or so to 6000).

Not sure if riot is having server problems but my game everyone dced at least 2 times and then it just froze everyone for like 5 minutes and game ended.

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I had the exact same problem a few days ago. Nothing changed with my client but my game was puking after the spikes each time. I watched the ping before I'd hop on then, hop by hop, and for reasons beyond me there was 100% packet loss at time of dc's over a few western servers. Being on the east coast I bet regardless of ISP they share hubs. Really annoying tonhave in game as it can bug client without client restart (in my experience). Doubt it's a Riot issue (though it sometimes is) during these big spikes pandora would freeze up also.

Hope it clears up, I certainly can't play with much lag, I am no POOTERSS.