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LoL's music competition

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Looking for a second opinion on the music I've created for the competition. I don't necessarily need someone to tell me if they like it or not, I just need someone of good judgement to tell me if things are too loud, or too quiet...maybe not enough bass here...or there...or too much gain on this part, etc...and I will not be butt hurt about your honesty...unless you tell me i suck and should go kill myself. haha. but really though, i need your help.

The champion theme I've chosen is Cassiopea. The song has an Egyptian-Metal feel to it as I feel it best fits Cassiopea. Anyway, add my name on League of Legends...and we'll figure out the best way to send this mp3 to you

Edit 1: Okay, since there are 300 plus views and no comments, im going to make it easy..here it is

Edit 2: 500 views and not one single person...this saddens me.

I'm still adding on too, just so you know.