A couple audio bugs to report

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1. When you use an emote (laugh/joke/taunt), the sound only remains on the spot you used it instead of following your champion when you move. As you keep moving away from the initial spot, the volume drastically drops and eventually is muted when you cross over the emote's max range.

2. This next one has been around for a while now, and because it has yet to be fixed several patches later, I guess it means no one at Riot knows about it. =\
While in queue when the bannings, champion lock-ins and chatting occurs, most of the sounds no longer play. It's not all bad to me personally, but it really bugs me that there are no chat sounds anymore. I want to be able to look at another screen and be alerted when someone says something, instead of needing to keep my full attention on the chat box the whole time for new messages.