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[Champion concept] Amadeus, The Hand of Judgment (with pics!)

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I’ve officially purchased each of the “tank” type champions and have found each of them lacking in the “fun” department. So I started thinking, what would make a tank type fun to play? Amadeus would do just that! Amadeus is based on a character I’ve used in a few short stories that will probably never see the light of day. He’s the proverbial hero, strong, stalwart, self-righteous, all that good jazz. Though lacking a shield, Amadeus has proven to be quite the guardian when wielding his war hammer, Godsend, and the holy powers. But not following in the footsteps of the aforementioned Amadeus, this one finds himself in a unique place in the lore of League of Legends.

Fun Facts:

Despite having accommodating wings, Amadeus walks on the ground as his wings cannot sustain him for long periods of time. When he’s grounded he lowers his wings to look like a cape that hangs off of his shoulders.
He has never worn matching pauldrons!
He likes his gauntlets clawed. He says it’s for grip, everyone else says it’s because he likes to be menacing.
His hair couldn’t be anymore grey. He could probably have more wrinkles though.
Amadeus likes all things holy, righteous and Law-abiding. So he always has a like-minded tome chained to his waist.

Revealed Version

Amadeus, the Hand of Judgment


Attack: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Health: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Difficulty: [X][X][X][X][X]
Spells: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X]

[X] = 1 point. Max is 10 points.


Bruiser, Melee, Support, Tank

Item Recommendations

616434 616436 616437 616435 616438 616439


Scales of Balance (Passive) -

To Amadeus, balance is key even though the scales often tip in his favor. The Scales of Balance, however, do not refer to his mindset but the abilities at his command. What this does is when he increases one offensive stat, he gains bonuses for a defensive stat as well. Additionally, after taking heavy damage he gains one major stat buff for a few seconds.

Zeal/Crusader‘s Arc -

Amadeus swings his war hammer in an arc in front of him. Enemies caught by the shaft will be pushes aside while others caught in the head of the mace will be stunned. Both take damage. Additionally any allies caught in the swing are given a fraction of Amadeus’ highest offensive stats. After level Amadeus begins stacking points in Zeal and after 10 stacks his next Crusader’s Arc causes an explosion which knocks back enemies and heals allies. Amadeus is not affected by this himself.

Guiding Hand/Repentance -

Amadeus lets out a wave of holy light, sending his enemies into a state of fear and panic for several seconds. Additionally, if allies are caught in the light then they receive a small heal. Amadeus is affected by Guiding Hand and receives the heal.

Highlord‘s Embrace/Sanctify -

Highlord’s Embrace allows Amadeus to bless a teammate, giving them a shield that absorbs physical damage and converts a fraction of it into health. Embrace also scales with his passive. Enemies can be targeted by the same spell but it causes Sanctify which burns them over time, removes 1 buff (if applicable) and gives them the Watchful Eyes debuff which makes them visible on the map for 8 seconds.

Wings of Justice/Godsend -

Amadeus takes flight and becomes immune to basic attacks as well as target spells. He also ignores unit collision, gains a little movement speed and can fly over terrain but cannot attack. This lasts for 8 seconds before going on cool down. If Godsend is used during this time he drops from the sky, striking his hammer into the ground. If he lands on a target they take initial damage, are stunned and surrounding enemies are slowed. If he does not land on a target then the surrounding enemies receive a small amount of damage and are still slowed.


Amadeus had led his race of immortals for many, many millennia. He was by very definition the hero and ruler of them. But his decent arose with the birth of his children. The twins Kayle and Morgana would begin the rift between his home and his people, his son Owen being the one to severe it completely by simply not getting involved with one or the other. He had seen many things on the battlefield but watching his family spiral downward into war and misery was too much for him to bare.

Amadeus spent the better part of 10,000 years in comatose, hiding away in the self-imposed exile of his shattered mind. Kayle took up his mantle during this time, waging war against her sister in their father’s name. It wasn’t until after they had long since disappeared, the war between his people going with them, did Amadeus return to consciousness. Infuriated, the Highlord followed them to Runeterra to bring his children home by the only means they would understand; by force.

Champion Tips

Playing as Amadeus

Amadeus is meant to be at the front of the group, so build accordingly and dive right in.
Crusader’s Arc is a multiple use tool able to place crowd control on enemies as well as buff up allies!
When getting ready to use Wings of Justice make sure you’re close enough to drop on an enemy if desired.

Playing Against Champion

When fighting Amadeus make sure he is facing away from his teammates as two of his help his team just as much as they hurt yours.
Remember that Amadeus has a strange way of balancing. If you see him stacking Attack Damage, physical damage will be his weakness and vice verse for Ability Power and magic damage.

Complete Version


It has been several lifetimes since Highlord Amadeus was the epitome of his race of immortals. By the very meaning he was a hero. Powerful, strong willed, justice seeking, and a protector to all who sided with him. He was as loved and cherished by his people as he was feared and hated by his enemies. A reputation he had gained by his crusade against all things evil and corrupt.

There would be no glorious last stand for the Highlord. No last act of bravery and courage. When Amadeus fell, it wasn’t on the battlefield but by the hand of a maiden. The legend of Amadeus ended by being slain before a beautiful priestess only to rise again after the birth of his twin daughters, Kayle and Morganna. Their birth brought with it a great blessing and with that, a great omen as well. Afterwards his wife spent hours in delirium, muttering obscene statements to her husband. One shall carry on your name proudly, the other would be our downfall, the last would be the one to break the bond was one of the many repeated phrases.

Amadeus did not heed her words, assuming it was side effect of the birth. Even back then he could feel something dark growing in his land but with his young family the seasoned warrior and leader chose to ignore the feeling. As his children grew he noticed the difference between his children quickly beginning to fester. Kayle was definitely her father’s offspring as she was the shining beacon of their small family. Morganna could not be anymore different, needing his wife to keep her at arm’s length at any given time. After several years passed their younger brother was born. It seemed there was a price to be paid with the birth of each child and the cost of this one was the life of his bondmate.

Even in Owen’s infancy his sisters fought over him. The two always argued over who was going to hold him and whose side he was going to fight on when he gets older. Amadeus thought his children were just being that; children. But when the three were old enough to take up arms was when his wife’s words began filling his thoughts. The arguing and fighting still continued and during one particular session, their younger brother was completely divided between them. After they had both made their mark on him, Owen turned away from his siblings. That was the last time Amadeus would ever see them together as a family.

Ten thousand years ago Highlord Amadeus was felled before no dark beast nor corrupted creature. He had seen the outcome hundreds of time, he had even purged those that had been tainted himself. But his deceased wife’s words rung in his head when he watched his youngest daughter, Morganna, willingly descend into the darkness. As he watched her sister chase after her, he saw that Kayle had now embodied everything that he had once been. Seeing his two daughters wage war on each other shattered the heart and mind of the once proud general. It was only his son’s hunt for peace that kept him barely pieced together.

When Kayle had returned from the first of many skirmishes to come she found a broken, empty man, staring into an old portrait of his family. Age lined his face and tears ran his cheeks. Knowing that her father was no longer fit to lead, Kayle took up the mantle in his name and once more took the fight to his enemies and to her sister. They kept fighting until one day the three of them just disappeared, taking the entire war with them.

Hearing the news about the stalemate and how his daughters had made a pact with the neighboring world and its summoners and his son‘s departing to that world as well, Amadeus could stand it no longer. After being near comatose for the better part of his self imposed exile into his own mind, the once Highlord returned to the battlefield eager to settle the matter once and for all. With haste he made for Runeterra’s Institute of War in which his daughters were participating in its League of Legends. His only goal was to bring his war torn children home by the only means they know; by force.

“You may be the best at doing your duty, but if you fail at your legacy then it does not matter. I know, I have accomplished both.” - Highlord Amadeus


League Judgment


It was obvious to all he passed by that Amadeus felt very uncomfortable in his temporary home. He missed the skies of his homeworld and now had to settle for a windowless apartment with stagnant air. Not to mention that most of the creatures, things that he would be fighting elsewhere shared the same living quarters as him. So he used any and every excuse to be away from that area as often as he could.

The corridors he now walked didn’t ease his mind in the least. The stone used to build this grand structure was cold, lifeless and spoke of darker days in the land. Amadeus simply loathed such a place, making him eager to settle his business and be rid of this place. He missed the air, he missed his people, his kingdom but more than that he missed the those he has come to reclaim, his family. If it wasn’t for them he would never have stayed in such a place.

During his reminiscing Amadeus found himself stopped by a large door with panthers carved into its face. He stopped before it, looking up to read the engravings above that.

“The truest opponent lies within,” he grunted. “I hope it’s the void. I could use some exercise.”

He chuckled to himself as he pushed the door open, having it close tight just as he entered.


Amadeus stepped out on to a balcony overlooking a familiar sight. He leaned on the white marble that served as a railing. His jaw tightened, holding the breath inside as he took in the view. It had been quite some time since the Highlord had seen such a beautiful scenery. From his balcony he looked across the white, silver and gold structures that made up his city and at the forest on one side of the horizon and the ocean that sat on the other.

“Home,” Amadeus whispered. “I am home?”

Just as soon as the thought passed his lips petite arms came up from under his just as a round object was pressed between his wings. He could feel whoever it was burying their face into the soft part between his aged wings. Whoever it was tightened their hold on him, embracing him in their arms.

“Of course you are, love,” came the soft tone of a voice that only existed in his memories. “Where else would you be?”

Amadeus’ eyes went wide in disbelief. His first thought was that he was just imagining that this was happening. Only when he felt her touch against his chest did he turn to meet the person that could not possibly be there. Tears welled on either side of his eyes as they rested upon the visage of his young wife. His hands shook as he took her face in his hands. Trembling he embraced her, holding her tightly.

“In every layer of hell one could possibly be in without you,” he said as tears welled in his eyes. “What a nightmare.”
“Speaking of nightmares,” came another voice. “Have you seen Morgana’s new haircut? Of course, she has Kayle to thank for that.”
“Quiet, Owen,” came a second voice. “Or I will give you something similar.”
“Do it,” spoke a very annoyed third voice. “Then maybe I won’t be alone in this situation.”

The high lord looked up to see the familiar faces of those he thought he would never see as they are now. His children stood before him as adults, standing proud and strong before their parents. Amadeus stepped away from his wife, eyeing his children as a proud father. Kayle was almost a direct reflection of him from his youth while Morganna was identical to her mother. Owen was the fine cross between the two. It was after he touched each of them in order did it finally dawn on him.

“This isn’t real,” he frowned. “This cannot be real.”
“What do you mean, father?” Kayle said as she cocked her head at him.

Amadeus turned back to face the edge of the balcony. He leaned forward on it once more, slamming his fist into the marble casing. The railing gave way under the force. The Highlord heard his family inhale and take a step back.

“He means this,” Morgana said. “This cannot be real to him. To see peace.”
“What?” Owen looked over at her. “Why is it so hard to see peace? That‘s what we‘ve achieved.”
“No,” Kayle said as she stepped forward. “Things are not as they should be.”
“You are right, sister,” Morgana said. “This is for my hair!”

Morgana reached forward and grabbed a handful of Kayle’s golden locks. As she did so her skin tone turned a sickly purple as her wings began to wilt. Kayle screamed in rage as she tried to swing backwards at her sister. They both cried out for their brother’s help though as they did Owen looked at them and turned away.

The sky above quickly became dark and ominous. Amedeus looked back at his wife who now laid on the floor. He ran to her, holding her hand and screaming out her name. After no response he turned to see his son had completely vanished, Morgana fleeing and Kayle chasing after her. Suddenly the world started to rumble and Amadeus watched in horror as his home split in two. As the fissure spread, the floor under him buckled and he fell into the abyss, holding tightly to his wife until she evaporated into the darkness. Alone Amadeus fell into the shadows of hell.

“I get it,” he whispered to himself as he fell. “None of that happened. My greatest enemy would be my failures.”

“Amadeus, why do you wish to join the League?” game a voice through the darkness.
“Why?” Amadeus repeated the question to himself. “To right something that should never have happened. To find my children and bring them both home safely. By any means necessary.”
“Family is always a cause worth fighting for, but do your children feel the same?”
“No, but they both must be made to see. They must see. I will be the guiding light for the three of them.”

After some time Amadeus finally stopped his descent. He found himself kneeling on the floor of the chamber he had entered. He stood up, retrieving Godsend from the floor. In the dim light he saw the etching of his family on the side of its head. By any means necessary he repeated in his mind.

“Welcome to the League of Legends, Highlord Amadeus,” the voice in the dimmed light whispered just as the door behind him opened. Amadeus saw the etching in full light before nodding towards the unknown entity that had occupied the space and manipulated his mind. Without hesitation Amadeus returned to his quarters.



Upon Selection:
You chose right, summoner. This is good.

As you command, Summoner.
Light the way.
Godsend, guide me.
[Annoyed] Yes, yes, on my way.

It’s hammer time!
Prepare to be purged!
Judgment comes.
The time to repent is nigh.
Kingdom come!

My legacy... it won't end this way!

The light at the end of the tunnel? That would be your doom.

This little Light of mine…I’m going to let it shine.
You call that a Flash?

MC Hammer - Can't Touch This (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otCpCn0l4Wo)
A combination of 0:20-0:22, 0:57-1:04, 1:44-1:46 and 1:54-2:10.
No, he will not do the Romp. No, you can’t touch him.


Health: 450(+85)
Health Regen: 7.15 (+.6)
Mana: 200(+35.2)
Mana Regen: 7 (+.35%)
Range: 128
Attack Damage: 55 (+3.1)
Attack Speed: 0.612% (+3.1%)
Armor: 22.4 (+3.2)
Mag. Resist: 35(+1.25)
Movement: 318

Mage, Melee, Skirmisher, Support, Tank

Item Recommendations:
Solely showing tank build -

Merc Treads
Anduin’s Omen
Frozen Mallet
Atmas’ Impaler
Banshee’s Veil
Frozen Heart

Note: With this build, armor is the highest stat next to health which isn‘t affected by Scales. With his passive Amadeus would wind up with around 4k health. Even higher with a full Warmog’s. In turn this would give him a much higher damage increase as well.


Name: Scales of Balance
Effect: Balances skills as needed. Ability Power will provide bonus armor, Attack Damage will provide bonus magic defense.
In addition, to compensate taking heavy damage the highest stats are boosted depending on how much health is missing. [Actual ratios in development]
*Note: Only affects the highest attribute on Amadeus.

563536 | 563528
Zeal / Crusader’s Arc
Effect: Does 80/105/130/155/180 mixed (+.6% AP/AD depending on build) damage to each champion caught in the swing. Champions caught in the shaft will be pushed aside while those caught by the head will be stunned for 1/2/2/2/3 seconds.
Additionally, any friendly champions caught in the swing will receive a buff (Zeal) that gives a 6/7/8/9/10% of Amadeus’ highest offensive stat and movement increase.
Passive: Melee attacks cause Zeal to stack, capping at 10 stacks. If Zeal/Crusader’s Arc is used after reaching full stacks it will add Holy Spark to the attack. Holy Spark causes a personal knock back to enemy units and a burst heal for allies.
*Amadeus is not affected by Zeal. Holy Spark will only affect those caught by the head.
Animation: A hammer swing in a 180 degree arc in front of him.
Cooldown: 50
Cost: 10/9/8/7/6
Range: 200. 180 degree arc in front of him.

563530 | 563532
Guiding Hand / Repentance
Effect: Amadeus fires a beam of holy light in a line towards his targeted location. Enemies are feared for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds. Allies are healed for 80/110/150/190/230 (+.8% AP) health.
*Amadeus is affected by Guiding Hand. The feared debuff is called Repentance.
Animation: Sends a wave of light towards designated area/target. More like Sona’s ultimate rather than Lux’s.
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10
Cost: 50/65/80/95/110
Range: 600

563531 | 563533
Highlord’s Embrace / Sanctify
Effect: Target allies get the Highlord’s Embrace buff which gives them a shield that absorbs 90/120/150/180/210 (+.6% AP) and converts (.8% AD) of it into health. Targeted enemies will gain the Purged debuff which will remove 1 buff if applicable and burns for 100/130/160/190/220 (+.8% AP or +.6% AD, depending on the build) damage. Lasts 3 seconds. Sanctify also gives the Watchful Eyes debuff, making the target visible on the map for 4/5/6/7/8 seconds.
Passive: Embrace buff amplifies Scales of Justice by giving increased armor or magic resistance.
*Amadeus cannot target himself for the buff.
Animation: Small shields appear around the targeted ally (refer to Riven‘s shield). Targeted eneny has a yellow fire attached to them.
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11
Cost: 80/90/100/110/120
Range: 450
Quote: Friendly target: Salvation awaits!
Enemy target: Your sins be purged!

563535 | 563529
Name: Wings of Justice / Godsend
Effect: Amadeus takes flight and becomes immune to basic attacks as well as target spells. He also ignores unit collision and has a small movement increase and can fly over terrain. Lasts for 8 seconds before going on cool down.
Clicking R again will activate Godsend. Amadeus slams his hammer into the ground. If he lands directly on a target they are stunned for 2.5/3/3.5 seconds and take 175/250/325 (+.8% AD) physical damage, surrounding enemies are slowed by 10/15/20% for 3 seconds. If he does not land on a target, surrounding enemies take 100/150/200 (+.8% AD) on the initial landing and 50/80/110 (+flat AP) per second they stay in range. Lasts 5 seconds.
Animation: Wings of Justice - He’s flying! Godsend - He flips his hammer to face the ground and slams into. The ground rumbles like Rammus’ tremors but has light shining up from cracks in the surface.
Cooldown: 140/100/60
Cost: 125/175/225
Range: 500
Quote: Come, face your Judgment!

Overview of Abilities:

Amadeus has been designed to be both a main tank and support. Though he could possible fill other roles as the summoner sees fit, those are his main spots to fill. His passive will allow him survivability as well as being his main focus. The summoner’s build will boost him one way or the other and his diminishing health only makes him that much effective in his role. The one thing to note about Amadeus is he is similar to Leona in the fact that he does not have a taunt, instead he has CC coming out of the wazoo. He’s there to swipe away enemies or keep them at bay long enough for the allied champion to escape, even if that means sacrificing himself. The following explanation is primarily for a tanking Amadeus. In contrast to the bottom, a mage/support Amadeus would want to max at [E] or [W] faster than [Q].

Zeal / Crusader’s Arc [Q] is his main ability and really should be maxed first. This ability, although not designed to be very powerful, is good for 1v1 and team skirmishes as it acts somewhat similar to Darius’ Q. Enemies hit by the head will be stunned, those hit by the shaft will be swept in the direction of the swing. If Zeal is capped at 10 stacks it will add Holy Shock which will knock back those hit by the head. On the other side of this, allies in the way of swing will be gifted will a small buff to increase their damage output and speed by a small amount. A good use for this is a valuable escape clause as in the event the team is on the run and they’re going to be killed anyway, Amadeus can use the ability to stall himself and speed up his teammate and give them the time needed to escape and prevent an Ace.

Guiding Hand / Repentance [W] should be second to be maxed as it his survivability move. Though again, not overly powerful, this move does prevent death from coming sooner than warranted. It’s alright in a solo lane but best used against multiple opponents. This is the only ability that affects the caster as well as Guiding Hand gives him health return. It’s also a very good stall tactic as it can give a last second stun to a group to escape or gain the upper hand, depending on the situation. It has a high cool down to prevent spamming for quick health gain.

Highlord’s Embrace / Sanctify [E] should be taken at level three and maxed last. This is his saving skill as he can give a single ally a temporary shield that absorbs damage and heals a small amount of health. It’s especially good if he has a squishy teammate like Annie, Tristana, Lux, etc and devastating if he gives it to the carry. On the offensive side it can be used to remove a buff or pause a sustained passive. I.e. monster buffs can be purged, as well as Tryndamere’s and Zilean’s ultimates, Blitzcrank/Morganna’s shields, can knock Shyvana out of dragon form, pause Twisted Fate’s gold return, etc. BUT, it only effects one buff and will target a temporary one first. So if any of the above have dragon’s buff or red, etc, that will go before canceling the abilities. On top of that it also sets the target ablaze with a holy fire that does a fair amount of damage over three seconds.

Now, for his ultimate. [R] is Wings of Justice / Godsend. Amadeus walks because he is too heavy for his wings to sustain him in flight for long periods of time. But he can fly for short bursts, just long enough to elude capture, make surprise attacks or just to surprise his enemies. It will give a small, barely noticed increase to speed while making him invincible to auto attacks. The quote ‘Do a barrel roll!’ comes to mind when I think of people shooting at him. However, some non-target spells CAN hit him and do MORE damage. These include abilities like Veigar’s cage, Kog’s nuke, Varus’/Ashe’s arrows, etc. Stuns will also knock him out of the sky, interrupting the ult and putting it on cool down. Although fun and potentially upsetting to the enemy team, it’s not done there. Activating it again will have Amadeus use Godsend. Godsend is best used against a group but can be used to target a single enemy champion, I.e. the carry. Landing in the middle of the group will cause the shockwaves to damage and slow the enemies. If Amadeus lands on a champion, that champion is pinned to the ground and takes the front of the damage for their team. The surrounding teammates still take damage and are slowed but not to the same degree as they would have been without their friend’s sacrifice. The downside to this is that Amadeus lies completely exposed, any physical attacks on him will do increased damage. So if Amadeus is in flight, most non-target air based ability powers will connect and do additional damage. Channeling Godsend gives him less defense against physical damage dealers.

Overall, this blend will make Amadeus a stalwart and worthwhile champion to be added to the Institute of War. The idea is to make him a well balanced, fun to play tank (or all around character depending on preference) that can be either in the background of the group or leading the charge.

“It’s true what they say. The good guys do finish last. That’s only because we gave the bad ones a head start knowing that they’ll always be looking over their shoulders waiting for us to catch them.” - Highlord Amadeus


Amadeus, Hand of Judgment (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/AmadeusHandofJudgment.jpg) His default skin,
Highlord Amadeus (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/HighlordAmadeus.jpg) Amadeus wearing the armor that Kayle retired for him.
Self-Exiled Amadeus (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/SelfExiledAmadeus.jpg) Wearing the classic crazed look and attire. This skin adds falling feathers when flying.
Dreaded Judge Amadeus (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/DreadedJudgeAmadeus.jpg) He’s….well….Dredd-ed….I hope y’all get the reference. Adds “Court’s adjourned.” when he kills a champion. As well as “I am the Lawbringer!” to attacks and “Law? I am the LAW!” to taunt.
Amadeus, Highlord in the Outfield (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/HighlordintheOutfield.jpg) Again with the references. Adds “Swing, batter, batter!” to [Q], “Home run!” to a champion kill and “Struck out…” to death.
ARAM Amadeus (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/ARAMAmadeus.jpg) What better to do on your free time than fight on a different kind of battlefield.....the stage? Amadeus is the bassist for the band ARAM. [Picture subject to change.]


For more champions please visit:
Wulffe's Collection - Champions and Maps and Skins, oh my! (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2215916)

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On a side note.

Please check out my other threads. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2157138&highlight=jacqueline [A Suggestion for Riot] has some map ideas and http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2100697&highlight=jacqueline is for my other champion.

Looking for some feedback and some discussion about these topics! And for Amadeus as well. He would probably like some lovin'.

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The pictures FINALLY updated.

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Highlord in the Outfield for MVP!

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124 views, no comments. Sad face.

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yo, first up. the passive needs work!

Innate: okay, so its a great passive but i see something conflicting...

bonus ap = bonus armor, check i guess you wanted it to be vice versa instead of bonus mr :P

bonus ad = bonus mr, check, same as above.

bonus armor = bonus hp.... this is whats pushing the passive into "OP", it causes the bonus ap to be even more useful, and if you stop it from doing so it doesnt become as useful. also, ap/ad buffing armor/mr makes sense, you would need something other than armor to add hp, and thats still op, i suggest leaving it without the bonus armor = bonus hp part

Q: i am loving this skill, such a neat idea going with the mechanics of darius's spin! getting caught causes a stun so unique !

although the whole zeal and holy spark makes it WAY more confusing than it needs to be. try and simplify this skill, its already an amazing skill the way it is.

the whole passive part could be removed and itd be way simpler. maybe rework that part

W: nice skill, change the scaling on blind to like 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2
also, what is guiding hand or repetence, you dont explain the other half of the skill

E: i dont really understand e, it doesnt make much sense, once again you have two skill names but no explanation on which one is active/passive, or is it used twice like lee, etc.

R: is awesome, just add a duration that hes "immune" for, other than that its all good!

now gotta review some of your other champs :P

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Here's what I did:

Took out the armor to health conversion in the passive.

Yes, wanted it to be vice versa. I want him to be able to run in and not be picked off from afar or stay back and not worry about his face being kicked in up close.

Alrighty, I’ll have to explain his set up here. The left ability name is for allies, the right is for enemies. The only exception is his ultimate which is a double click ability.

Zeal is set up to be the support ability within the mechanisms of his Q. After building it up to full stacks using Q will also cause a burst heal to his allies if it strikes an enemy. Doing so will also knock the enemy back. Of course, it stated that above. Uh, what’s confusing about it? O.o

Again, for the E, it’s the same ability but affects targets differently. This is similar to Lulu’s skills.

Added an 8 second lasting time for his R before needing to cast Godsend or have it go on cool down.

Thanks for poking at Amadeus. Anything else, please let me know.

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Okay, I think I'll come back to check up on your abilities in detail but for now I absolutely must comment on your champion's quotes.

Upon Selection:
You chose right, summoner. This is good. (This to me seems quite neutral and I don't believe it really shows any of his flavor or his reason for joining the League of Legends. I'm not saying it conflicts with his character, but I don't feel it does him much justice.)

As you command, Summoner. (This is good, they can't all be super flavorful. Simple and true.)
Light the way. (More in favor of flavor, good.)
Godsend, guide me. (Yes, I like )
[Annoyed] Yes, yes, on my way. (Reminds me of the Footman from Warcraft 3, and doesn't really sound like a High Lord.)

It’s hammer time! (Again, I've heard this in Warcraft 3, Uther says this. The intention was also the same. Gotta love MC Hammer. However with this, it's quite fitting, and original for LoL but will it be seen as MC Hammer's line, or Uther the Lightbringer's line?)
Prepare to be purged! (Not bad, simple and true.)
Judgment comes. (Quite good, shows that he fathered Kayle well. I just wonder if it can be emphasized more that Amadeus is the "judgement"? I'm thinking maybe it can show an individual flavor like Poppy's "hammer-justice" without being seen as a ripoff.)
The time to repent is nigh. (I'd agree with this every time I heard him say it, it's perfect!)

I’ll…be…back… (No, no, no! He's not terminator, and yes, I say this with opinionated emphasis: I don't want him to be terminator! At the very end of his lore he has the perfect inspiration for something impactful. For example, "My legacy... it won't end this way!&quot

The light at the end of the tunnel? That would be your doom. (You put a smile on my face here. This demonstrates creativity and represents his character fully in my opinion.)

This little Light of mine…I’m going to let it shine. (lmao. 'Nuff said.)
You call that a Flash? (Hmm. This feels like a taunt, like a taunt aimed at Flash. As Amadeus has no Flash-like abilities it isn't strengthening his character. I feel like it isn't... making light of the situation...)

In general I think that you might have missed something I deem quite important - Amadeus has lived for thousands of years, he's immortal. His style of speech could range from ancient to modern and you could really play with that. I'm not saying you haven't, cause I don't know, but if you haven't then I'm hoping this might be helpful or inspirational for any further improvement on Amadeus.
While I wrote this, I skimmed over his abilities individually, and I say he's got a good sense of tankiness. He would make the enemy team want to target him, much like how Sona does, but minus the frailty of Sona.

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Upon Selection:
As Amadeus would say it he would be implementing that the summoner made a good choice...as in, not an evil one. I'll change it if you still feel it to be unfitting.

Close! Actually. The third one I took from Garithos the Overlord or whatever his title was. He says it like he's speaking to an advisor who is nagging him about schedules.

Wasn't Uther, it was Muradin and his dwarven accent. xP MC Hammer's line, most likely. Besides a very select group of fans not everyone remembers WCIII as in depth to make that connection. :[

I like where your mind is. I think the suggested line is far better and should be implemented immediately!

His second one implies his light based abilities. Closer to a flashier Jayce over a Lux. It's yellow, bright....and flashy. You are right, it does seem more of taunt but look at as a elder who making snide but amusing remark only meant for a cheap 'Haha!'.

Yeah. I tried that once and wound up with the selection we have here. xD If you have anything else to add for the range between ancient and modern please spitball them at me....without the spitballs. And yep, he's supposed to be a tanky dps that can convert to a true tank if need be.

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That convinced me. :P If I do get any ideas I'll spitball them at you, minus said spitballs. xD