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Looking for dedicated team for Ranked 5v5 (Australian Timezone)

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Currently looking to play ranked 5v5. I'm only looking at serious teams that are looking to work hard at their game and do well. Needs to be a team that is willing to practice often and play often. If your not that good at the game or your not putting in the hours, don't contact me.

About myself. I am 30 years old. Ive only been playing this game since November last year. I own all champs. Up to 600 wins normals and ranked 1240 right now in solo Queue after 120 ranked games. I play at least 40 hours a week and work full time so League is a major part of my life outside of work. I don't main any one champ or role, but rather counter pick depending on which role I am taking. So im not ranked that well atm and I haven't been playing for a long time, but Ive put in alot of hours and working on constantly getting better.

If the team needs a specific role I can probably fill it in and work on that role fairly quickly.

I live in Brisbane so timezones need to be similar to +10GMT or its a waste of time.

My main account is the same as my forum account, S0Stronk. Hit me up in here or in game.