Team Teemo (WIP)

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So I had an idea for a fanfiction featuring Teemo, Tristana and the other yordles. This right now is just the prologue for the story. I wanted to give it a comedy feel because that's really my favorite kind of writing.

Prologue: Bush Camping 101

Teemo and Tristana sat in the bush together with tufts of tall grass like hair ruffled down around them.

“It’s really great we could spend this training session together, Teemo!” Tristana bubbled. “But one thing, why are we sitting in this bush missing gold while Garen rips apart our minions?” She gestured to the heavily-armored Garen, who was currently spinning around in circles through the minion wave and screaming. A vein bulged in his forehead, which looked hilarious when paired with his perfect comb-over hair.

“Shhh… We don’t want him to hear us. Just be patient.” Teemo was applying camoflauge makeup to his fur. Tristana looked in amazement as parts of his face slowly melded into the bush until all that could be see was his pink nose and squinted eyes. “I am one with my surroundings. This allows me the element of surprise. A single extra attack could mean the difference between life and death. I’ll just give you a moment to let that sink in, how important that is for soldiers like us.” Teemo paused his lecture and waited for questions from Tristana.

“Wow, you even got it on your blowgun. I don’t even know how that’s possible,” Tristana mused, toying with a lock of her pale hair.

Teemo sighed. “You’re missing the point. But there’s no more time to explain. My plan is coming to action. If you would please step to the far edge of the bush, near our turret?”
Tristana shuffled over, knowing it was for her own safety. She was just a rocket jump away from safety at the edge of the brush. Teemo winked at her just as Garen leapt heroically from the other bush into Teemo’s with his sword raised high for a Judgement Strike. He looked around in confusion, finally noticing Tristana. She screamed and rocket jumped away.

Garen, satisfied with his work and low on health from tanking minions, decided to take a rest in the bush. Teemo sprang into action, firing a small dart into Garen’s side. Garen just stared blankly at Teemo, then began to laugh. He raised his sword and Tristana winced. However, Garen promptly began screaming about “the demons” and dropped his weapon, bawling and running into his jungle and the arms of a very surprised Lee Sin.

“Oops,” Teemo whispered to Tristana. “I may have used the wrong mushrooms.”