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True Assassins

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Summary: 5 Life long friends made a pact when they were teens. Now adults, they band together to prove their worth to Runeterra and work to become the top Assassin guild, The Hand Of Vengeance. But they need to spread influence. And so they join the league. This is their story.

So Ill be working on this with two other stories now that I am in Jordan for the summer vacation so don't expect a chapter very often.

True Assassins
Chapter 1: The Blood Pact

4 years earlier
The streets of Noxus
Rain fell down as a young boy ran towards the ally that he will meet the others.

He could look no more than 17 years old, but even in that black Shirt that had a logo of a skull and sweatpants he demonstrated extreme agility, gained from weeks of extreme Parkour. Running over a wooden cart, he leaps to vault over another cart. He rolls and then keeps running.

Not far now. He thought to himself.
There was a problem, however. Now, he is running towards a broken bridge and below it is a river.
He smirks.

Not a problem.
Seeing a cart nearby, he increases his speed and runs towards it. Then, he he uses it to jump towards a wall, grabbing onto its ledge.
He climbs over it and keeps running, now using the rooftops.

Half an hour later
"Whats taking him so long!?" Said a black teen who was with his brother in the ally way. He had 8 strips of hair on his head,

"That's Jack for you, Murdock. He always is late." Responded his white brother, who had a mow hog hair style. "He is late for class, for practice, for everything."

"But he is like 30 minutes late, Punk!"

"Keep it down you two." Said a voice.

"Who.... "
Two other teens then appears from the shadows. One wore a black hooded jacket with the sleeves torn off and black jeans with a white Shirt that had a picture of two red eyes. The other was a girl who wore the same thing except that the sleeves were still there and her shirt was plain white. And her hood was down as well, revealing her black shoulder length hair that was red at the tips of it.
The male takes of the hood to reveal his face. He has red eyes and his right eye has a scar that stretches from the top of his eyebrows to the middle of his cheek. His hair was shoulder length as well, with the ends resembling fangs of a wolf. An amulet can be seen hanging from his neck.

The scarred one rubs his head,.

"Shadow warping has never been harder." He said.

"Well look here, the Necromancer says shadow warping is hard." Said Punk.

"Well, why dont you try if you think it is so easy?"

"Whoa, chill Deimus. Just joking."

"Forgive him, Punk," Said the girl. "But he's just angry at something."

"At what, Amelia?" Asked Murdock.

"Doesn't matter."
Deimus looks around.

"Were is jack?"

"Over here!" Shouted Jack.
They all look up to see jack coming down using a pipe line.

"Sorry I'm...."
Before he could continue, he got a punch in the face, courtesy of Murdock.

"That," Said Murdock. "Was for yesterday and for being late."



"JUST SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU!" Yelled out Deimus.

"Hey, let them fight we were just getting to the good part." Said Punk as he ate away at some popcorn. (Yes, Punks the comic relief.)

"Have you people forgotten what we are here for? The pact!"

"Oh sorry." Punk throws away the popcorn. "So how do we do this?"
Deimus takes out a pocket knife.
Punk's jaw drops.

"Um, you ain't planing on slitting someone's throat, are you?" He said as he started to step back.
Deimus raises an eyebrow.

"Um, no. Just need our blood. A cut from a palm is enough."

"Oh thank god." Punk wipes the sweat from his forehead while sighing in relief.
Deimus then cuts his own palm, then looks at the others.

Murdock raises his hand. And the metal then makes contact.

Getting off the ground, the Parkourist does the same.

The Mohoged haired teen raises his hand. The blood drips.

The young woman willingly reveals her pail skinned hand.
As the metal made contact, she winced.

"Did it hurt?" He asked.

"No, I'm OK."

"So, that's it?" Asked Jack.

"Yep, just remember the oath."

"We know, we know," Punk places his hand on his chest and his other in the air. "I pledge that after graduation from my school that I will become an assassin."

"We." Corrected Amelia. "We pledge to become Assassins." She raises her cut hand as well.

"To help those who want Justice." Continued Murdock, raising his hand.

"To never shed a blade on the flesh of the innocent." Said Jack, doing like the others.

"To be..." Said Deimus as he raised his hand. "The Best of the best."
They all smiled at that thought. They will be things. Not from the oath, but from their desire. They will become the best.

Together. Like friends always do.

"Well," Said Jack as they lowered their hands. "I gota go before they find out I broke cufue. Later!" And he started to climb back up the building.

"Us too. Se ya guys later."
And the parallel brothers left the scene.
And now all that was left was the Necromancer and the sorceress.

Deimus grabs Amelia's shoulder.

"Lets go."
She nodded in response.

Deimus closes his eyes. And both disappear into the shadows.

Amelia's house
They reappear In Amelia's room. It was plain, with a library filled with books on sorcery. The bed was of medium size. A desk lay by the library with a book open.

Taking a look at the room Deimus let go of Amelia's shoulder.

"Well," He said, putting his hood back on. "Be seeing you."
But before he turn around, Amelia grabs his shoulder and spins him around.
Their lips meet.
They say love is a flame that burns in ones heart. If covered up, then burns faster until it has to be revealed.
And Amelia had to.

Pressing her pail arms around the Necromancer, she whispers: "I love you......"
But he puts his hands on her shoulders.
And pushes her away.

While the sorceress had a shocked expression, he had a cold, angry expression on his face.

"Deimus, I......"

"Don't." He said.
But before she could say anything, he runs and warps into the shadows, leaving her.

She falls to her knees.
And cry's.

On a roof top far away
Leaping out of the shadows, the Necromancer stares at the moon.

What had I done?
He runs towards the edge and leaps to the other roof.

She loved me.
He keeps on running. A turbine stand before him. He vaults over it.

She wanted you. She wanted safety.
He leaps to a fire escape and slides down the ladder.

And I left her.
Using his power, he leaps towards another edge of a building, climbing up quickly.

He leaps to a bigger building.

He leaps to another bigger building and runs towards the edge.
He jumps off.
And roars.

Shadow warping, he falls onto his bed.
To keep her safe, that's why......

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Please please please!!!!!! I need comments!

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Why do I not get any comments?

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It is good.. continue

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If you ask for comments you might not get any.

It is a rather intresting story though. Please continue

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At this point of writing.

'Put picture of koala with big red eyes'

I just ****ing LOVE coffee!

OK so tomorrow chapter 2 will be done. No promises cause internet is like **** here in Jordan. Also making a remake of my story Strange and Dangerous that magister knows about very well. Dont worry bud, this remake is better.