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When Can I slay dragon with tryndamere

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Don't listen to those people. They don't know what they are doing.

Take my advice: jungle until you are lv18 with IE, BT, PDx2, LW, GA, and any boots you prefer. That's how I solo dragon with tryn.

OK, enough with foolishness and back to reality.

Spending 1 minute or longer to solo dragon is just not only bad, but it's also foolish.
(can't find any nicer way to say it)

I don't know what your current lv is. But in lv30s, poeple start to ward dragon as early as bot is around lv5 (at least that's what I do). Not only prevent other team taking dragon, but also prevent ganks coming form mid, jungle, or even top.

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maximum effectiveness?

Zerker greaves
Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer

You could porbably solo baron no problem with this. The problem being they are all ofc late game items so I would reccomend being at least 17 if you want to solo baron as tryn

Dragon is much easier and would probably be able to do it by 9

The secret to soloing the boss mobs is lifesteal + attack speed as well as having a decent amaount fo damage so you will get more life in return. With this build you would have amazing attack speed and critical chance (not to mention the 250% critical dmg from infinity edge passive) allowing you to steal plenty of life from the bosses as well as having the significant AD boost from infinity edge and Bloodthirster

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If you're a jungler, you shouldn't be looking forward to solo dragon early. It's most likely warded by bot. Keep in mind with the following things:
1) It's warded, you need to invest 125 gold to kill that sight ward by enemy team
2) Most champs hit level 6 at 7-8 min mark, and you will NOT have wirggles by that time with tryn
3) So, if you want to solo a dragon, you are looking at around 12-13 min mark, which you have wirggles and zerker/ zeal. To be honest, even with 21/9.0 Mastery and Ad quint, mark, armor glyph and seal...... Doens't seem like you can do it......

So best chance is around 20 min mark, in which enemies usually are grouped.

In Conclusion, tryn will not solo dragon. If you are seriously just looking for the answer with min gear: maybe the following:
1) Wriggles
2) Zeal
3) Berserker Boots
4) BF/ Pickaxe

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ok Ill tell how to jungle trynd 1st the most importnt thing is u must go 9/21/0 dat 10% reduction on disable is amazing forget ie when u jungle him too expensive my rule when i lane trynd is ie in 20 its gg but not in the jungle for runes get a lot of attck speed.

Items: cloth+ 5potion=greaves=avarice=zeal=finnish wrigles or pd=finnish yoomos=lw=games end usually at dat point

dragon u dont want solo it anyway u do it as a team so just get a kill bot and do it