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K Riot, this replacing of the splash arts has gone a bit too far...

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Edit: Look at the bottom of the post. There's a special argument for all you derps arguing about Twisted Fate's "tiny legs".

So yesterday, I get on facebook, check out Leaguecraft, and I see pretty good news!

-Proving grounds are made into a playable custom map.
-Stealth Rework is only in numbers tweaking
-New Xerath and Ahri skin

But then, this morning, I wake up, and I get the worst news I've ever had since I joined league in 2010...

-Teemo gets a new skin over Trundle, Cass, Soraka, Rumble, Skarner, Udyr and Yorick who are all only at 2 skins since release over a year ago.
-And the following champions get splash art remakes when it's not even needed, look at this:

456391 becomes 456392
456393 becomes 456394
456395 becomes 456396
Will 456397 get revamped too even though it was just released?

So what do I get from all this, Riot's getting lazy?

When you guys update old splash arts like these and how:

456408 becomes 456391
456398 becomes 456399
456400 becomes 456401
456402 becomes 456403
456404 becomes 456405
456411 becomes 456412

I say "Wow, these look awesome, not bad, not bad at all Riot!"

But now, whenever you guys make revamps, I go "Phew, good thing I have a skin..." because you just go straight to using the Chinese art instead of revamping yourself now.

But even then, you guys went even further and you now revamp skins that don't even need revamps...

Just like this skin 456395 becoming 456396....

Why don't you just merge the NA and Chinese server together? Saves you loads of time.

Don't you guys appreciate your artists anymore? I can say Kienan Lafferty (http://knockwurst.deviantart.com/) (aka Knockmaw), Michael Maurino (http://ironstylus.deviantart.com/) (aka IronStylus), Katie De Sousa (http://yumedust.deviantart.com/), Paul Hyun Woo Kwon (http://shiramune.deviantart.com/) and Larry Ray (http://the-bravo-ray.deviantart.com/) (aka TheBravoRay) all did great jobs with Champion splash arts... But I guess they're not good enough eh Riot?

479689 479690 479691

I mean, don't get me wrong, the chinese art is awesome, I only use the Chinese splash for wallpapers, but you guys are wrecking the style.

You want to know why I'm always content with most of what Riot does? And why I'm proud to call myself an LoL player no matter how much of an addict people make fun of me being? Because I'm proud to be a part of this game, of this community, and you guys always deliver, I'm part of the original server, where everything that comes out doesn't exist anywhere else, because you guys MADE it. But with these recent decisions, of just casting off your art crew and just scraping whatever the Chinese server's making, it makes you guys look like you don't care about us.

So Riot, please, just give me a silver lining of hope .

Are you guys just using the Chinese splash arts while you guys work on some big project of revamping all your old splash arts yourselves?


What you're not getting is that I'm not talking about CHAMPION DESIGN... I'm talking about the rendition and art style as in "texture" of the splash arts... Ours look like they come from an X-men Comic Book, theirs look like it's a movie poster from an Anime.

You are so off when you compare Amumu and Tryndamere and expect some sort of reaction from the two fighting side by side... We're not talking about design or in-game relations here, we're talking about splash arts, the WAY their drawn. The WAY they look.

Ours look like they're made with brushes of all sizes and deep, heavy colors. The Chinese art look like a page from a manga that's been colored, and drawn with pencils and thin lines, they're both good, but the fact that in the NA server we already have most NA art (obviously, it's the NA server) for our splash arts, then why mix it with another art style that throws everything out of balance?

Do you see anything wrong in this?


If you don't, then here's another way to explain this to you:


If you STILL can't see what point I'm trying to make here, then it is best if we stop this conversation between you and me right now.

Thing about the TF art vs model comparison is that he's one of LoL's oldest champions. They tend to be a lot more exaggerated compared to the more recent ones (like say, Ryze vs Viktor). If/when TF gets the GP/Ashe treatment, he should probably resemble the Chinese art for him, proportion-wise at least.

Ryze? Is Recent?... Dude... ಠ_ಠ

All of the oldest champions have big feet, Master Yi, Ryze, Twisted Fate, any beta champ....

I mean, am I the only guy with EYES HERE?!


It feels like I'm arguing with people that signed-up for League yesterday...

Also, I'd like to add, the recent art changes for Amumu, Pantheon, Mundo, Warwick, Xin Zhao, Caitlyn, etc, are horrible... And by that I don't mean that the NA arts are BETTER, but more like we can do our own remakes and make them look badass just like Gangplank, Janna, and Veigar. Xin Zhao's is fine and doesn't need a revamp, but the rest does, and taking their Chinese counterparts does NOT fix the problem...

The only one I can actually tolerate is Teemo because it has an NA feel to it, I don't know what it is, it's just, not as detailed as chinese, I almost get the feeling that the Teemo remake was made by the NA server.

I mean, the art style is actually like the ones we have in the NA server! Even the background! It has that fading/blurry/not-important feel to it, like the rest of our art does lol.


Edit: I managed to find the original Twisted Fate revamp, don't even tell me it doesn't look bad ass.


Here's something interesting I've said before, but this guy found some cleaner and better words to say it.

Dragon of Toran:
A lot of people like the Chinese Art, and that is fine. Everyone has their own tastes, but Riot is currently trampling over the part of their playerbase that loves the current artwork. Riot, it is stupid to please one side by upsetting another. The fact that there has been so much discussion about it indicates how divisive this is.
I personally was upset back when they changed Galio's art, and if the next set of changes go through then Riot will ruin my game experience at the loading screen every time a play with a Renekton, TF, etc. If you like the Chinese art that is fine, but don't force me to look at it.

Another interesting reply for those of you who don't understand because you're probably too derpy.

Ghostface Ki11ah:

I think we can all agree that the Chinese art is generally good, often better when it stands alone (Except that cait art, that is just worse than NA art). The issue being brought up is that it "doesn't fit" in NA. The problem is that WHY it doesn't fit, or even what it means that it doesn't fit is difficult to explain.

To start off with, lets disregard skins. Yes, they are important, but for right now, lets just talk about the classic art, that is what is 'cannon', what defines the feel of the game. It is absolutely true that a lot of old NA splash art looks horrible and outdated, and I think we can all agree that something needs to be done with them. The issue this thread deals with is 'should those arts be replaced by something done specifically for NA, or by the chinese art?"

This is where the 'feel' comes into play. On the NA servers, the art looks like you might find in a cartoon or comic book. It is not terribly realistic, it is done with less detail, and it is, in many cases, truer to what the models look like in game (Chinese noct, I'm looking at you). The chinese art looks more detailed, 'anime-esqe', and often very realistic. Now, I think that most everyone can agree, the CN art is better AS ART. If I wanted to see an amazing work of art, I would almost always check out the chinese arts. On the CN server, they expect that kind of art. Perhaps not even because it 'appeals to their culture', but because that is what players see every time they log in. Here, in the NA servers, LoL has a cartoon-y/comic book-y feel. Sometimes it is dark (like Darius), sometimes it is lighthearted (like lulu), but it is always cartoon-y.

That is the essence of the OP's point, that he (and I) prefer the cartoon style that is known on the NA servers, and thus is upset that that style is being changed, for apparently no reason.

As to skins, those are entirely separate. As I think it was Morello who said "skins are playing dress-up", they can be any style: funny, awesome, or anything else. But, because, unlike champs, anyone who has a skin has PAID real money for it, they do have some right to get upset if something changes.

If you buy something, then the company that sold it plans on going back and changing its features to something you don't want, you ought be able to complain about it to them, and if they decide to change it anyway, you should be given the option for a refund.

So, for skins, they should be changed if the community asks for a change (magnificent TF, sorceress lux), but if no change has been requested, it should stay the same (bloodmoon akali, bloodfury renek)

K, I just went out of my way to look for a 3D viewer of LoL champions, and this is what I made. Please tell me where this "accuracy" the Chinese art has that the NA don't... Our TF's legs aren't tiny, and we're accurate because TF HAS TINY LEGS AND BIG FEET IN-GAME! The Chinese TF looks like a gloomy cowboy, at least our art makes him look like a colorful trickster! Say what you want, but the Chinese are way off on this one.

465761 465755

Good job Tencent good job, WOOT, you guys made the splash art perfectly, they look like twins.
The Chinese portrayed Twisted Fate better than we did. What was I thinking?


I'll also throw this one in before all you derps go silent.


Edit 2 (20/06/12): 200 upvotes! Let's try to get a red in here.
Edit 3 (26/06/12): 300 upvotes! Riot! Kienan Lafferty's ready to take arms again! He replied to me on dA
Edit 4 (05/07/12): 400 upvotes! Thanks for all the dedicated support, shame there's still not a red in here.
Edit 6 (06/07/12): 500 upvotes?! Wow! 1 red comments, instant +9 pages, and 80 upvotes. Grumpy Monkey OP.
Edit 7 (10/07/12): 600 upvotes, wow.
Edit 8 (01/08/12): 700 upvotes, Riot still uses Chinese art as the new Cass, Kass, Ezreal and Morde splashes... At least they remade Jax and Corki themselves.
Edit 9 (06/08/12): 800 upvotes, Riot, stop swapping arts PLEASE.

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More than half of those are just chinese art replacements.

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Joell Ortiz

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A wild paladin appears

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Katie forever, I would marry her for her skills. I pray all of the new Katarina artworks will be done by her

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I can honestly say that all the examples you've given are poor examples to support your cause ._.

And... yep, TF's legs still look a little odd. Sweet jesus those tiny legs got on my nerves for no rational reason.

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Oh look this thread again..

Still no poll...

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I like Chinese art...

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TF splash change doesn't make sense. They updated it many months ago.

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Count Brennuvarg

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Baron Bodacious

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The new art is fine. It makes the otherwise stiff outdated art look more dynamic and "badass". The Malzhar switch was a godsend.