Yorick Rework Idea

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Yorick Rework Idea

Passive: Unholy Covenant
After killing an enemy monster/minion, they have 33% chance of dropping a corpse. Champions and large monsters have 100% of dropping a corpse. Maximum amount of corpse that can be carried is 0+(champion level). Yorick takes 3% less damage and deal 3% more damage from basic attacks for each ghoul near him. (800 range radius) Ghouls take 6% more damage for each other ghoul that are summoned. All ghouls die if Yorick dies.

Q: Omen of Revival
Cost: 1/1/1/1/1 Corpse
Cooldown: 12/10/8/6/4 Seconds
Cast Time: 0.4 Seconds
Summons a ghoul in a targeted area that has 35% of Yorick’s Maximum Health and Attack Damage. Ghouls targets the nearest enemy, their priority are enemy champions. Ghouls last 2 minutes, and cannot leave the area of where they were summoned. (1000 range radius) Ghouls lose an additional second of their life time for each other ghoul summoned. If Yorick isn’t in the 1000 range radius of the ghouls he summoned, the ghouls lose 10% of their maximum health each second.

W: Omen of Pestilence
Cost: 2/2/2/2/2 Corpse
Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 Seconds
Transform one of the ghouls into an exploding ghoul with 50% more maximum health. The ghoul deals 20/40/60/80/100(+75% of AP) Magic Damage per second to nearby enemies. Upon the ghouls death it explodes slowing nearby enemies by 45% that decays rapidly over 2 seconds and dealing 40/80/120/160/200 (+75% of AP) Magic Damage. This ghoul loses 1%+(amount of nearby enemies/allies) of its maximum health per second. Enemies killed by this ghoul have a 33% more chance of dropping a corpse.

E: Omen of Famine
Cost: 2/2/2/2/2 Corpse
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 Seconds
Transform one of the ghouls into a ravenous ghoul with 50% more attack damage. The ghoul heals Yorick for the damage it deals. (25% against minions/monsters) Upon dying the ghoul has a 50% chance of dropping a corpse.

R: Omen of Death
Cost: 0/0/0 Corpse
Cooldown: 120/105/90 Seconds
Passive: Picking up a corpse reduces cooldown reduction on all other abilities other than this by 1 second.
Increases Yorick and his ghouls movement speed by 25%/30%/35% and there is no cast time on Omen of Revival(Q) for the duration of the 8 seconds. Each ghoul that dies nearby Yorick drops 1 corpse. If Yorick dies during the duration of the 8 seconds, he becomes reanimated for 10 seconds and all his other abilities have no cooldown for the duration to enact vengeance.

How to determine a Corpse: Dead body with red lines glowing around it , if cursor is hovered over it. Disappears after 2 minutes, or if Yorick leaves the 1000 range radius of it. Corpse disappears after Yorick walks up to it and picks it up. Enemy champions leave small bones of themselves behind if Yorick picks up their corpse.

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I like the idea of using "corpses" as his secondary resources, very innovative and thematic idea, but first thing I'm gonna say: ghouls shouldn't be able to drop corpses, that makes them essentially free to cast if that happens, and the RNG required by this system is just not healthy for game balance. What would you do if you killed 30 odd minions (roughly five waves) and didn't end up getting a single corpse? yorick would be stuck without any abilities except his multi for that whole time. Instead of "33% chance from minions and monsters", maybe double all the corspe costs and have everything drop one corpse with bigger things (Champs, large/epic monsters) granting more? this would change it from a random, luck based resource into a strategic resource that instead requires actual intentional management. ok, last thing, maybe increase range to 1400 units to match the experience range on minions so that if he gets bullied hard he can still get his resource.

Q: I like the way you balanced out their lifespan with faster dace for more ghouls, but you actually removed his main damage ability in the auto attack enhancer from his old Q. Ok ability because of ghoul changes, but not great.

W:I like how all of his abilities now interact better with his ghouls, but the damage on hit is WAY too high. 75% AP every hit is disgustingly huge and would melt even the most tanky person in seconds.

E: I like this, but again you have made it the same but without the active ability portion.

R: this actually doesn't sound so great. I like the move speed that it gives since his Q ghoul doesn't anymore, but removing a cast time from Q sounds pretty weak, however, having his abilities on 0 cool down with infinite corpses from the ghouls he just used is ridiculously broken. He would just charge in, pentakill after dying, and then die himself. Not healthy gameplay.

To sum it all up, I like what you did with his passive sort of, but other than that you missed the point of yorick needing a rework; It is not because he is OP or UP, it is because his kit is the single most passive (and BORING) aspect of LoL in the game to date. His current kit is effective, probably more so than this one (no offense), but nobody in their right mind actually ENJOYS it.