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Looking For Duo Queue Partner (1250+ elo)

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Sirius Frog

Junior Member


Looking for a duo queue partner to raise our elo's. I mainly play mid so it would be god if my partner could play jungle or top (common logic if 2 out of 3 lanes win we will most probably win).

I want people who know the mechanics of the game, people who are always warding and people who know how to cs (can't stress that last one enough)

Just add my ign and mssg me.

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Junior Member


IGN: blooDseeker1
Role: Anything
Main champs: Brand, nunu, vayne, ww, ashe,
Available times: all weekend, and during week 4pm - 10pm
Age: 14
Mic,: yep
Playstyle: all depends on who i play.