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In your opinion, what is unforgivable?

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calls for suicide or to uninstall...

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-Homophobic/racial slurs
-'Please kill yourself'
-'Do X or I feed/afk'
-0/30/0 with BoM and zeals
-90% of the vocabulary being a simple insults as 'noob' or 'idiot'. I'd pardon for a few of these, but not if the entire chat is filled with them.
-Impersonating Riot staff.

I am sure I am forgetting some things.

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slurs of any nature (derogatory or otherwise) from the following list - nationality, gender, homophobic, & racial.

players complaining about how drunk or how stoned or how high they are while playing. this tells me they entered the game in a manner that assists the enemy.

players insulting others by making ANY kind of mention involving their family members.

players insulting others in terms of mental capability for the people they are, rather than the plays that they have made.

players telling other players to go kill themselves using any description.

players describing sexual acts within the game.

players threatening to feed or afk or throw the match in some other way as a means to coerce others to play better or play according to how they think the game should be played.

Um, I think that's about it for what I will Punish as a kneejerk reaction. I'll Punish for the usual Summoner's Code infractions as well, but I fish deeper for them.

Vormulac Unsleep:
Words are ignorable, it's as simple as that. If you punish for words in a lil box you have to start deciding which words are punishable and which are not. It's easier to punish for NONE of them. While I agree that racism and bigotry are revolting - whats even MORE revolting is how the system is so easily abusable when you allow words to be the sole requirement for punishment, in a game where the real problem is people who actively ruin games for others.

What you've described is just a personal feeling and viewpoint, and not the described behavior Riot wishes for you to detect and hit the Punish button for. Please re read both the Summoner's Code and the 15 or so guidelines presented for you as a Tribunal judge on the page you click "I have read and Agree to."

You are doing it wrong.