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Dragon Rising [A Master Yi Story] -rewrite-

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Hm... that's too much praise, haha. I just write, and re-write until it reads more professionally. No fancy tricks. That's the thing though, is that the word choice may be relatively sophisticated, but the structuring of the sentences themselves are definitely amateurish. You can't imitate structure, you have to learn it, and I ain't learn it yet.

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WARNING: The last section of this chapter is extremely disturbing! I even feel like more of a rapist just for writing it, so please, if you are under 13, please skip over everything past...“I’ll see ALL of you, parts of you even you’ve never seen yourself, .” You won't be missing anything but a bit of a colorful characterization to Singed.

Chapter 9



Yi parried yet another hefty blow from Jax from above. Yi’s sword bit halfway in Jax’s lamppost, locking the weapons together. The impact was so heavy, it caused his feet to sink into the ground an inch, but otherwise, he was fine. Yi drew his sword in a circle, catching the lamppost along all the way, until he forced the light fixture on the ground. Yi gave his Dragon Rising Blade a minuscule lift, giving him the position to strike hard at the Grandmaster’s exposed shoulder. He felt the blade bite into tough cloth, and then chainmail, before he drew the blade back the full length, cutting into flesh like a saw. Blood shot out of Jax’s wound, and the huge man quickly withdrew, grunting in pain.

Jax clutched at his shoulder, breathing heavily.

Yi smiled, triumphant… then he fell to a knee, grasping at his side. Jax had used the micron of an opening created by Yi when he lifted his Dragon Rising blade, to ram his lamppost hard into Yi’s ribs. He hoped none of them were cracked.

He slowly rotated his sword upwards, circling Jax all the while. Watching. Waiting. Jax started circling Yi right back; neither one of them breaking eye contact. He tipped his lamppost low. The fight broke out in a flash. Jax swept upwards with his lamppost so quickly it was a blur. Yi barely avoided the sweep by crouching low to his right, but the light fixture glanced his helm, and a with loud, clear,


Yi’s temple rattled against his helm. Yi clutched his head as his brain bounced about his skull. Without pause, Jax attacked again, forcing Yi to roll to his side to avoid a downwards blow so powerful that it left a lamp-shaped crater in the ground. Reaching for the swords that were strapped to his boot, Yi tossed one foot-sword after another out at Jax. Jax avoided one spinning blade by nimbly jumping to one side, and caught the other by the shaft of his lamppost. The second sword lodged itself deep in the wood of his lamppost; its red tassel at the end of the handle of the blade flicked about in the wind.
Jax spun his Lamppost above his head; a fighting stance that he created himself, allowing him to instantly bring his lamppost downwards, and deflect enemy blows with his spinning weapon, finishing with a stunning strike to the head. It was his Counter-Strike stance. He was arriving fast.

Yi crouched.
And with focus, he gave himself up to the Slipstream.

As his mind entered into the fifth dimension of space, the world melted and colors ran like wet paint on a canvas. He could see only two things.

The red tassels of his foot-swords.

He took a single, tiny step towards the first tassel, probably the one lodged in Jax’s lamp.
And he fell forwards in a rush of speed, dragging his sword behind him. Yi grabbed onto the tassel, and yanked hard. He could feel the Grandmaster struggling to protect his weapon, but in this world, Yi was stronger than anyone. Yi wrenched the red tassel, foot-sword, and lamppost from the blurry Grandmaster’s hands, and then sped towards his second foot-sword.

As soon as Yi grabbed onto his blade, he released himself from the Slipstream’s grasp.
Yi hit the ground at over 60 kilometers an hour, tracking skid marks for over a hundred feet. When he finally stopped, he slammed the end of the lamppost down.

This was his first discovered ability, the one he saved Ahri’s life with. The ability of the fleet foot, Blades Dash!

Jax remained motionless, arms down. He was weaponless now.
Yi tossed Jax his lamp, and the Grandmaster caught it wordlessly. Jax lowered his lamp again, and started walking very slowly towards Yi. The Grandmaster did not take kindly to mercy. He was going to make Yi pay for the Wuju Bladesman’s grace.

Magical energy poured once more from the Grandmaster’s body, and Yi could see that Jax was increasing his defenses with the magic. Jax’s feared ultimate, Grandmaster’s Might, reduced all but the most piercing of strikes to less than half strength. Armored by his magic, Jax charged in with his lamppost shining bright. The Grandmaster struck once at Yi, slamming hard into Yi’s raised blade. With each strike, Jax grew faster and faster with his blows. Each parry rang loud in the arena, throwing up a cacophony of the sounds of battle. As incredible as it was, Yi could scarcely believe his legendary sword could withstand such a relentless assault from a light fixture.

Yi dragged his sword upon the ground, drawing it forwards, and then kicked upwards at the base of his blade, adding force to his upwards strike. Jax deflected the blow even further upwards with a deft block with the butt of his lamp. Yi used the force generated by Jax to soar high into the air, at least twenty feet up into the blinding sunlight, and he flipped the Dragon Rising sword downwards in a reverse grip, turning the sword into a vicious spike.

“Prepare yourself, Jax!”
“Bring it, Yi!”

Yi ignited his sword with the arts of Wuju. But instead of the blue flames of the Wuju Style sprouting from the edge of his blade, Ionian Runes and Hexes shaped like branches shot out from the inscriptions in his blade, until it looked as if Yi’s blade had transformed into a glowing tree.

This was the advanced form of Wuju style, the art of the Runed Blade, Wuju Prison! A strike by his Wuju-infused blade would root the opponent to the ground, and steal life from them.

Yi slammed his sword into the ground, and all about him, glowing green branches shot and angled sharply out of the ground, wrapping them about Jax; slowing his movements and attacks. Meanwhile, all about Yi, the branches wrapped all over his torso, and his feet, and his right arm, rapidly increasing his own attack speed. Finally, branches wrapped about his heart, elevating his blood flow, and making him as swift as the wind.

His third ability, Wuju Prison, combined the leap, with the heavy strike into the ground, forming his next technique--
It was Wuju style’s path of the gallant charge into battle, Braveheart!

Branches wrapped all about the Grandmaster, forcing the man to break dozens of tiny snares with each movement he made. But Jax did not retreat. He pumped even more energy into his lamppost, until it shone like the sun again.

“Jax!” yelled Yi, bringing his blade down low.

Jax wordlessly swung his lamppost up, and brought the light fixture down like it was the sky crashing down on Yi. The runed branches saved Yi here, giving Yi barely enough agility to avoid the crushing blow. Yi stepped to the side, avoiding the strike, and caught the lamp on his blade. Yi gripped his blade with both hands, and with gritted teeth, he pushed hard upwards upon his sword. The edge ate into the lamppost, and time seemed to slow. Yi knew what was going to happen before it would.

Yi swung his foot up, and kicked the back of his sword as hard as he could. The final force cut the lamppost’s head clean off, leaving the Grandmaster with nothing but a chopped stick.

Yi took a punch to the ribs for the move, so he flipped backwards, and struck right back with a butterfly kick delivered straight to the Grandmaster’s chest, separating the two for a moment.
The Grandmaster still would not give up. Not surprising, given that Jax could fight in the league with nothing but a magically infused paper tube, but this was the edge over the Grandmaster that Yi finally needed.

Yi swung his blade true, and as the Grandmaster was forced to block the strike, Yi hacked the shaft in half. Jax immediately spun the wood sticks in his hands like batons, but Yi quickly cut the improvised weapons to tiny pieces with three short chops. Jax dropped to a hand-to hand fighting stance. Yi was not going to get cocky. He used his sword as zone control, sweeping his sword, denying Jax the many different areas where the Grandmaster at-Arms could possibly run in a tackle from.

Yi feinted a horizontal sweep with his sword, and then reversed directions and spun low, sweeping Jax off of his feet with a kick to the back of his legs. Jax immediately bounced back up to a kneeling position, but Yi was there first. Jax slowly looked at his throat, and up to the sword pointed at it.
Jax sighed, in slight disbelief.

“I yield.” He raised one hand.

Ahri cheered from the spectators’ stands, but she was the only one. A cold silence swept through the observers of today’s match. The audience this time was marking out a new contender for the rightful place of strongest in the Sparring Pits. The jealousy and contempt hung in the air like a fog.

“Only one win out of twenty,” muttered the Sinister Blade, Katarina, as she stalked off from the stands, handily skipping over the fact that no one had ever defeated Jax in a duel, no matter how many times any of them, including Katarina herself, had tried. Others wordlessly streamed away from the stands. Master Yi laughed a bit, and sat down on the ground. Katarina was right. He had only a single win, after all of that. But it was a start.
Jax walked over to Yi, clutching his shoulder.

“You should have won more, you know.” Jax playfully bounced a chuck of wood chopped off of his lamppost off Yi’s head. “You still haven’t found an ultimate ability, have you?”
Yi shook his head. Such a secret eluded him. He had tried his Highlander form again, but to no avail. His old abilities were lost to him. He had scoured ancient scrolls of Wuju, and found nothing that he could perform.

Where ever the secret lies, Yi thought, it must be locked within this sword…

He held the Dragon Rising up to the light. The perfect edge was flawless, and totally without a scratch or blemish, despite the abuse that he put the blade through.
“Yi.” Jax put a hand on the Master’s shoulder. “Are you sure you want to go through with it today? You still have time to learn. You could train more.” Yi shook his head.

“I will bring justice to Singed tomorrow.”
He looked up to the stands. There were only a few spectators left in the stands. He imagined one of them was Singed. And hate boiled up inside him once more.
“Let’s go.”

The Next Day...

There was a grand ceremony for the event. Today was a historic day. It was the first time a champion had ever declared a grievance against another within the Institute of War, and demanded a Ruling on the Fields of Justice. Historians flocked to the Institute of War to witness what may set enormous precedent for years to come. In the far back were the thousands of Summoners that practiced their craft in the Institute. At the center, each seated on thrones, were the 3 High Council members. In front of them, the champions were assembled within the Grand Hall of the Institute of War, each lined up according to their respective allegiances. The Ionians stood at the West side of the Hall, with Master Yi at the front representing Ionia. The Noxians and allied Zaunites lined up by the Eastern side, with Singed representing the Noxian side. Seated in front of the neutral sector was Miss Fortune, representing everyone who had less than 1 sh*ts to give. The pirate hunter sat yawning on a stool.

High Councilor Relivash was seated in between his fellow Council members. The man radiated strength and authority, despite being hidden in his clothes; cloaked in a purple and blue robe and hood like all Summoners were. He rose, as soon as the last of the Summoners had been accounted for, spread his arms, and called out in a deep, powerful voice:

“Summoners and Champions! Today we have a most serious matter to resolve at hand.” The Councilor turned his hooded head to face Master Yi, and swept his hand towards him. “Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman, has lodged a formal accusation against another who resides within these very walls.” The Councilor then turned to face Singed, who was staring wordlessly at Master Yi. The Master shot his own stare right back. “Singed, Chemist of Zuan, and brain-parent of chemical weapons employed by Noxus during their occupation of Ionia. You stand accused, of mass murder of the village that Master Yi once called home. Four hundred, eighty-six accounts of murder of men, women, and children is no light crime. How do you plead?” In reply, Singed eyed Yi carefully.

“I defer judgment to the Ruling on the Fields of Justice.” Hearing this, Relivash turned gravelly to Yi.
“And you, Master?” Master Yi returned Singed’s gaze.
“I defer judgment to the Fields of Justice.”

“Excuse us, gentlemen,” Swain called from the Noxian side, planting his one foot upon the stools that all champions were given. His crow gave a croaking CAW, to add to the commotion. The Master Tactician rested an elbow upon his knee, letting his crow hop onto his shoulder. “But is this legal? The League was created to resolve disputes between city-states and organizations, not people and their… petty disputes.” At this, the Ionian side started an outraged shout, but Yi silenced them with a raised hand. High Councilor Relivash again spoke:

“The Council recognizes Noxian High General Swain, of Noxus. Your grievances are correct. There is no precedent, or legal base for Master Yi’s actions. That is because they are not his actions alone. Representatives from Ionia have formally lodged a complaint against Zuan, demanding that Singed of Zuan be tried for his involvement in the massacre that struck Yi’s home village. This complaint has been recognized as a formal demand of action, and is treated as a Ruling between Ionia and Zuan. Now tell me, High Commander Swain, is there no precedent for that?”

Swain stared coldly back at Relivash, and backed down, unhappy at being out-maneuvered.

Singed spoke up at this point.
“So if this is a ruling between two city-states…” Singed trailed off here, until Relivash nodded. “Then on one side of the balance is my life. And on the other side, to balance the scales, must be a reward.” Signed started chuckling. “Then what do I gain from winning? There needs to be some… fairness here, no?”

Relivash did not respond, and after a bit of silence, Singed continued: “So since the Ionians are demanding something from me, then I may take something from them… isn’t that right… honorable Master?”
Master Yi looked back to his comrades. He could never demand something from them just for his revenge.

Yi spoke slowly:
“…I could never take something from my Brothers and Sisters for my justice. I don’t want a vengeance won by sacrifice from anyone else.” Master Yi scanned across his allies’ faces. All Ionians stood with him in the line. Karma strode forwards, and declared:

“I speak for the Elders of Ionia, Master. And they’ve decided we’re with you.”

“As the Captain of the Ionian Guard,” Irelia declared, standing up from her stool, “I say you have the support of our armed forces.”

“The wintery nation-state of Freijord stands with you as well,” Ashe called out from the back of the crowd, with her husband nodding behind her. “Your will is ours, Yi.”

“The balance is broken by the existence of Singed,” Shen called out, from between Akali and Kennen. Shen’s voice poured out from behind his implacable mask. “All evil must be paid in blood for the world to return to equilibrium. And we also owe you a debt. We fight with you, Yi!”

“Yi…” Ahri put a hand on his shoulder, then pushed him forwards. “We’re all with you. Go get him.”

Suppressing a grin, Yi turned back to the assembly.
“Singed, Zuanite mercenary.” Yi pulled out his sword, and struck it into the ground. The Dragon Rising blade cut into the runed stone a half foot deep. “We’ll take your demands.”

Singed let out a hissing sort of laugh. “Oh, I’m not sure you will, honorable Master…Because you’ll regret it when you lose.” Singed kept on laughing, until he saw he garnered no response from the Ionian side. “What I want… is a research facility.” He let the dramatic tension build in the assembly hall. “A research facility based in Ionia.” His grin spread until you could see it from behind his filthy face cloth. “For eighteen years, the Ionians shall sacrifice eighteen citizens hailing from their regions to my testing facilities. There they will… ‘try out’ my new products. Nothing fancy, you see. After a year, of course the volunteers are allowed to leave…” Singed’s body started heaving in laughter.

“Provided… MUAHAHAHA… that they still can! In fact--”
“Enough!” Yi called out, furious. The craven beast had no morals! “We’ll take your deal, Singed!”

Signed calmed down at Yi’s fury, and turned to him, eyeing him hungrily.
“Oh, how very dramatic of you,” Signed let his words come oozing out of his mouth like slime, dripping with sarcasm. “…Honorable. Master. Yi. But I wonder how confident you’ll be in a minute, because the first test subject I want… is you.”

Yi inhaled sharply at this, and gave a grim smile.

“Perfect.” Yi's grip tightened on his sword.

“How have you lived so long, I wonder?” Singed crossed the assembly hall, to cradle his hand under Yi’s face, full aware the Wuju master was a hair’s breadth away from cutting the appendage off. “Within you, I shall find the secret to immortality.” Singed gave a thoughtful look, and added, with a finger raised, “And by that, I mean, literally within you.”
“Base cur.” Yi hissed. “Within YOU, there isn’t a scrap of potential to master the secret of Wuju. You’d have better luck teaching a rock.”

“ENOUGH!” High Councilor Relivash yelled out, “The negotiations are concluded now, no matter how disgusting they were. Both of you, BACK!” Once the champions retuned to their posts, Relivash turned back to the assembly, and nodded twice to his fellow High Councilors, before speaking again: “To decide the fate of the accused Singed, we shall let the Divine forces judge these two men upon the Fields of Justice.”
Relivash walked over to Yi, and held his hand above his forehead, holding a heavy chain in his hand, an inch away from contact.

“Master Yi of Ionia. By accepting the Ruling of the Fields of Justice, you turn your fate over to the Holy Arbiter, the Divine Truth, who we shall call judgment upon you. Should you prevail upon the Fields of Justice, it shall be known throughout Runeterra that Justice and Truth was by your sidet, and that you were granted the strength to seize victory. Do you accept?”
“I do.”
“Then so I bind you to its Ruling.” Relivash lowered his chain, and then walked solemnly over to Singed.

“Singed, Chemist of Zuan. By accepting the Divine Truth’s judgment of your accusation, you turn your fate over to It. Should you prevail in the Fields of Justice, let it be known that your demands are due payment for blasphemy and corrupted employment of the Judgment of the Celestial Adjucator, the Divine Truth. Do you accept?”
“I very… much do.”
“Then so I bind you to Its Ruling.” Relivash then turned to face the center, in between the opposing sides, and held out his arms. “Then, Yi of Ionia, Singed of Zuan, name the Champions who shall represent you on the Fields of Justice.”

Singed looked back at those who had gathered under his support, all with him either by being bribed by his Noxian benefactors, or by being bullied into it by those who had superiors and interests to protect.
“I name the Bloodhunter, my mentor, Warwick of Zuan.” The werewolf growled in affirmation, slobbering over his table.
“The Fallen-- oh, I’m sorry, ‘wronged’—,” corrected Singed sarcastically as Morgana’s eyes narrowed angrily at the epithet. “…angel, Morgana.”
“The Blade’s Shadow, Messer Du Coteau’s lapdog, Talon” The assassin gave no indication he heard; Talon only flicked his blade in out of his sleeves in impatience.
“And that hideous beast that my Noxian friends only managed to persuade with bribes after sacrificing thirty men and a perfectly good cow… what was its name again?” Relivash’s mouth gave an annoyed twitch at the Chemist’s lackadaisical attitude.
“Ah yes, that thing. It looks quite nasty, doesn’t it? Now for the last Champion… hm…” Singed pretended to look thoughtful about his next choice. “Ah, yes.” His mouth widened to a disgusting grin again. “Myself.”

Relivash nodded gravely, and turned to Master Yi.
“And you, Master?”
Yi already knew who he was going to call. Those that stood with him over the past days. He opened his mouth, and called out loudly, so the whole assembly could hear:
“I name the Eye of the Twilight, Shen of the Kinkou.” At this, Shen rose from his stool, turned, and bowed to Yi, with his hands raised and clenched together.
“The Kinkou owe you an unpayable debt for the life of our Fist of the Shadow, Master.” The other two Kinkou ninjas bowed to Yi with Shen. “We will fight with you.”
“Ashe, the Frost Archer, Queen of Freijord.”
“Smart choice, Yi.” Ashe gave a thin smile. “We’ll kill em!”
“Ahri, of the province of Han-Gul.” Ahri smiled, and let her bunched-up tail flourish.
“Thanks for not saying ‘Nine-Tailed Fox’, Yi.” Ahri knocked him on his head. “But it’s alright. On the Fields of Justice, I’ll be whatever you need me to be.”

Singed’s voice cut in to the assembly hall again.
“You name a fox, a woman with a child’s weapon left in the Icebox for a day, and a highly visible ninja.” Singed mocked, as he listed out Yi’s allies. The entire Noxian line, and more from the neutral side, laughed at the taunts. “I see you really want to lose.”
Yi gave a smile right back, as he called out his fourth candidate.

“And I name the Grandmaster at-Arms, Jax, of no nation.”
Singed’s smile disappeared in like it was wiped off his face, and the laughter died out immediately. Nobody forgot Jax’s one hundred and fifty-two long winning streak on the Fields of Justice before he put a lamppost in his own hands. Nobody doubted he could do it again.

“One man will not change the tide of the battle, honorable Master. You will be mine.”
“And then I name myself.”

At this, Singed smiled, and then sat back down. His eyes told Yi everything.
You’re mine now, Yi.
Yi wordlessly told him right back.
Bring it on.
“Then we shall carry forth the Ruling with all haste,” state Relivash, as the audience started filing out of the assembly hall. “Tomorrow, we shall see. Prepare yourself, Champions.”

As everyone filed out, Singed threw out one last call:
“Thank you for your organs, Yi. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Singed taunted, “In a couple weeks from now, I’ll see ALL of you, parts of you even you’ve never seen yourself... Huhuhue!”
“And I’ll see your diseased head separated from their shoulders.” Yi turned, and started to leave. But Singed gave a disturbing shudder of anticipation. The madman spoke again:

“I’ll ask for your pretty little fox, too.” Singed whispered, licking his lips. “I mean that young, fresh meat that’s always clinging to your side. But don’t fret--I won’t kill her immediately. You see, I'll bet she’s a scientific marvel, with all sorts of juicy secrets lurking within those attractive curves. And I’m also fascinated to see what her little pups will grow to be—human, or animal—or less than both?”

“I’ll keep her forever, in the research facility you gave me, breeding a little fox clan with her womanly traits, and cutting each of her pups open, or using them to breed even more little fox pups, to see if I can’t make a potion to combine bestial and human traits. I’ll be more than gentle with her, Yi, you’ll see. I’ll make you watch over her to make sure.

“And by the time I’ve sucked every last bit of useful data from her bloodline, and yours, I’ll become more than human! I'll become a chemical-based king... no, GOD of Runeterra. And at that time, I’ll be a more than merciful god. I’ll reach out to my devoted tool, that by-then exhausted little fox. I’ll pat her head if she has enough of it left to pat, and whisper my thanks to her for her service to me, even though she may no longer have ears. She’ll be so, so tired, but I’ll let her know that rest is coming. I’ll whisper to her kind, sweet words, perhaps words a bit like you would have whispered to her, if you didn’t take on this fool-hardy challenge, and then I shall then kindly, gently, put her down.”

Singed smiled.
“And I’ll do it in front of you. And then it will be your turn; you see, I am not so cruel. I will send you lovebirds to hell one after another. So sleep tight. Goodbye, Yi.”

Yi didn’t move, didn’t react to Singed’s proclamation, but after a second, he continued walking. Yi gathered one thing from Singed’s extended rambling tripe, and it boiled deep inside of him. The Chemist didn’t know it yet, but he was already dead.

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[CENTER] fail XD
It's exelent the same way
I see you know how to do a clifhanger ãh...
Can't wait for bext charpter.... I'm probably failing this week's test because of your almost flawless addictive fan fiction...
Just kiding
Well, in case you didn't know the name, cliff hanger is the technique of forcing your reader to read the next chapter by ending this one with something interesting about to start... Like the reaction Yi is going to have for Singed taunt.
It's a common techinique used at TV shows and Soap Opera...

Ps: you might have noticed by my horrible english that i'm neither american or britsh, so i don't know how TV shows are made in this countryies... Though if they don't use this thechinique they probably suck...

Keep on the good job, waiting for your next chapter

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Senior Member


You sir, have my hat.

Seriously, it's the best fic I found around here and the fact you used my favorite champion, Master Yi, as protagonist makes me feel very happy.

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Oh god, the ending... LITTLE FOXES XD

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Senior Member



Yes, the center function seems to be failing hard for me. Thank you for enjoying it so much anyhow. And I use cliffhangers not because I'm good at them, but cliffhangers are almost necessary in fanfics-- given the chapters are released in a couple days apart from each other, you have to give the reader a sort of tension, an urge, to read the next chapter. Doubly so for mine, simply because I'm so bad at realeasing chapters at any steady rate.


Haha, thank you, sir. I'll add it to the small pile of hats that I've collected from my other 5 devoted fans I've won over the past months.
*glances with a slightly deflated look, at everyone else's huge pile of hats*

Oh well. I'm glad that at least people enjoy my writing. And Yi's my favorite champion, too. Such a badass character; it's a **** shame he's barely viable in high level games. That's kind of my wish, when I thought of the new abilities for Yi, to have a Master Yi with the difficulty of his abilities jacked up way high, so that he'll have more options in today's meta.

And @DeadlySlicer...
Yes, god, the ending. Do you feel like more of a rapist for reading it? Because I feel like I violated something with those three paragraphs there.

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Nononono, that chapter was... hehehehe *delightful*

But seriously, the way you portray Singed is very good, it really fits in with his evilness, and Warwick's teachings have clearly rubbed off onto him. And perhaps some Mundo as well...

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Senior Member


Singed seems more callous than sadistic in game than I actually portray him. It's all for the story's sake. While being a cold, callous ******* might work in-game, it doesn't make for an interesting character in writing. All in all, Singed seems more like Mundo, but at least you hate him now.

You can see this in other characters as well. Shen, for example, show much more emotion than his canon lore should allow. He watched his father get tortured without blinking an eye, but when Akali's involved, his facade cracks? Hm... that might make sense, but it doesn't fit the character that he is.

On the other hand, I extremely enjoy how I portrayed Jax and Ahri. I really feel I nailed their characters there. That's part of the reason why they've gotten so much of the spotlight so far.

PS: I totally added those last 3 paragraphs on a whim, at the last second before I posted it. No planning, just out of nowhere. I'm pretty sure Freud would have something to say about that.

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Sorry about dragging it on, but there are some important details in this chapter. Plus, the story's not even close to done, so stay tuned!

Chapter 10

Master Yi sat cross-legged in a dimly lit room. His eyes were closed peacefully in meditation; a feather duster lay harmlessly across his lap. A single candle burned slowly in a dish in front of him. He let the warmth sooth his aged body as he prayed to his ancestor ghosts, all of them masters of the Wuju style, for strength, and he prayed to the God of the Institute of War for victory. All this, he pleaded, as the candle slowly burned down to nothing. Darkness spread to every corner.
And then they struck.
Five, ten, fifteen figures, all dressed fully in black ninja gear, dropped down from the ceiling. They landed to the ground nearly silently. If the youngest of the clan had not made an almost inaudible-thump, for the junior had landed on two feet and a hand instead of all four limbs, Master Yi may not have detected them at all. But because of the young man’s carelessness, Yi struck.
“Yung!” Yi muttered, using the Ionian word for ‘hit!’, as a cloud of feathers blossomed from the hit.
Even if the room had been lit, no one could ever claim to have seen Master Yi’s feather duster whip out, and slay the junior ninja with a satisfying strike to the forehead. Nor could they have said to have seen Master Yi draw his two foot-swords, and fling them opposite side of the room; the blades carefully thrown as not to hit anyone. Master Yi ducked into Slipspace, and suddenly, the world burst into color. The ninjas all seemed to be wearing rainbows, and the walls melted and twisted with the bends and curves that the Slipspace created. The red tassels of his footswords seemed to burn black in the bright darkness that was the Slipspace. Yi dashed to one, dragging his feather duster in the real world, tripping a third of the ninjas with a strike to the calf. Yi grabbed his blade, and then dashed to the other, knocking down the other two-thirds with his extreme speed. The unfortunate junior ninja, the one struck first by Yi, was just getting back up, as he was run down again by the Slipspace-borne Master.
“Dai-Yung,” Yi muttered. Big hit, he muttered.
As Yi picked up his second foot-sword, he stepped back into the real world, and back into darkness. One of the ninjas tossed a phosphorus bomb, causing the room to light up from a light-blue flame.
He could see all fifteen of them now, slowly getting back up from their attacks. The Eye of the Twilight, Shen, solemnly stood watch over his subordinates from behind his mask in the far corner of the room.
Immediately, Master Yi ignited his feather duster with the power of the Wuju Prison. Ionian hexes and runes spread across the wooden stick, making it look much more menacing than the instructor’s disciplinary tool it actually was. All of the ninjas, wary, took an involuntary step back.
Smiling, Yi sat back down, laying his feather duster across his lap in the same position it was when he had started.
The junior ninja, apparently looking for revenge for his twice-over humiliation, struck first with a wooden blade approximately the length of a ninja sword. The young man moved so slowly, with his short sword raised high above his head with both hands. Yi had time to stand up, and strike the boy across the chest with the duster, immediately trapping the poor boy in a dozen different branch-like hexes and runes, and then sit back down. Feathers floated down all around the boy and Yi.
“Si-Yung,” Yi whispered. Kill.
The boy struggled helplessly against the slowing magic, off-balance, and then fell flat on his face; unable to throw his hands in front of his to catch himself. A champion may have the strength to break those bonds, but not ordinary people.
Before seeing the first of them fell, the rest of the ninjas took the chance to attack. Yi moved like the wind, dodging many blows with such ease and grace it seemed he was dancing. And with each step he whacked yet another ninja upon the head, trapping them. Seven of them dashed at him at once. Yi hopped backwards from the advancing sticks, and then leaped as high into the air as the ceiling would let him.
He flipped his duster downwards, and struck deep into the wooden floor as he fell. The duster cut through the bamboo floor, and all about it, branches of runes and hexes shot up to trap the surrounding ninjas.
As they struggled, Master Yi held his sword downwards, clenched both hands in a single fist, and pushed it forwards.
“Qin.” Thank you for the match.
The runes and hexes lifted, and many of the ninjas rose and graciously bowed to the Master, or imitated his move, if they were a ninja elder. The junior rose angrily, and stormed off.

Shen strode forwards, the first move he had made, since he stepped forwards to light the candle in the center of the room, four hours ago. Yi caught the ninja as he went to retrieve his Dragon Rising Blade. He let the
“That was a good fight,” Yi graciously offered to Shen. The fifteen were all students or mentors of Shen’s at the Kinkou Order. “Some of them have good spirit, like that young man over there.” Yi gestured to the junior who he had killed three times. The young man seemed to hear this, Yi always forgot how sensitive the hearing of a ninja’s was, and the junior stripped off his mask to reveal a long, flowing black hair, and a woman’s face. The junior glared insolently at Master Yi before striding off angrily. Oops.
“You gold-plated fart of an old man,” Shen ribbed, “I’ve never beat fifteen without getting hit at least once.” The two of them smiled at this. They both knew that Shen, as one of the most durable champions in the League, couldn’t care less how many hits he took. The tank of a ninja probably welcomed it. The two of them walked back into the main body of the Institute of War.
“At least you can take a hit. I don’t know how many more these old bones can take.”
“As if anyone can even hit you. You stay in another dimension so long, that Blades Dash is almost cheating. The other half of the time you’re flying through the air like a monkey.”
They rounded a corner, down a side passage, and past two palace guards who uncrossed halberds to let them pass.
“Good teachers learn from their students.”
The two reached their destination. An iron door, two stories tall, sealed the Fields of Justice from the rest of the world. The gatekeeper, sitting at the door’s foot, was absolutely enormous; twice as large as a grown man, and fully imprisoned in crude iron plate. One could not see an inch of the gatekeeper’s; there was only cold, black, iron. There were rumors that the gatekeeper was actually a former champion; deemed too powerful for the League to ever hope to control, and locked away in the vaults for the integrity of the League.
At the sight of Shen and Yi, the gatekeeper rose, and strode up to the iron door behind him. With each of his seven fingers, the gatekeeper broke the locks of the door. Immediately, the locks started to rapidly regenerate, but the iron fingers of the gatekeeper obstructed the reconstruction of the metal of the door. Curling his fingers, the gatekeeper found purchase in the door, and pulled. With a great rumbling, the door slid outwards, revealing an opening behind it that let Yi and Shen slip through. As they passed, the gatekeeper bowed, and then pushed the door closed again.

Yi and Shen made their way through the dark, winding corridor, until they happened upon an antechamber. They paused at the door. Shen glanced at Yi.
“You’re ready?”
“Yes. Shen, we have to win. Defeat will mean suffering for more than myself.”
Shen shrugged.
“No big deal. Once, all of Runeterra would have exploded in fire and brimstone if I hadn’t managed to recite the alphabet backwards to an ancient and long-dead god of the Old World.”
Yi paused. High Ionianese had over 400,000 characters.
“You’re joking, right?”
“...would it make you feel better if I was?
“Then whatever. The point is, we’ve all been through things before. As champions of the League, our actions will always hold some immensely important issue in the world, at one point or another. This is just one more problem we’ll all conquer. How do miners cut through rock and stone? They have to use diamond to scratch the harder rock, but just a bit of diamond won’t work. Because a speck of a diamond is brittle along, but held together, there is nothing in that will break it.”
The two stood in silence for a bit.
“Spent a while rehearsing that, did you Shen?”
“A little bit. I felt like I was too slow. Was I not natural enough?
“No, it was good. Diamond bit was nice.”
“Let’s go.”

Ahri looked up from her summoner, who was devotedly fawning over her. The charm spell she cast on him still hadn’t totally worn off yet. Ahri, Jax, and Ashe, were conversing with the five Summoners who would be assisting them. Today was a special day; the champions would have the majority of the control over their own bodies, only the shared vision, and the summoner spells would be the form of summoner intervention in the fight.
A young girl, hooded and cloaked in purple robes, bowed to Yi.
“Greetings, master. I am Aki, your summoner for today’s match. I hope to achieve victory together today.”
“Aki…. You’re Ionian, aren’t you?”
“Yes.” She beamed, and Yi could see her straight white teeth. “I’m a great admirer of your skill, master….I…I was very excited for today.”
“You’ll do just fine.” Yi bent over a small chart set in front of them, and started shifting colored pieces on the stone setting. “Now, these are the spells I would like you to equip and the empowering runes…”

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Aww... c'mon dude, get to the epic battle already! :3

I have to agree though, your portrayal of Jax and Ahri is spot on. Jax the strong and silent type (ish), Ahri playful and teasing.

One thing I still don't get is the Slipstream ability of Yi, but I'm sure that will be explained in due course.