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[Guide] Itemization, Strategy and Tips for Corki

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This is the corki build I use.

9/0/21 or 21/9/0

Summoner Skills
Exhaust / Teleport
Flash / Cleanse

Armor Pen marks
Dodge or Mp5/lvl seals
flat -cd or -cd/lv glyphs
flat HP quints

Skilling order
1. Q/W
2. W/Q
3. Q
4. E
5. Q
6. R

R > Q > E > W at that point.

There are 2 item builds I use and I am currently leaning towards trinity force as my favorite. I also think you get more damage out of Trinity force than a black cleaver...so ill explain that later.

Starting items
Doran's Shield + 1x hp pot (hp wins early game, safer item)
Sapphire Crystal + 2x hp pots (if im solomid usually)

build order 1:
1. Sheen
2. Mercury Treads / Ninja Tabi / Boots of Swiftness
3. Phage
4. Trinity Force
5. Black Cleaver / Catalyst / Negatron cloak
6. Infinity Edge / Banshee's Veil
7. Whatever else you need

build order 2:
1. Catalyst
2. Mercury Treads / Ninja Tabi / Boots of Swiftness
3. Black Cleaver
4. Infinity Edge / Banshee's Veil
5. Whatever else you need

I PREFER build order 1 for the following reasons. Trinityforce gives you a noticeably higher movement speed and chance to slow on attack. I also feel that my killing power is stronger sooner when you have Sheen -> Trinity force over BF Sword -> Black Cleaver. The Crit on Trinityforce will also enhance your infinity edge dmg output in the rare games that go that far.

Corki is not an autoattacker, he is a serious skill spammer, so with that in mind, nearly every one of your autoattacks should be a trinify force proc. We'll calculate damage based on 100 base. This is not unreasonably high and the gap between the 2 items will only widen the higher base damage you can output.

Black Cleaver not factoring in armor debuff:
100 + 75 = 175 dmg autoattacks
(100 + 75) * 2 = 350 crits (but your crit chance is not high)

Trinity Force:
100 + (1.3 * 100) + 20 = 250 dmg autoattacks
(100 + 20) * 2 + (1.3 * 100) = 370 crits (still low % but higher due to crit on triforce)

Trinity Force wins hands down without even considering the extra hp/mana, MS, crit, aspd, etc...

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alright so i played corki a few times with this build
and the item build should be for probably anygame :
start off with sapphire and 2 pots... [lane: if you can harass the mid enough you might end up 2 lvls ahead]
get sheen, berserker greaves and any thing under infinity edge
keep on laning with sufficient kills you should get infinity edge by lvl 13
gank until last whisper or [what i prefer] sword of divine [because of the beastly attack rate and etc that suits corki very VERY well]

then trinity force

then GAME OVER unless of course you suck then well keep on playing to get wits end and blood thrister

with a full build like this you can phosphorous, valkyrie, gatling a tank [unless of course a full powered chogath, morde, or all warmog armor] with out using your ulti
but if thats still not enough just ulti their ass
THEY ARE DEAD cause i really doubt a tank would have heal

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I've never been too amazing with Corki, so I looked this build up and tried playing with it in a test game on Twisted Treeline last night. As usual I let the enemy team (bots, dur) get several levels up before even going out on the field so that it wouldn't be so easy. It worked very nicely but... Do you not find yourself needing any mana regen on Corki? Valkyrie is still amazing at farming even w/ it's mega gimped range (I forgot that they made it shorter and was like: "Something is wrong... when did they nerf it to THIS?!&quot... but I find it pretty mana intensive to use constantly on creep waves and mix in any other ability use on anything around.

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Junior Member


very good guide... it help me a lot in playing corki... this is the build that i've been looking for... but after triforce, i get rylai's for extra health and the slow and additional AP, and it help me owned others...

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Senior Member


I've been thinking about Corki, b/c some ppl suggest that he's a very high quality character, when he solos. SO I like the OP's AD item suggestions, but I would love to hear from any current players if these items are still the preferred way to play by many.

Not sure on the skill build, as many were concerned with the lack of early gatling

not sure on the summoner spell build as those two seem a little ... weak.
... do others have suggestions?

Also, Question ... would starks + cleaver be more ideal for corki, b/c w/ Gatling, you have the chance to bring them below zero for your whole team to benefit? Or would traditional armor pen be more appropriate (last whisp, and maybe brutilizer)

looking forward to some responses, as it seems all the Corki guides are p. out-of-date.

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My build is pretty much the exact same thing, with the one exception being that I get Doran's Shield first and pick up Black Cleaver immediately after TF, another useful item I find myself getting is Guinsoo's Rageblade, as you can rack up the stacks extremely fast.

I find stacking Last Whisper pointless when you already have Gatling Gun stacks + Black Cleaver procs, but if the other team's tank has over 250+ armor or something, then yeah, I guess it's worth it.

Edit: Oh, and I pick up 1 level at lvl 4, Valk > PBomb > PBomp > GG

Then Ult > PBomb > Valk > GG

Valk first level is just for avoid lvl 1 5 man mid ganks, just a safety procaution.

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Nihil Sine Nefas

Senior Member


Why don't you max out GG ahead of Valk?

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Deadly Paradox

Senior Member


Nihil Sine Nefas:
Why don't you max out GG ahead of Valk?

Valkyrie is a one-point-wonder; it shouldn't be maxed out unless you absolutely think you need the damage and nothing else is left to level up.

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Senior Member


See, I kinda agree with that statement. The CD redux isn't great on it either, since you should prolly only be using it for an escape. I'm gonna try that

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Senior Member


Ya, I tried going:

mana crystal> boots > sheen > triforce > 2nd tier boots > b.cleaver ... and this seemed to do pretty well. I was going for guinsoo's when game ended, but it didn't matter (0-8-1 TF ftl). I did alright though, 7-4-5, and I know I coulda done better if I was more use to corki's skills (kinda stumbled my way through 2 fights)

Solo definitely seems like its a must, b/c the gold and XP is just too valuable. I also went with flash + exhaust which helped be get FB against an over-aggressive Ez ...

... still, I feel like my killing power is minimal most of the game. It comes in chunks, like right after sheen, and right after tri force, and right after b.cleaver, my killing power goes up markably well.

I still need improvement though ... I'm wondering, are these good summ-spells (exhaust/flash)? Also, I was thinking about this, but b/c of tri-force, it kinda makes sense in fights to cast then attack, then cast again ... in a rhythm of sorts. I gotta get that timing down I guess.

Btw, I dropped the idea of getting a brutalizer early ... sheen is way more worth it.

Any other suggestions out there? L33tz say this corki is bomb (no pun intended), and I'd love to hear more from them (and get a feeling of "why&quot. He still doesn't feel like a carry yet to me.