Come for Brolaf’s Rager, Stay for the Skins and Champions Sale!

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Originally Posted by Koros88 View Post
The sales are always on the same days so why wouldn't you just check them at the in game store on Friday and Tuesday if you didn't see the news post. Missing a sale can really only be blamed on yourself at this point.
In no way or form do I place blame on Riot for me missing a sale. I simply stated that it was easier to see the sales of the skins or champions when they were in the title. And due to the change of only mentioning it in the topic, I did not know that a few skins that I was looking forward to buying were on sale.

One could start up the client and see the skins and champions for sale directly, in text. Now you'll just see a snip about Mundo or Brolaf and the word sale following.

This is comical, I can't deny that. I'm glad users like yourself enjoy them, but it's certainly not an easier means of going about this. If Riot wanted to have a higher view-count for topics, they've certainly done it since you now have to click on the links to see the sales and their durations. So it's effective at that. Cheers for them.

I do like that it is in one topic instead of two now though, I'd imagine it's impossible to have them both in the title with such a length at that. But I'd much prefer the former.

As for going in-game and checking, if you're interested in following my playtime, you'd see that I'm not an active member of League of Legends. I'm lucky to play once every two weeks, but I'd still like to support Riot Games by purchasing both champions and skins; and I'm disappointed when I'm unable to due to not knowing about their promotions.