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The Death Chronicles: Book 1: The Dusk Horde

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While I work on my other story, The Darkside: Book 1: Shadow Fiend, I decided to do this one too.

The Death Chronicles: Book 1: The Dusk Horde
Chapter 1: Sacrifice

1 Year Ago

The western post of Ionia was still, which contrasted with the rumble of the waves from the sea that lay under a certain cliff. The tents were unmoved as the Noxian soldiers slept in their tents. A yawn would occasionally be heard. A fart only once.

But the man in the captains tent knew better.

With legs crossed, his hands on the handle of his sword that was plunged to the ground, and his chest bare and head bowed, the Noxian known as Necrolic prayed in whisper.

He did not pray for Noxus to win the war, nor did he pray for the next battle, nor for his life.

He prayed to die. To die and be rid of the burden of command. To die and be able to join his dead brother.
But no matter how much he prayed, he always survived to see the carnage he made.

Well, when your 25 years old, He thought. Its hard to die that easily.
Noxus always taught him to be strong. To be stronger than anyone else. To rise up if you fall. Giving up means to die.
But what was the use of war?

When he joined the military, he wanted to make Noxus known, to make it an international power in hopes that that would be enough. But no, it was not. Noxus was always hungry for more. And his brother paid the price for that.

A stomp is heard outside the tent.

"Come in." He said.
A white haired soldier enters.

"Captain," She said. "You have seemed....... worried. Is everything OK?"

Necrolic opened his red eyes.

"No, Riven. The Ionians will keep pushing this post......"
"Till they get it back."
Riven gave off a confused look.

"Then why?"
"They want me. They want me hostage so they can try to put me to death."
"But the war will soon be over....."
"It never will."
Riven sits before the captain.

"The wars, the bloodshed, the deaths, it will never end Riven. Noxus is like a hungry hound, willing to do anything for food or power."
"So? Noxus has the right to rule this world. It is strong....."
A flock of birds fly away.
Necrolic calms himself and then talks to a shocked Riven.

"No, Riven. Noxus is not strong...."
"Then what is?"
The flock of birds fall back to the ground to peck on the earth some more.

"The strong is the person who knows when to pick up his weapon to fight. The strong is who knows what he is doing and for what reason. The strong fights for what he knows is right."
He then spreads his arms.

"These wars, Riven, are not needed. These wars are not right. They only cause death and destruction."
"Then why do you fight?"
Silence over comes them.

"I fight Riven," He raises his head. "Because I hope to die."
Riven takes in all Necrolic said.

Before slapping him across the face.
She gets up to leave.

"Then what do you believe in, Riven? What keeps you to the lie we live in?"
She turns around.

"I believe that what is broken can be reforged."
With that, she leaves.

She will make a good leader, Said Necrolic to himself.
I just hope that its not to late for her.

If the captain was honest with him self, he would have said he loved Riven. But his stubbornness always got the better of him.
Slipping on his armor, Necrolic waited.

A battle is going to start soon. And he is going to live to see it.


Chaos was the word to explain the situation.

The Ionians came prepared, with over 800 troops to battle the 600 of the Noxians. They were packed with hextech technology and had more spirit to fight than ever before.

Necrolic swung his blade, cutting one Ionian in half then proceeded to block the attacks from the others.

They want me, Dead or alive in their hands. They will not have it.

He backs up into another soldier. Turning around, he sees Riven with her gigantic blade.

"I am never going to figure out how you hold that thing." He said as he cut through another soldier.
"And neither will I understand were you got that skill with swords from." She replied as she slashed at some other Ionians.
"Were fighting a losing battle, Riven."
Riven did not reply, but simply kept on fighting.

Necrolic looked around him. His men were dying, the Ionians were killing. They were becoming as savage as Noxians were.
He was not going to have that.

He turns around and runs by Riven and slashes ferociously at the enemy.
Riven simply stared as he tore through each and everyone of them.
When the coast was clear, the captain turns around and grabs Riven's shoulders.
His lips meet hers.

Before she can react, he whispers to her:

"Tell the others I died for them. And tell them what I told you last night."
Letting her go, he runs towards the cliffs, sheathing his blood soaked sword along the way.

Upon reaching the edge, he did not survey the height of the cliff lest fear overcame him.
He turns around.

"IONIANS!" He shouts.
Almost all of the soldiers, whether enemy or ally, turned around.

"Your prize," He said, spreading his arms. "Is gone!"
Necrolic leans back, letting gravity do the rest.

The last thing he hears is Riven yelling his name.


In Hell

The fragments of the Eternal disintegrated over and over and over as it always had for the last millennium.

Suddenly, however, the fragments are collected.
Opening his ancient eyes that left off a black aura, the Eternal looked at the Demon in front of him.

The Demon smiled.

"How would you like to leave this place," It said as a portal opened. "And conquer again?"
The Eternal then summoned its great black sword.

"Where does this portal lead?"
"A place locally known," Said the Demon with a smirk.
"As Runeterra."

Gone are the dreams
Gone are the hopes
When the Eternal one rises
To Conquer with the Dusk once more

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Well chapter 2 is almost done though tomorrow im traveling to Jordan so you guys might get it sometime between monday and wenesday.

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Why no comments!?

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Magister Gir

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ok here it is..... wtf? This one is planned out correct?

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Chapter 2: Preview

In the Phantom Zone
Darkness was all Necrolic could see. It was all he saw for the last year, and he did not know whether he was in hell or in purgatory.

And he did not care.

During this year, he had given some things some thought. He thought about Noxus, he thought about Ionia and its people, he thought about his squad. And he thought about Riven.

I don't know what I feel for her. He thought to himself. She is strong, independent, honorable. She has the unbelievable ability to hold that gigantic sword. She can make a fine leader.

On the other hand, though, He thought again. She does not see what I see, nor does she know how these wars were nothing but murder. At times, she is stupid.

What do I feel for her? Is it respect? Is it honor? Is it pity? Is it friendship? Is it......... Love?

Eh so what, its not like I will see her anytime soon.

And just then, the darkness started to dissolve.

What.... The ****!?
Suddenly, he falls.

In the land of The Frozen Wastes

Necrolic's first feeling after he fell was the feeling of someone doing a failed 'cannon ball' into some freezing water and landing face first.
Shooting from out the water, the Noxian elite grabbed onto his shoulders and chattered his teeth.

"****! ****! ****! ****!"
He doesn't have his armor, leaving him with nothing but his pants.

"Land......" He looks around.
And sees the most spectacular thing he had ever seen in his life.

Not to far away from were he was, stood a large castle of Ice.

"Necrolic, your just hallucinating. Your just....... Eh **** it."
With the strength he could muster, he swims towards the great structure.

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Magister Gir:
ok here it is..... wtf? This one is planned out correct?

Yep! It is!
Ok so sorry for the long wait, but the next chapter will be tomorrow. I Have to do some changes before posting it. But it will be soon.

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IM FAT! i mean.... IM BACK!

To be honest, this story really is my true passion.

Chapter 2:
Awake and Alive Part 1

The strong is the person who knows when to pick up his weapon to fight. The strong is who knows what he is doing and for what reason. The strong fights for what he knows is right.

Necrolic's words echoed in Rivens mind.

That is the strong....... But not the Forever strong. She thought to herself.
She was unable to give the message he instilled in her to the squad after he died. She couldn't bring herself to take away what they stood for. If she told them, they would start to doubt. Doubt, as she learned, lead to death and misery. And so she silenced herself.

There was, however, a good thing from what happened. When he jumped of the cliff, she eyed the Ionians. They were the reason of his death. They were the ones who came with their weapons and warriors. They were the catalyst that lead to his sacrifice. In other words, hate had taken her over by the storm for the rest of the battle. She called on the troops and led them into a frenzy. The Ionians, lacking the motivation they had before, swiftly were defeated in that one battle. In the aftermath, she told the troops why Necrolic killed himself. With him around, the Ionians would have pursued them to the ends of hell itself just to capture him. They bowed their heads in respect to their deceased leader.
When the news of his death reached the high command, and how Riven lead to the victory, they made her the captain of the squad and ordered a blade to be crafted for her.

That very blade she shattered when she realized Necrolic was right, and the price for the truth was high. It was too late to save the unit she commanded. If she told them, then would not have been in that battle with the Ionians. They would not have died.

She placed her fingers at her soft lips.

Why did he kiss me? She wondered.
There were many reasons why he would have kissed her. Was it out of the moment? Since he was going to die, he might have wanted to get one last kiss. Was it accidental? Was it out of urges? Was it....... Out of..... Love?

She shook her head from these thoughts.

He was only her comrade. Her friend. Nothing more.


Pain. That was the word.

The chains held his arms high, opting his Y shaped figure. His feet dangled over the ground. The chains grasped at his flesh like a terrified child holding onto his mother. His blood felt hot on his skin, leaving off steam. His face looked downward to the ground. His long raven hair was soaked with the crimson blood of a dead Noxian elite.

He was that dead Noxian elite.
But even in death, he was awake.
And he was alive.

A scythe's blade appears under his chin.
And for the first time in a long time, he looked away from the floor.

Staring into the hollow eyes of death himself.

"It is time." The hooded reaper said.
Necrolic nodded.
The chains suddenly let go.


The sudden sound of feet and yelling awoke Riven from her trance.

Grabbing her sword, she rushes to the door and tries to open it. However, there was something outside that kept it shut.
Summoners screamed for their lives as roars of creatures attacked them. Riven could not understand what was going on. Was it the Void attacking? The Shadow Isles? Is there a possibility that there is something even worse?

A shill scream scares her out of her wits. Then..... Silence.

Blood leaks from under the door as munching sounds are heard. Backing away, she turns to her window.

Blood splatters at that very instant onto that window. It oozed downward like cascades of rippling water. It disgusted her as the blood turned nocturnal black.

Riven knew she was doomed if she did not fight.
Gripping her sword, she opens the door.

The bloodied bodies lay on the floor, the number stretching as far as the eye can see. Some were ripped clean in half, while others were completely mutilated. Blood pooled around the entire hall, giving off a twisted version of summoners rift's own river.

She felt the urge to vomit when she saw small tailed, grey creatures feast on the organs of one of the bodies.
One must have smelled her, because it immediately turned to face her. They had no eyes or ears. Only black paint surrounded their faces.

Summoning her courage, she attacks.