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[Petition] Garena Server Issues

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Dear Riot,

Lets get to the point. I suggest Riot to evaluate garena server management, for these hot issues:

  • Leavers/ AFK/ Ragers/ Feeders.
    They REFUSE to implant tribunal here, and prefer what they call "Ban Patrol". Stil,l it's not even better than tribunal - IT IS WROST. It's like they choose to sacrifice most experienced good players for newbie things, reasons.. or bla bla bla they mentioned it.
  • Language.
    Altough, it's regional server, still it's wise to use international language in game - English. Garena management defends small amount players that REFUSE to communicate with their team. It's not about racist, but ruining game in MOST OF MATCHES. "Chill , it's just a game" they said. WTF was that?!!
  • Patch
    Spectator, Tribunal, Login modul ?????
  • Management.
    We know that garena also handle LoL competitor - HoN. Well, no doubt it effects how they rule or manage server, bandwith management, patches, etc. THEY ARE NOT SINGLE MINDED in this game genre. Question: Why did Riot decide to give LoL license to garena that already has HoN on hand?
We found these problems made LoL harder to involve in sea region rather than HoN. Really? Yes!!

I believe Riot know about them, don't you? Please, give us a word.

We don't want LoL has a bad name in our region. Please evaluate it, or make a research of it if it's needed.

I do this because my LoL community and friends are already desperate about the unsolved issues. We love LoL, we trully do.



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Junior Member


you've got an awful lot of support i see

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you've got an awful lot of support i see

Thank your for the reply. What I mentioned before is truly picture of sea-server behind its skin of events or adv. Please register to our server and join at least 20 - 50 matches. I believe you, Sir, will find out what I mean.

As veteran, I believe that veteran can sever newbie playing, trolling, dc, or leaving game, etc.

I think it is not complicated to make a survey of it if Riot wants to. So, Riot can calculate and evaluate the result.

Thank you.

There are many players from sea region that prefer to stay in NA server than transfer their ID to Sea server, most of them. They have reasons for that.
It isn't about rumor, but fact and solution that we need to involve LoL faster in sea region. Don't we agree with it?

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We heard that there are some Riot staffs were at SEA server and worked togehter with Garena management. I believe that Riot already aware this problem. But why do we hear no progress of evaluation for Garena management system?

Garena has implanted honor system, but we don't think it's effective for us. It because of weak policy for bad behavior player. Garena management is ***** weak: not implanting tribunal, they even don't use leaverbuster in SEA system, and they dont reply any report properly in their forum. Seriously!

People can leave the game whenever they like without any afraid getting banned. You can find leavers/afk/trollers everywhere include in ranked game, in most of matches.

Please check SEA Forum:

http://forum.lol.garena.com/showthre...nning-leavers. (http://forum.lol.garena.com/showthread.php?23787-GM-does-such-a-good-job-at-banning-leavers.) (There's no leaver buster in garena, confirmed by GM)
http://forum.lol.garena.com/showthre...A-QQs-so-much. (http://forum.lol.garena.com/showthread.php?24308-I-had-an-epiphany.-I-now-know-why-NA-QQs-so-much.)
http://forum.lol.garena.com/showthre...ed-have-become (http://forum.lol.garena.com/showthread.php?24285-Is-this-what-ranked-have-become)

and sticky thread:
http://forum.lol.garena.com/showthre...players/page56 (http://forum.lol.garena.com/showthread.php?437-Reporting-players/page56)

Can we find proper reply from staff of moderator in that sections? Those are only few example that players are already desperate of being ignored by the management.

All that splendor advertising program Garena has is nothing, if the community is collapsing. Most of players don't trust reporting system anymore. And everyone doubts if reporting is working or not. Then we know where it leads to, right?

Please Riot, you must help us here and evaluate Garena.