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Help with Ezreal

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I just bought ezreal and am playing him AD, was wondering what a good build would be. I wasnt sure if crit was the way to go with edge and dancer or madreds and bloodthirster or even trinity force. If you could just let me know what items really make AD ez pop it would be much appreciated. Oh and also im not too sure on what runes to get but i know i love mana regen so i would prefer that to be one of them thx for the help happy gaming

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as far as runes ar pen reds are great as are flat ad quints if you like mana regen those can be you're blues and seals should be flat armor if you plan on playing bot lane for the survivability. I like to start boots and 3 pots because ez is all about positioning, from there it's mainly preference quick sheen and vamp scepter into triforce is a fairly good build but I've seen madreds builds and rushed IE builds as well. I tend to go with the tri force because it gives you a big damage boost and a large amount of sustain with the mana and health, plus the slow proc is awesome for kiting from there you should get some sort of defense item depending on the enemy team comp and who on their team is fed(maw of malmortius is a great mr item but I haven't tried it on ez so idk how well it works, for an armor item you could grab a wriggles maybe). Try out a few different builds and see which one fits your play style.

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Ezreal's main source of damage in the early game is his Q, which isn't affected by crit or attack speed, but does apply on-hit effects. This means that going the usually infinity+PD build that you go on most AD carries is inefficient on Ezreal. Also, as AD you want to make full use of Ezreal's passive, which means you'll be spamming your abilities a lot, making Triforce + Bloodthirster a much better option for him.

I've actually done quite a bit of theorycrafting when it comes to Ezreal, to find his most optimal build. I compared the damage out-puts of Sheen + Dorans blade vs a BF sword and unless you manage to get at least 2.0 attack speed, Sheen gives a much higher damage output than a BF sword. Because of this, the build I would use is the following:

Boots + pots
1-2 Doran's Blades
Sheen + Vamp scepter
Attack speed boots
PD/Bloodthirster/Black Cleaver
Defensive items

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Heya, thanks, Midillusion. That's great info; I've played Ez a chunk, and pretty much always badly.

I'll look forward to trying out a focussed AD build!