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The Darkside: Book 1: Shadow Fiend

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Time to make a comeback to the Fanfiction forums!

The Darkside: Book 1: Shadow Fiend

Darkness looms over me.
The last memory I have is being stabbed by Katarina in the shoulder and passing out.

What is going on?

Opening my red eyes, I find myself chained arm and foot in a very dark place.
From the shadows, katarina steps out.

"Ka..... Katarina. What is this! What is going on!?"

"I am sorry," She said, with a very feint sound of mercy in her voice. "But this is for Runeterra's good."
She turns around to look at the ceiling.

"Bring him in." She ordered.
A door from an entrance nearby that I cant locate from my weakness opens.
And out steps a summoner holding Nocturne by a chain.

He is brought before me. He seemed weak as well.

"Miss katarina," Said the summoner. "Its best if you stay back. It is dangerous........."
She looks at him with her sharp eyes. Knowing better, the summoner backs off and leaves.

The red headed assassin raises her head again.

"Do it."

Looking down, I realize that runes have been carved in a ring around me and Nocturne. They leave off a faint glow.

And then, a shock wave lashes out and attaches itself to me and Nocturne, sending us both unbearable pain. We roared in agony.
My skin was burning as my necromantic power fought with the power from these runes.
Katarina turns her head.

My power could not fight anymore. I gave in and so did Nocturne.
And then, he started to dissipate. His shard fell onto the ground but he was still visible as smoke.
Chains lurch out from my body and grab Nocturne.
He tries to resist, but in vain. The chains shocked him and forced him into submission.

And then, in a blink of an eye, he was pulled into my body.
It was as if a surge of adrenaline pumped in my blood, coursing through my heart.

Katarina looks back at me, the mercy gone from her eyes and were replaced with satisfaction.
Rage was burning in my brain. But before I could do anything Darkness consumed me.

And I saw nothing else but her face.

No, he is not dead. Chapter 1 will be up soon.

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Magister Gir

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wait.. was there some kind of past between Kata and him in a different story *doesn't care* I liked it and look forward to the next chapter cause hey hey I need more when something catches my attention

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Magister Gir:
wait.. was there some kind of past between Kata and him in a different story *doesn't care* I liked it and look forward to the next chapter cause hey hey I need more when something catches my attention

Finally! A guy who doesnt care!

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can't wait for the next chapter

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So now I am listening to animal I have become by three days grace. Also started playing bloodline champions. So Here is chapter.....

Mordekaiser: UNO!

Chapter 1

I am floating in a dark place. My body as light as a feather but my muscles are tensed. Gone is my soul.
I just wish I can die......

"Wake up." Said a voice.
Opening my eyes, I see Nocturne, chained from arm to body.

"Wha..... What happened?" I asked.

"The bloody summoners want us both dead. They locked my soul and merged it with yours."

"That is impossible!"

"Impossible is found in the dictionary of fools. And the summoners are even bigger fools."
Nocturne shakes his chains.

"I need you to break these chains."

"Why? You are a creature of darkness. You deserve to stay like this."
Suddenly, Nocturne laughed.

"Suit yourself." He said. "But they will kill you too."
He got my attention.

"Dont you wish to kill katarina? To see her blood in your hands...."

"Shut up."

"To see her lifeless body on the ground....."

"I said shut up!"

"To see her weeping for forgiveness that you will not give her? To see her head fly away!?"


"To see her loss her self! To......."
I had enough.

With a roar, I attack him. My fists came in contact with his ghastly face.
He laughed.

"I dont feel a thing, boy! That all you got!?"
I Lash out again.

"Instead of wasting your time trying to kill me, why dont you look at this........"
An orb floats beside me, showing me an image I never thought I would see.

In it I was strapped to a table. A few summoners are looking for some tools. At the right was Talon and Katarina.
With Talon holding her shoulder and she rested on his.

That was my breaking point.
With one last roar, I grab Nocturnes chains and break them one by one.

The last thing I heard was his laugh before......


Opening my eyes slightly, I see that I am in the room.
A summoner was about to put a needle in my arm.

I grab his arm.

"Dont think so." I said.
Releasing my other arm, I grab him and smash his face into the table.

Katarina and Talon take out there weapons while the summoners began to channel their magic.
Seeing a glass window, I take the summoner who was on the table and throw him face first into it.

Before anyone can react, I leap out.
Bad idea. The place was like 80 stories high.

"****, ****, ****, ****!"

Fool..... Said Nocturne.

It was then as if he installed knowledge into my mind. Now I know what I have to do.

I turn into a black cloud and fly away.

I thought I saw Talon at the window say:

"**** it!"


After an hour of flying, I realized I was in Noxus.

I go to a nearby ally and turn back to physical form.
A sudden hunger overcomes me.

I forgot to mention that we have to feed now and then. Said Nocturne.

He laughed.

Like this.......

A woman then appears from the ally entrance.

"Excuse me, but which way is......."
Before she could say anything more, she turned to Katarina. My body grabbed a steel bar and attacked.
First, a swing to the head to make her unconscious. Then, my arms proceeded to smash her in the head till blood started to appear.

But it was not enough for Nocturne.
My legs then proceeded to break her rib cage and knees.

Finally, I regain control and tremble back in horror when I saw the woman's remains.
Nocturne laughs.

Class is dismissed!
His laugh then fades away, leaving me with my regret.

Well that was chapter one. Stay tuned for chapter 2 which will probably be tomorrow. Also, I live in the middle east, so time can get confusing for us.

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Ok so i will reveal 3 things about the main character:

1. He was a necromancer.
2. He knows katarina.
3. He is not gay.

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Chapter 2

In the Grand Generals office

There was silence in the office of Jericho swain except the slow ticking of a clock that hung over the door. A portraits that lay on the wall was filled with a picture of ravens in flight. Above the window that a large chair was turned to was a head of a large raven.

Typical. Thought Katrina to herself as she and Talon entered the room.
The Figure that is sitting in the chair was the man who called them to him. Turning the chair, Swain, in his usual green robes, looked at them with his usual straight face.

"You two." He began. "My orders were specific. Bring the man, fuse his soul with Nocturnes, end his life. It was as simple as that."

"Things got out of hand......" Said Talon.

"THE DEVIL IT HAS!" Swain rises from his chair. "Do you two know how long I have planed this!? How much work I put into this!? How I had to convince Him to come back to Noxus!? How hard it was to get the permission of the league to get Nocturne out of the institute!?"

"A year." Answered Katarina.

"Dont worry," Talon said. "We have sent some soldiers to look for him. We also put a bounty on his head. Soon, every person in Noxus will be on the look out for him....."

"You dont get it, do you?"
Grabbing his cane, the Grand General limps towards them.

"Before the events of kalamanda, resources were getting low here in Noxus, so the high command sent a group of miners to solve this problem. But what they found instead was unbelievable."
He reaches out for a small golden rune that lay on his table.

"One of the miners found this. At first, he thought it was gold. But when it was brought back here in a crate of gold, all that was found was this. Apparently, the rune had the ability to fuse things into itself, a power that can never be found in any other substance. It was ordered to be destroyed. They believed that if it was destroyed that it could give off enormous amount of any substance it absorbed."
He then throws it on to the floor and starts to stomp onto it with his cane.

It remained unscratched.

"As you have seen, it is even more stronger than the metal Noxium itself. So, it was locked away. But when I became Grand General, I took it and studied it for myself. Turns out, the effects can be reversed. Instead of absorbing substances, it can cause two things to merge. In the Necromancer and Nocturnes case, their souls.

"So, I ordered for more of these to be taken from kalamanda in secret......"

"Just one question," Interrupted Katarina. "How did you get enough without being caught?"

"Something you will never know. Now, when I had enough of them, I needed a vessel. I needed someone who can hold Nocturne within his soul. I needed a Necromancer. The problem was that he was in Piltover. But........"
He stares at Katarina.

"You were able to...... Persuade him to come. He then started studying objects and Necro runes. And that was what I needed.

"Now, due to his exposure to the dark magic, his soul was slowly making room for another being. Then Katarina was able to knock him unconscious and bring him to the place were we made the fusing. And just before you can kill him, he escaped."
Swain puts his hand on his eyes.

"The fusing was a failure. The Necromancer still has some of his soul alive, meaning that Nocturne does as well."
He looks at Talon.

"You said that he turned into a black cloud."

Swain then closes his eyes.

"Then we have put a dark curse upon us."

"Why? Is it not a Necromancer ability? After all, he is very crafty at his art."

"No, it is not." Said Katarina. "Necromancer can turn themselves into dark beings, but they cannot turn into black clouds."

"And you know this.....?"

"The Necromancer used to tell me about his art."
Talon then looks at Swain.

"So you think that..... We fused there powers instead?"
Swain merely went back into his seat and turned it back to the window view.

"You have to find him. No, you must find him and kill him on the spot before the next three days. You are dismissed."
With that, the assassins leave.

The general turns around and looks at the calender that was on his desk.
Three days till the solar eclipse.

Outside the Office
As the two assassins leave the building, Talon grabs Katarina's shoulder.

"Did you enjoy it?"
The red head raises an eyebrow.

"Enjoy what?"

"Him. The Necromancer."
Katarina pushes Talon's hand aside.

"Of course not. It was a mission, and he was an objective. Nothing more."
A smirk goes on Talon's face.

"So, after this is all over, how about we go out sometime?"
Katarina puts a sly smile on her face.

"Maybe." She simply said.
With that, Talon leaves.
Taking a deep breath, Katarina leaves as well.

Outside the Du Couteau Mansion
He who laughs first laughs last.

Walking away from the gates of the mansion, the man who wore the black hooded jacket and black jeans washed the burning blood from his hands with the help of the rain that poured down on him.

This is the first strike. He told himself.

Good my student. Said Nocturne.
A ghostly laugh echoes in his mind that is drowned by the sound of the now strengthening rain.
And the once good man now left a place that housed a bloody scene that he made.

This was not the first time, but it definitely is the first time he left smiling.
The venom now has washed off him.

One hour later
Katarina came home.
Now she is shocked.

On the floor of the dinning room lay her sister, bloodied and dead. Her skull is broken and her tongue ripped out of her very mouth. on all her body were scratches that could only be made by claws that can rip through scales.
On the wall was a message written in blood:

Fear me

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