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The Explorer and Love (Ezreal and Lux)

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talon? dont you know? IT'S ALL SKILL :3 EZ is one of my Favorite and best champs loveing the story so far

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-Chapter Seven-

The figure has an evil smirk on his face, he pulls his blade out and looks at Ezreal. The figure turns out to be Talon, he heard Ezreal yell for help. Talon places his blade on Ezreal's neck and before he could do anything, he is blown away by a sonic wave, blasting Talon back a few feet, Talon lifts his head up and sees a monk with a Blindfold on.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing?"
Talon shouted.

The monk looked at Talon, then looked at Lux and Ezreal. Talon stumbled to his feet, readying his blade. The monk remained a calm face and shook his head, then threw Ezreal over his shoulder and picked Lux up in his arms. The rain continued to pour down, then the monk looked at Talon.

"You're not in shape to fight, friend. Yield, and retreat."
The monk said, turning his back and walking off.

Talon snarled, then stumbled towards the monk. The monk stopped, the elbowed Talon in the gut, then turned, his foot seemed to be engulfed in flames, the monk then kicks Talon with the inflamed foot, sending Talon a good ten feet back. Talon landed on his back and was covered in mud.

"Who the Hell are you..?"
Talon said.

The monk turned back around.

"I am the Blind Monk, Lee Sin."
He said, then walked off.

Lee Sin carried Ezreal and Lux to a small camp, with two tents, a Samurai-looking man got out of it. He ran to Lee Sin and took Ezreal off of his shoulder.

"Lee Sin? What happened?"
The man said, placing Ezreal next to a fire.

Lee Sin placed Lux next to Ezreal, then looked to the man.

"They were knocked out in the Marshes, and a man with a blade tried to kill them, so I took them here to rest, I hope that's alright, Yi?"
Lee Sin asked.

Yi nodded, then picked Ezreal up and placed him in a tent, Lee Sin did the same with Lux. Hours passed, and Lee Sin and Yi were just sitting in the rain, meditating.
Lee Sin heard something in the trees. He stayed on his guard. After a few minutes, the noise stopped, and Lee Sin Yi that he was going to go get food, Yi went with him.
After a few hours, Ezreal woke up, he had bandages on him and his vision was fuzzy, he then stumbled out of the tent, then a figure dropped down from the trees, Ezreal flew back in shock.
The figure had a long staff.

"What the.."
Said Ezreal.

The figure tilted his head then spoke.
"Hold on friend, you're not healed fully yet. Go rest."
The figure nodded.

Ezreal's eyes widened and he crawled back and pointed at the figure.
"You're a giant talking MONKEY!"
He exclaimed.

The monkey had an annoyed look on his face then smacked Ezreal on the head with its staff. Ezreal rubbed his head.

"I'm not a monkey! I'm an Ape. And my name is Wukong!"
Wukong exclaimed.

Ezreal blinked.
"You're still a giant talking animal.."
He said.

Wukong twitched, then hit Ezreal with his staff again.
"What's your name, boy?"
He asked.

Ezreal blinked;
He said.

Wukong nodded, then pointed to the tent.
"Go rest. Your injuries aren't healed."
Wukong said.

Ezreal said.
"how did I get here? What is this place?"
He asked.

Wukong pointed to a flag with the Ionian symbol on it.
"This is the Wuju camp. There's two other people here, my master, Yi, and a Blind Monk, Lee Sin. Lee Sin saved your life from a man who tried to kill you
and your girlfriend while you both were passed out. If it wasn't for Lee, I don't know what would of happened to you two."
He explained.

Ezreal had a confused look on his face, then held his chest in pain. Wukong put Ezreal's arm over his shoulder and carried him to a nearby fountain, then splashed water on his face.
Ezreal then stumbled back into his tent, then Wukong jumped back into the trees. About two hours passed before Yi and Lee Sin returned, they had bags of meats and fruits.
Lee Sin woke Lux and Ezreal up to eat. Though Lux didn't move.

"Where's Lux?"
Asked Ezreal, seeing Lee Sin leave the tent.

Lee Sin shook his head.
"She won't wake up."
He said, place a piece of meat on the pan above the fire.

Ezreal took pieces of fruit and walked into Lux's tent. Yi took oranges, apples, and bananas into a bag, then threw it up into a tree, the bag fell back down, empty, and
banana peels fell down too. Ezreal looked at Lux who was still knocked out. He pulled her blanket over her and began eating.

"Wukong, you're dropping your left-overs everywhere.."
Yi said, a banana peel felling down on his face.

Yelled Wukong, swallowing a banana.

Lee Sin laughed. Wukong jumped down from the tree.
"We got company."
He said, his staff growing.

Yi grabbed his sword and Lee Sin walked towards Wukong.
"What do you see, Lee?"
Yi asked.

Lee slammed his fist onto Yi's head. Yi rubbed his head.
"What did you do that fo- Oh.. Yeah.. Sorry.."
Yi said..

Wukong stepped closer.
"I see.. A large man with a big sword.. and about.. a hundred other large men with huge weapons.. Carrying flags.."
He said.

As the men get closer, Garen walks up to the three.

"Greetings. I am Garen Crownguard of Demacia. I'm looking for a young lady, blonde, white armor, carries a small wand?"
Garen said.

Lee Sin smiled.
"Ah, you must be their friend. Wait here."
He said, going into the tent with Lux and Ezreal.

After a moment, Lee Sin walked out, followed by Ezreal who had Lux in his arms. Ezreal placed Lux in Garen's arms. Garen's eyes widened and he looked at Ezreal.
"Who did this?"
He demanded.

Ezreal looked down.
"Talon, the Blade's Shadow, and.. Cat.. Catrina? I don't remember her name.. She was called the Sinster Blade."
He said.

Garen was furious, he demanded that the men following him took Lux to the Demacian clerics. Garen followed them, leaving Ezreal alone with Lee, Yi, and Wu.
Ezreal was sad and he looked at the ground. Wukong walked over an patted him on the back.

"Hey, it'll be okay. I'm sure you'll see her again later!"
He said, smiling.

Ezreal sighed, then nodded. He turned and noticed Lee Sin.

"Hey, wait.. I know you, monk.."
He said.

Lee looked confused.
"Your voice sounds familiar."
He said.

Ezreal looked closer then nodded.

"Yup! You're the monk that helped me out when I was hit by that Urgot guy in the Rift a while back!"
Ezreal said.

Lee Sin looked shocked, then smirked.
"Oh! I'm glad to see you're doing well."
He said.

Ezreal frowned a bit.
"Well, not exactly.. You see, that guy who shot me poisoned me.. And it's still effecting me.. It hurts everyday.."
He said.

Wukong, Yi, and Lee looked surprised.

"You're still being affected by his posion?"
Lee asked.

Ezreal said.

Yi looked at Ezreal, Ezreal had his shirt off, he was covered in bloodied bandages, and his rune markings were visible. Yi's eyes widened.
"What are those?"
Yi asked, pointing at the Runes.

Ezreal looked to his stomach, then shrugged.
"They appeared there when I was healed. And when I say Lux hurt.. I don't know why, but they glowed bright red.. and I was overcame with Fury and Power."

Wukong nodded.
"Ah, it's a Rune of Power. When ever you see a loved one hurt, your adrenaline is multiplied, making an adrenaline rush even more crazy, making your muscles and skill increase
highly. But, it'll make you incredibly exhausted. Trust me, I know."
Wukong said, pointing to a rune-marking on his chest.

Ezreal examined it. Then looked at his markings, they were very different.

"This is the Rune of Agility. If I see a loved one die or get hurt badly, my adrenaline rush acts like yours, but, instead of raw power, it focuses on the muscles
in my arms, feet, and legs, increasing my speed and attack speed. I recieved it in the Plague Jungle when I obtained a strange Rune-Stone."
Wukong explained.

Before Ezreal could say anything, Yi pointed to the distance then yelled;

Ezreal turned, then his eyes widened, he hid behind the three. Wukong got his staff, Lee got into his battle Stance, and Yi gripped his sword.

-End of Chapter Seven-

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I know, it seems as if the chapters are getting shorter each time, but trust me, it's because I have planned on making more than Thirty. I'm currently working on Chapter Eight, it'll be out in a few days, I'd also like to inform you all, I'll be making a short story after this, and I'd like you guys to decide who it will be about.
I will decide after chapter Eight is released. Thanks for reading!

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Thank you, and yes, I know the League prevents it, but it was just a dream, and people do still fight each other. Not a full out war, but maybe like a small ambush group. If I'm wrong I apologize, it's just, all the other stories I've read had wars in it. Also, why do you think the story is going too fast?

well, like in the begining, there's no intro, it jumps right into the action all the time.
I know cuz i have that same problem

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"What do you see lee?" Yi asked.

Lee slammed his fist onto Yi's head. Yi rubbed his head.
"What did you do that fo- Oh.. Yeah.. Sorry.."
Yi said..

died laughing right there lol, also you should try to do something with pulsefire ezreal in this story, remember someone asking heim to come in the story so that coud be an awnser to that to. hope i helped

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well, like in the begining, there's no intro, it jumps right into the action all the time.
I know cuz i have that same problem

But I have the attention span of Wukong on steroids and can't bear any "intro" before the action scenes!

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well, like in the begining, there's no intro, it jumps right into the action all the time.
I know cuz i have that same problem

I don't see it as a problem, and I don't know what you mean by 'no intro'. I have problems typing that long, I'm dyslexic and I work on it when I first wake up each morning. It takes me a good two days to finish the entire chapter, because I'm lazy, then I proof-read it, then I post it.

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-Chapter Eight-

The Noxus flag drew closer, and Yi, Lee, and Wukong prepared to fight. The Noxus flag was now closer, and Five Noxians stepped forward. Two of them were Talon and Katarina, the other three, Ezreal's never seen before. One of the three had an axe in each hand, the other carried a large axe, and the last one carried no weapons, only a cane, he also had a bird on his shoulder. Talon stepped forward, then pointed to Ezreal who was hiding.

"That's the one,"
Talon said.
"he's the one that almost killed me and Katarina.."

Ezreal's eyes widened, and Lee stepped forward, Yi and Wu stayed in-front of Ezreal. Lee looked at the five.

"Who are you?"
He asked.

The large man with an axe stepped forward.

"I'm Darius, the Hand of Noxus. The man with the two axes is my brother, Draven, the Glorious Executioner."
He said.

Talon then smirked.
"I'm Talon, the Blade's Shadow, and this is Katarina, the Sinister Blade."
He said, pointing at Kat.

The man with a cane didn't make an intro, he just simply said he was Swain, then eyed Ezreal.
"You have someone we want."
Swain said.

Darius, Draven, Talon and Katarina stepped behind Swain, and Swain walked forward.

"Don't let us scare you, we're not here to kill you all unless we have to."
He said.

When he heard that, Wukong's eyes widened, he then made a copy of himself and went invisible, he then hid in the trees, with focus and energy, Wukong kept the copy there. Yi, noticing the trick, walked up to Swain.

"What is it that you want?"
He said.

Swain pointed to Ezreal, and Ezreal stumbled back. Yi raised an eyebrow.
"Why? What has he done?"
Yi asked.

"He's poisoned, and he has the Mark of Noxus. All we want to do is kill him, so he can't carry around the markings."
Swain said, simply.

Swain then clenched his fist, and Ezreal grabbed his stomach, and the runes began to grow beneath the bandages. Ezreal fell to his knees.

Lee kicked Swain's fist, and Darius stepped up, but Swain signaled him to stay.

"You will not kill him! He's done nothing to you.."
Yi said, he then saw Wu in the trees, Yi nodded at Wukong, then Lee started to slowly step back, grabbing Ezreal's arm.

Swain got annoyed, then raised his cane.
"We'll kill you if we have to! I will not play your games, you annoying - "

Lee Sin yelled.

His foot was then engulfed with flame, then he kicked Swain into the other four, knocking them all back. "RUN!"
Lee yelled, dashing, knocking Wu's decoy down. Yi then followed, pulling Ezreal along. Wu, Yi, Lee and Ezreal ran through the woods as fast as they could.
When Darius got up, he was furious. He then noticed the decoy.

"Looks like your friends left you behind.."
Darius leaped in the air with his axe, then slammed it into the Decoy, the Decoy smacked Darius then faded.

"You moron! That was a clone! Follow them! FOLLOW THEM!"
Swain yelled.

Talon and Darius ran into the woods, and Swain, Draven and Kat walked off, back to Noxus.

After about an hour of running, Yi, Wu, Lee and Ezreal reached a strange area of the forest, they heard cackling. Yi placed Ezreal down, Ezreal was feeling better, but still couldn't walk.

"Wukong, get in the trees and keep a look-out, Yi, try to start a fire."
Lee said.

Wukong jumped up to a tree and held on to a branch, and Yi gathered wood and placed them in a pile.
Ezreal leaned on a tree, holding his stomach. The runes ceased glowing and Ezreal stood up.

"Hey Lee, come here.. I found this weird box!"
Yi said, picking up a small box.

Lee walked up and placed a hand on it. Music began playing from the box, and Yi placed it back on the ground and watched it, after a few seconds, a strange clown-toy popped out, cackling.

"What the...."
Yi said.

The Clown then began shooting darts at Yi and Lee, hitting them both twice, before it broke in two. Yi was hit in the chest and Lee was hit in the arm.

"Ah! What was that?"
Lee said, pulling the dart out.

Yi pulled the dart out of his chest.
"I don't know.. Ow.."

Lee helped Yi walk over the a tree, and lay him down, then a strange voice spoke.

"Ahahaha! Who wants to hear a JOKE?!"
The voice said.

Wukong landed on his back, with a shiv in his arm. He pulled it out and it faded in mid air.
"What is going on?!"
He said, running to Lee.

Yi shrugged and held his chest. He then looked around and noticed Ezreal was gone.
"Where's Ezreal?"
He asked.

Wukong looked around.
"I thought he was with you two?"

Lee shook his head and so did Yi.

"Man, where am I?"
Ezreal said, wandering around the forest.

"Hey you, boy! Wanna hear a joke?!"
The voice said.

A shiv then landed in-front of Ezreal and he stumbled back, looking around in the trees.

"Who's there?!"
Ezreal shouted.

A Clown-like man landed before Ezreal, he had shivs in each hand, and small throwing knives hooked on his clothing. He then made a strange gesture.

"My name Joey! And I have a JOKE for you! AHAHAHAHA!"
The clown said.

Ezreal blinked.

"What's the joke..?"
He asked.

'Joey' smirked and then did a dance.

"Ooooh, a skip and a hop! A stab and a kill! A man and a child! Blood and screams! Oh how joyous!"
The insane man sung.

Ezreal slowly stepped back, but bumped into 'Joey'. Ezreal looked in-front of him and saw that there were two of them. He stumbled back and tripped.

"I am the Insane Jester, but you can call me.. Shaco.."


Shaco said, extending an arm to Ezreal, Ezreal grabbed the hand, and Shaco pulled him up.

"Oh dear, I apologize for my Clone's behavior."
Shaco said, dusting Ezreal off.

Shaco marched to his clone and stabbed it, he then ducked, knives flew out everywhere, Ezreal barley ducked in time. Shaco stood up and looked at Ezreal. Shaco lifted him up.

"Well now, I think you should go back to your friends."
Shaco said, pointing in the direction Ezreal came from.

Shaco disappeared. Confused by the entire thing, Ezreal just walked back to Lee, Yi, and Wu and explained what had happened.

"Wow.. That's strange.. Really strange..."
Wu said.

Lee agreed and Yi nodded.

"There they are!"
Darius yelled, approaching the four.

Talon soon landed before Darius and pulled his blade out.

Wukong grabbed his staff and Yi gripped his sword, staggering to get up on his feet, Lee got in battle position, and Ezreal prepared his Pulse-fire glove. Though, none of them were capable of fighting, and Darius and Talon knew it. Darius approached the four, but before he could do anything, Shaco slammed down onto Darius, then threw a shiv at Talon, hitting him in to arm. Shaco looked at Ezreal.

"You might want to run. Can't fight these two forever."
Shaco smirked, then disappeared and re-appeared behind Talon, slamming his elbow in Talon's back.

Ezreal motioned for his three friends to follow him, they all ran off into the deeper part of the forest.
Shaco saw them running off, then disappeared and re-appeared on a tree branch.

Darius looked up to him, and Talon staggered to his feet.

"You'd be wise to leave those four alone.."
Shaco said, before disappearing once more.

Darius looked at Talon, then just walked up, Talon slowly followed him, taking out the shiv in him.

Hours passed, and eventually, Lee, Yi, Ezreal, and Wukong made it out of the forest, before they parted ways, Ezreal thanked them all for the help, and Lee wished him luck. The three walked off, and Ezreal made his way to Demacia.

Hours passed and Ezreal reached the gates, the guard let him pass and he dashed to the hospital, once he got in, he saw Garen sitting in a chair, asleep. Ezreal talked to a cleric and asked for where Lux was, once he knew, he ran to her room. When he got to her room, he looked through the window, there were Clerics healing her. Ezreal leaned against the wall for hours, until finally, the High-Cleric walked out.

"Well, how is she?"
Ezreal asked.

The cleric shook his head.
"She's not looking too well.. "
He said, walking away.

The other clerics soon left as well.

"She'll be fine! She just needs rest for a few days."
The cleric said, walking off.

Ezreal entered the room and sat in a chair, scooting it up closer to the bed. He held Lux's hand and placed his head on Lux's stomach. For the first time in a while, there was peace.

-End of Chapter Eight-

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My decision has been decided, when I finish "The Explorer and Love", I will be working on another story "The Blind Dragon". It'll be a short story about Lee Sin.

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umm quick question, is olaf gonna be in this story because it would be really awesome if he was...