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The Explorer and Love (Ezreal and Lux)

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Man. This is pretty good. Can't wait to see more

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****! This story is good. But I have to ask, why did Draven die?

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****! This story is good. But I have to ask, why did Draven die?

This is fan fiction, this is my world of LoL. I put Xin killing Draven to add extra action and a future reference. Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue!

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-Chapter Five-

"Get the Runepriest! He has no pulse!"
A Cleric said.

A man entered the room, wearing armor that shined brightly. He walked towards Ezreal, placing a glowing hand on his chest, then circling it around, up to his neck, then pulled his hand up, following was a gob of green ooze. The Runepriest nodded, then said;
"Yes, this is the cause of his poison. He'll be fine within a couple of hours of rest."
then left the room. All the Clerics and Healers left behind him, leaving Lux and Garen with Ezreal.

Ezreal was sweating heavily and gasping for air. Lux panicked.

"He's overheating!"
She shouted, ripping his shirt off.

The her surprise.. Their were strange Runes on his stomach.

"Garen.. Come look at this.."
She said.

Garen walked over, and Lux pointed to Ezreal's stomach.

"What the... Those markings.. What are those..?"
He said, examining the runes.

Lux shrugged, they both decided not to tell the Healers. After two hours, Ezreal woke up, and saw Lux sleeping in a chair, her head and torso slugged over his stomach. He smiled, placing a hand on her head, running his fingers through her head. He looked over and saw Garen sleeping in the chair behind Lux. Lux woke up and saw Ezreal awake, her eyes widened and hugged him. Ezreal smiled, trying to sit up, but then a sharp pain struck him.

"Ezreal! Careful.. You're not completely healed yet.."
Lux warned, stroking Ezreal's hair.

Ezreal took hold of Lux's hand, holding it tightly.

"Lux.. There's something I have to tell you.."
He said.

"Yes? What is it..?"
She said.

"I.. l-,"
He cut himself off, seeing Garen wake up.
"I.. Love this bed.."
He said, cursing himself inside his mind.

Lux looked confused.
"Yeah.. It looks.. Comfortable.."
She said, still stroking his hair.

Garen looked and nodded at Ezreal, then left the room, giving a thumbs up before leaving. Ezreal smirked and nodded. Lux looked more confused.

"Ezreal, what are you two doi-"
She was cut off by Ezreal's kiss on the cheek.

Her face turned red, and she smiled widely. Ezreal gently touched her face, then kissed her lips. Their two lips, connecting to one another for a brief seven seconds, as Ezreal pulled away, he noticed Lux still had her eyes closed, and her lips puckered, he then placed his thumb on her lips, then smiled. Lux reacted by biting the thumb playfully. The two stared at each other, finally, Ezreal said;
"Most of my life.. I've been lonely and I had no one to talk to.. Luxanna.. You're the first girl I've met who's treated me like this.. I'm glad I met you.."
He stared into Lux's eyes, Lux blushed.

"Ezreal.. You're the first boy who hasn't tried to get with me first time they saw me.. You're nice.. cool, and highly skilled in the League. I.. I think I love you.."
She looked down.

Ezreal propped her chin up with his index finger, then smiled.

"I would hope so.. Because I think I love you too."
He said.

They kissed once more. Garen then walked in.

"Whoa.. Am I interrupting something...?"
He said.

Ezreal shook his head;
"No, no no! You're fine, hehe.. We weren't doing anything.."
He said.

Lux's face was on Ezreal's chest, a wide smile on her face. Ezreal smiled at Garen and let out an awkward laugh. So, after Ezreal and Lux filled out some forms, they were free to leave.

Ezreal walked in his usually manner, hands behind his head. He looked around in curiosity.

"So. This is Demacia, huh...? Nice place.."
He said.

Garen nodded, showing him around. The entire time, Lux clung onto Ezreal's arm, and Ezreal rested his head on her head.

A voice said.

Garen responded.

Garen bowed and saluted, same with Lux, Ezreal stared off in the distance. Garen quickly stroke Ezreal in the back of the head, and Ezreal snapped;
"Ow! Hey what did you do that for?!"
While rubbing his head.

"You're in the presence of Royalty, fool! Show respect!"
Garen shouted.

Ezreal looked at Jarvan, and he stared back at Garen. Ezreal then quickly bowed and said;
"Uh, I am so sorry, your majesty! I had no clue!"
He said.

Jarvan chuckled and lifted up his hand.
"It's fine, young one."
He said.

"Why don't you take Luxanna on a date or something, while me and Jarvan attend to business?"
Garen said, handing Ezreal a bag of Gold.

Lux beamed and Ezreal smiled.
"Sure can do."
He replied, grabbing Lux's hand and walking off.

Jarvan motioned Garen to follow him, and they walked towards the Palace.

"So, where do you wanna go?"
Ezreal said, holding Lux close.

Lux had her head on Ezreal's shoulder, looking around.

"I don't care, as long as you're there.."
She said.

Ezreal smiled, he then walked towards where he though was the park. They both sat under a large tree, Lux rested her head on Ezreal's lap, while Ezreal leaned against the tree.


"**** it, Garen,"
Exclaimed Jarvan, slamming his fists onto the table.
"I need you to lead the Dauntless Vanguard to Noxus, and demand the safe return of Shyvanna!"
He continued.

Garen looked sad, and he clenched his fist.
"I'm telling you! If we went there, it'd be suicide! There's no way a few hundred men could take down the walls of Noxus!"
He said.

Xin and Vayne sat in the back, watching. Xin had a look on his face then showed he didn't really care, and Vayne had an angry look, as always. Jarvan pointed to the map, then made circle motions around a point.

"I need you to infiltrate here, then break Shyvanna out!"
Jarvan explained.

"Then what? Surrender to Noxus and die?!"
Garen exclaimed.
"It's a suicide mission, Prince!"
He continued.

Jarvan frowned and shook his head;
"You're right,"
He said.
"it's just.. I miss her.."

Garen felt bad, but his decision was final. Jarvan dismissed him, then walked into the throne room. Garen left the Palace and began his search for Ezreal and Lux. After an hour, he found them in the park, sleeping. Garen carefully picked Lux up, then set her aside, then did the same with Ezreal, except he took him further away, then shook him awake. Ezreal quickly jumped out, hitting his head on the concrete wall, he then crouched and held his head, if it weren't for Garen covering up his mouth, Ezreal would of let out a screech of pain.

Ezreal snapped.

Garen socked Ezreal in the head.
"Pipe down! I need you to do something."
Garen said.

Ezreal looked at him and nodded.
"What is it?"
He asked.

Garen began to whisper;
"I need your help in leading an Army to Noxus to rescue a special someone,"
He whispered.
"but, it won't be easy."

Ezreal looked at Lux, then became confident.
"I'll help you.. When is the attack?"
He asked.

Garen smiled.
"It's in a month. So we'll have plenty of time to train and relax."
He said.

Ezreal nodded, then went back to Lux, he lay next to her, then closed his eyes once more. Garen sighed, then went home.

Ezreal shortly after woke up, but Lux was gone, and for some reason it was already night time. When he left the park, he saw that the entire kingdom of Demacia was set ablaze! He dashed towards Garen and Lux's house, and opened the door, he looked on in horror, he saw Garen impaled on the wall. The house was a mess, and blood was everywhere. He went upstairs and opened the door to Lux's room. Tears filled his eyes when he saw what he did.. Lux was on the ground, in a pool of her own blood, blood was on the wall, and bed. Ezreal picked her up and she was still living.

"Ez- Ezreal.. Jarvan.. Make sure.. He's safe.. Get.. To.. The.. Palace.. before it's.. too late.."
Lux said, she then died in Ezreal's arms.

Ezreal began crying, and he dashed out of the house, tears flying from his face, he shook his head. He saw a familiar figure in the distance, the figure turned to face Ezreal.

Ezreal said, dashing towards Xin.

"You! You're still alive? Excellent! Come with me!"
Xin said, grasping Ezreal's arm and running to the Palace.

Xin opened the doors, and Jarvan, Vayne, Sona, and a few Yordles were around a large table, a map of Demacia on the table. Jarvan looked up and noticed Xin with Ezreal.

"Is that the boy?"
Jarvan asked.

Xin nodded, and Jarvan took Ezreal into a room, throwing armor to him.

"Put those on. You're going to war.."
Jarvan said.

Ezreal put the armor on. He then followed everyone out, the Palace was overran with Noxians.

Screamed Jarvan.

The soldiers of Demacia followed their Prince into battle. Clashing steel and spills of blood were heard the entire time.
Ezreal stood in the back, shooting perfect Mystic shots at the Noxians, he then saw Jarvan leap high up into the air, then striking down;
He screamed. When he landed, rocks and stone flew into the enemy army. Jarvan battled as best as he could, then a large hand punched him, then a massive axe flew into the air.

Xin yelled, dashing to him.

Yelled the man, bring down his axe onto Jarvan, slicing Jarvan's chest, blood spilled out, and Jarvan fell to the ground, lifeless.

Yelled Xin.

Enraged, Xin charged into the enemy. He spun his speak around, slicing all enemies near him into two, he lifted his spear up in the air and attacked with amazing speed. But alas.. the large man threw a punch to Xin, knocking Xin to the ground. The man lifted his axe up, then slammed it into Xin's chest, killing him. Ezreal looked on in horror as everyone around him was slaughtered. Sona was quickly killed by the large man, then Vayne, then the Yordles were easily slaughtered, until Ezreal was the last one alive. He bolted into the Palace, and the large man followed. Ezreal shot Mystic Barrage, but it did little to him. The large man revealed himself to Ezreal, grinning wickedly.

"Remember me, whelp?!"
He said.

Ezreal's eyes widened.
"You're that man! Darius!"

Darius cackled, then threw his axe at Ezreal. Ezreal was paralyzed with fear, and the axe struck him in the face, killing Ezreal. Darius went back outside, lifting the crown off of the king's body.

He yelled.

Ezreal shouted, breathing heavily. He looked around, he was in the park, and Lux was fast asleep on his lap. Ezreal took deep breaths and lay his head on the tree.

"It was all just a nightmare.."
He said.
"Oh my God.. It seemed.. It seemed so real.."
He cupped his face with his hands and looked up at the sky.

Lux opened her eyes slowly and saw that Ezreal was spooked.

"Ezreal..? What's wrong..?"
She said, yawning.

Ezreal looked at Lux, smiling he placed his hand on her head, and stroked her hair.
He replied.
"Nothing's wrong.. You're right here.. And I couldn't ask for anything else.."

Lux smiled, giving him a kiss then closed her eyes. Ezreal spent hours just stroking her head, and smiling.

'This is a perfect day..'
He thought.

He leaned against the tree and closed his eyes, falling asleep.

-End of Chapter Five-

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I really like it, but i think that this story goes a bit to fast, and also the league prevents any invasions from happening, other than that though, really great!

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I really like it, but i think that this story goes a bit to fast, and also the league prevents any invasions from happening, other than that though, really great!

Thank you, and yes, I know the League prevents it, but it was just a dream, and people do still fight each other. Not a full out war, but maybe like a small ambush group. If I'm wrong I apologize, it's just, all the other stories I've read had wars in it. Also, why do you think the story is going too fast?

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I... I LOVE THIS BED. And story!
Wanting moar.

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btw this story is turning out really great

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Guys, I hate to say this, but, while making Chapter Six, I closed out Chrome on accident, deleting the entire chapter. I am sorry! So, Chapter Six WON'T be posted until at least two days from now.

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Aww that's a shame it got deleted. Thanks for saying when it will be posted though! I'll be sure to check back, I wouldn't want to miss this story.