The Justicar Program: The End of Peace

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10 years in the future, despite all odds, the League of Legends remains strong; growing in size, power, and control each passing year. The number of Champions has rapidly increased from 117 to over 300 with more entering each year. War has almost been completely exterminated in Valoran with the League settling all conflicts between powers. Now King, Jarvan the IV has signed a peace treaty between Noxus and Demacia that was signed by Jericho Swain on his death bed, General Darius now Ruler of Noxus agreed to honor the treaty promising his former leader Swain that he would keep the peace. Both nations rejoiced and made many attempts to mingle between cultures, forgetting their national pride. However, not all conflicts were ended peacefully; the war raging in Freljord had grown so fierce that it could only be ended with more bloodshed. The Summoners of the League and champion’s of the Freljord staged a coup against the Ice Queen Lissandra and her General Trundle. The operation was successful, both Lissandra and Trundle were slain in battle; however one of Freljord champions perished in battle, Olaf the Barbarian who died protecting his King Tryndamere from what would have been a fatal blow. The Barbarian died with tears of joy in his eyes as he had finally found a warriors death and that he would be remembered forever; a large ceremony was held at his funeral for his bravery and strength in battle. Peace had finally sprouted in the Freljord and the land was divided between Ashe and the Avarosan; and Sejuani and the Winter’s Claw. Even Bilge Water a city filled with cut throats and pirates had finally formed a proper government thanks to Sarah Fortune who had managed to come to a compromise with Captain Gangplank; in turn for his loyalty he would be made the General of Bilge Water’s Navy. With peace stretching across the land the people of Valoran could rest easy. But it could not last.

Malzhar the Void Prophet decided to take advantage of the time of peace and used his void magic to created a permeate bridge between Icathia and the Void, unleashing an army of monsters onto Runeterra. Kassidin the Void Walker, the only man who knew how to close the gate went missing soon after the bridge was opened. Many other champions have either turned up missing or have withdrawn themselves from the League seeking to protect their homeland. In response the 2 political super powers of Valoren have both created their own soldier enhancement program to fight the new threat. Demacia armed with their new Steel Legion armor and weapons; and Noxus with project Nightfall increasing their champion’s own personal power immensely. However, the Headmaster of the League feared it would not be enough. He realized that there were too many independent champions that would not fight for their cause. In response he created The Justicar program to earn new allies by rehabilitating unstable champions. The first 2 champion’s to enter this program where Syndra the Dark Sovereign and Aatrox the Darkin Blade both who have successfully passed their training and are to be fully sworn into the League's forces. These 2 champions will then fight alongside their fellow champions and summoners to face the enemy. But not everyone agreed to have these rouges fight amongst their ranks.

A Demon is Born

A young boy walked slowly through the smoldering ashes of his own village staring at the destruction that was wreaked in a single night. It was clear that nobody had survived. The houses were blazing, piles of raging fire consuming every inch of them; the ground was covered in ash and soaked with blood and the sky was tinted red, thick with smoke blotting out the sun.

It dawned on him that he was alone again, but he remembered that this is how it’s always been. Even though he loved his village and family with all his heart he never did fit in and was always caught alone. He realized that he never even had a fond memory of his family here and all he had really been doing all his life was just existing, nothing else. But it was too late for all that the village was demolished and everyone was gone.

He wondered who could have done this; an army, bandits, demons? He quickly dismissed those ideas because deep down he knew it had not been any of these things. It was a single man.

Dazed and confused he wandered around yelling names of family members, looking for survivors, and of course corpses. Then he realized there were no bodies, not a single corpse to be found, only streaks of blood on the ground. He decided to follow the trail of blood hoping it would bring him answers to what had happened to his villagers.

The blood trials lead him to the center of the village where he found what he had been looking for. Something that could not be unseen, something so horrible that it burned itself into the back of his eyes and buried deep into his memory were it would forever stay.

He had finally found the villagers and family. All piled up into a gruesome heap of bodies with a river of blood flowing from the massacre. He howled with shear rage and anguish at the very sight of it, his whole body went numb, and a horrible stabbing sensation aroused in his head. Darkness began to seep into his being, his spirit screaming for revenge on whoever had done this gruesome crime.

A dark chill course through his body as he realized that the blood was not flowing from the pile, but to it. On top of the mound sat a blood drenched sword that seemed to be drawing the blood from the area and absorbing the blood. Suddenly, the sword shone red and the boy felt his own blood being pulled toward the sword. He tried to resist and hold himself back but the swords pull was to strong and pulled him closer like a magnet.

He was dragged across the ground; right arm extended, and pulled a top the bloody pile of corpses, grueling at the touch of the cold embrace of the dead. His hand clasped tightly to the sword and everything came rushing back. Scenes of a shadowy man, the slaughter of his village, and the bodies of his mother and father being dragged towards the sword.

In his mind a voice whispered something, repeating the same words over and over again driving him mad.
The voice sounded like twisting metal and it kept saying: "The Deal was made and the price was paid"
"You're..... Fault" "You're... Fault".

He felt my mind cave in, being overtaken by the blades iron Will. All he could do was scream.......

The last words of his own free will were "Forgive Me". Then his world went dark forever


Aatrox awoke startled from his dreams; someone was knocking loudly at his door yelling at him to get up.

“Come on Aatrox, get your big red ass out of bed, the ceremony is in 1 hour and you need to get ready!”

Aatrox cracked his eyes open and was instantly blinded by the sun’s harsh light pouring into the room, he opened his eyes again and squinted as he surveyed the room, spotting his wicked blade resting against his desk and seeing the time on his clock; it was eleven o’clock in the morning and Aatrox had over slept. He quickly lugged himself out of bed and stretched out, aching from sleeping on his wings the wrong way. He pondered on why he had wings in the first place for they never did him any good, he can’t even fly like Kayle; only jump and glide with them at best. He opened his window and gazed down upon the large crowd that was beginning to amass in the square, he had no idea that this many people would show up to the ceremony.

The knocking on his door continued, grumbling to himself Aatrox begrudgingly opened the door to find a small black haired woman waiting for him, arms crossed in frustration. He opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off by a slap to the face. This normal would have angered Aatrox but he was too amused by the fact that she had to jump to hit his face; however, she did not find the smirk on Aatrox’s face amusing and kicked him in the shin.

“What’s so funny Aatrox!?” said Syndra raising her fist

“Nothing, nothing.” laughed Aatrox, “It’s just that I forgot how short you are, you’re usually floating all the time, I was starting to believe that you couldn’t walk.”

“Oh, ha ha Aatrox, think you're soooo fun don’t you? I am not short, you’re just too tall!” said Syndra clearly aggravated.

“I have no idea what you mean.” joked Aatrox grinning

“Don’t play dumb with me; you’re one of the few champions who have extra large doorways, just so you can get in your damn room.” Syndra exclaimed

Aatrox couldn’t stop himself from grinning; she was always so funny when she was angry. Aatrox bent his knees toward the ground so they could see eye to eye while they talked; he realized that Syndra was not wearing her normal attire, her clothes were red and gold instead of her usual black, and was wearing a skirt made of long white feathers. What was strangest was that she bore a gold mask on her face that completely covered her eyes.

Aatrox began to wave his hand in front of Syndra’s face only to have it quickly slapped away, “Stop that.” complained Syndra

“Sorry, how can you possible see with that on?” asked Aatrox quizzingly

Syndra smiled at the question and answered proudly, “It’s a part of my new look, I can see using my powers now.”

“So you’re going to walk around and battle in matches, while blindfolded?” said Aatrox confusingly
“Yeah, this way I can still show off my powers without really using them, I can dominate mid lane with my eyes closed hahahah!” laughed Syndra

“Well as impressive as it is doesn’t Lee Sin already do that only he is really blind?” stated Aatrox
“Umm uhh.” stuttered Syndra

“In fact he dominates the jungle and every lane when he ganks, so he kind of best you in that." said Aatrox impressed with his own accusation

“Ohhhh damn it Aatrox, why you always have to bring me down?” whined Syndra

Aatrox chuckled while Syndra was beating oh his chest saying that she was more OP than him. Not seen by them, came a cloaked figure came running down the hall in a hurry looking franticly around for a place to hide. His eyes locked onto Aatrox and Syndra; he quickly ran behind Aatrox’s back begging him to let him hide here. Just before Aatrox could protest Annie the Fire Child, well more of a young teen now came jogging down hall holding onto a small black backpack where she kept her Bear Tibbers.
She looked at Aatrox and asked, “Have you seen anyone run through here recently?”

He felt the man tug on his left wing and Aatrox pointed down the hall that lead to the training grounds. Annie quickly thanked him and renewed her pursuit. Before she ran away Syndra asked, “What did this man do child? Did he hurt you?”

“No, and don’t call me child. He said that teddy bears are for kids, so I just wanted him to meet Tibbers.” said Annie with a wick smile of evil on her face.

“Oh well sweetie, give him hell when you see him.” said Syndra

“Okay Miss!” said Annie as she hurried down the hall

They waited for 3 seconds to pass by before Aatrox turned his attention to the man behind him, “You can come out now.”

The man slowly crept out from behind Aatrox’s left wing and cautiously looked around the hall, “She gone?” he asked

“Yes,” replied Syndra grinning, “nothing that you could have done would have earned you that gruesome of a death.”

The man removed his hood and cloak, revealing his interesting exterior. He had dark hair, tanned skin, was about as tall as Syndra, his body was unusually even and everything in exact per portion; glowing green lines coursed along his arms on his skin. The man held shook Aatrox’s hand vigorously.
“Thank you guys, I thought I was a goner back there; dead before I even had a match.” said The Man now shaking Syndra’s hand

“Think nothing of it.” said Aatrox inspecting the man’s arms, “Who are you exactly?”

The Man blushed at the question, “Oh sorry where are my manners? My name is Sigma of Bandle, I am a new champion.”

“Oh is that so?” asked Syndra, now intrigued knowing that she would have to face him on the fields. She always loved learning about her competition hoping to gain an edge.

“Yes, you may have heard of my father, well not my father more of my creator really. A Doctor Heimerdinger?” said Sigma

Both Syndra’s and Aatrox’s eyes widened at Sigma’s claim, “You’re his son?” they both said at once.
“Heh, yeah it was more of an accident really, but it’s a long story.” said Sigma

“Indeed it is” said a voice emanating from nothing. A green ball of 1s and 0s collected near Sigma’s shoulder hovering in the air. “A long and boring one too.” said the ball flashing as it spoke.

“Ah yes, and this here everyone is my pain in the ass friend, Tec.” said Sigma rolling his eyes
“What are you?” asked Syndra, “another spawn of Heimy?”

“Not really, Tec was created from me actually; I was often lonely so my body decided that I need a friend so this little **** popped out. He is annoying at first but he grows on you.” said Sigma catching Tec in one hand as he flew in the air.

“Well, thanks again but I better get going, my first match starts in an hour and I still have to eat.” said Sigma as he ran down the hall opposite of where Annie had gone.

As Sigma turned the corner, Aatrox began to wonder what events must have unfolded to create Sigma. He was apparently a machine but did not act like one at all, more human than anything. He thought the matter to be very intriguing. “It seems the Laws of Old are being rewritten.” said Syndra wondering the same thing Aatrox had.

“So it seems, these new recruits are becoming more unique and powerful each year, it’s starting to worry me.” said Aatrox

Syndra noticed the tension in Aatrox’s face, “Don’t worry, the Summoner’s will still pick you. Your Mr. Op life steal aren’t you?” said Syndra smiling

“True, true, now come on lets go get some breakfast before the ceremony, I heard that Pantheon was making his famous breakfast Danishes today.” said Aatrox

The duo made their way down to the cafeteria to snack on some gourmet morning pastier and catch up with their fellow champion’s before making their way down to the ceremony where the crowd had doubled in size. Aatrox and Syndra parted ways both going to different Summoner’s to prepare for their presentation. Aatrox, though not used to speaking in front of large crowds, was feeling surprisingly good about the ceremony. But, his good spirits would remain for long for an unknown threat loomed amongst the crowd whispering into every ear. Aatrox’s day was about to get far more complicated than he had planned.

Author's Note: More on the way, sorry that I am a slow typer but I wanted to make sure that this is lengthy enough and worth reading for a first chapter. Please leave your feedback, criticism, and 2 sense in the comments below.

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I feel like a fricken idiot, and apologize for all the *&%$^ spelling mistakes and will reread my work over 3 times before posting. I am sorry for the 436 people who have read this and thought like "Okay story, but his grammar sucks ass." I will strive to improve that immediately and fix all mistakes. Also next chapter on the way.

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I've seen worse. Its even better that you came back and corrected it. Also, you may want to look up how to your/you're differences. A high percentage of people get them wrong (I usually just think about if I can put it as 'you are', and if that doesn't seem right then it should be 'your') but you can use Google for a lot of things including most grammatical questions.

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Okay ran the Google search and you were right I was using it wrong, I went back into the chapter again and fixed all the errors (or well most of them) please tell me if I missed any. Also the next chapter will be up by Sunday, I work a little bit on it each night so it comes together slowly. Thanks for the help Ethereal.

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Aatrox Audio Secession Tape 1:


Hello Aatrox, my name is Summoner 2765 and I will be your consoler for this program.


Um, okay then let’s begin this session with this. How do you feel today Aatrox?


I’m just gunna leave that one blank for today.

Are we done yet? I grow weary with this trivial nonsense.

Not yet Aatrox please be patient and try to answer the questions.

Silence nameless Summoner, you will give no orders to me.

Interesting response, you took orders from me 5 matches ago. You went 15 and 0 under my command so I demand a little respect.


Are we good now? Great, now just answer the questions so that both of us can get out of here, this is not a joy for me either.

Fine then nameless, to answer your question I am feeling bored, bored with these futile attempts to understand me.

Well how can you feel bored with this experiment when you will not allow us to start it?
Feh, fine then do what you must, and let’s be done with this.
Okay Aatrox, send him in guys
(Sound of door opening)

Okay then Aatrox I am going to have my friend here Summoner 112 examine your mind to provide us with the information we need to see if you are fit for our forces. We need to understand you and the best way to do that is to learn more about your past so this will be a much better alternative to having you speak or write down your life story.

Hahaha, let him try this will be most amusing.

Okay then Summoner 112 you can begin you examination when ready.

This will not hurt a bit Aatrox I promise you I am very skilled at my job.

Oh I know this won’t hurt for me, but for you…. (Sly grin)

Okayyyy then…. Summoner 2765 I am ready!

You may begin.

Here goes nothing ehm, Runa tumak rea mo turni!



112 what’s wrong?!


Make it stop! AHHHHHHHH!

(End of Audio Log)

“Aatrox, awake!”

Aatrox straightened up from the wall he had been resting on, brushing off some dust on his shoulder while looking around for whoever had spoken. He scanned his surroundings and realized that he was behind the stage in the market square and had fallen asleep; must have been more tired than he realized. He looked up to find the masked face of the little yordle ninja Kennen staring down at him, his eye brows raise in aggravation.

“Aatrox you fell asleep half way through Syndra’s initiation speech, you’re up next in 5 minutes so prepare yourself!” said Kennen pulling his head back up leaving Aatrox.

“Ugh, these ninjas, always so strict” complained Aatrox.

The ninja’s of the Kinkou had been assigned to watch over the event to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Though originally this was a task assigned to the police force of Piltover, the Head Master felt it best to have the impeccable trio of ninjas to watch over things. Aatrox looked around the side of the stage and saw Shen wearing his usual attire standing on top of a nearby roof starting down at the crowd with an unfaltering gaze looking for signs of trouble. Aatrox knew that if Shen was on the roof and Kennen on the stage then Akali was most likely hiding in the shadows waiting to strike at a moment’s notice. Aatrox, felling reassured that nothing could go wrong with them watching, produced a piece of paper containing his speech that he had written with his counselor. In the middle of rereading it he heard his name called from on top of the stage. He sighed, crumpled the paper and threw it on the ground, “**** it” said Aatrox with a smirk.

Aatrox reached his hands up, grabbed onto the stages platform, and pulled himself up. He was quickly greeted by a loud roar of applause as he stood up on the stage everyone was smiling and waving their hands. Summoners, citizens, and even fellow champions have gathered in the square to hear his Initiation speech. Aatrox staggered, completely confused on why he was receiving such a warm greeting form everyone, do they not know what I am? He wondered. Aatrox even felt an emotion that he had not experienced in many years, fear. He felt a rush of adrenalin flow in his body but he did not know why, he was not fighting but yet he felt alive, was he afraid of failing these people he wondered, the people who are trusting him to change, server and protect them from harm. He quickly regret throwing away his lines, they would defiantly help.

A summoner with black hair and Ionian features turned to face Aatrox handing him a small stick like object with a blue rune crystal attached to the head.

“Speak into this, so everyone can hear you.” the summoner said with a smile

Aatrox grabbed the stick and turned to the crowd who began to settle down eager to hear what he has to say, even Shen focused his attention away from the crowd and stared expressionless at Aatrox waiting for him to speak. Aatrox was frozen, there were too many people staring at him and he could not open his mouth. He began stuttering.

“Um, uh.” mumbled Aatrox

Aatrox saw a flash of gold in the crowd and saw Syndra waving at him smiling, and then whispered to Sigma who was standing next to her. Strangely, Aatrox felt better, like all the pressure melted away and his confidence restored. His grip tightened around the stick and raised it to his mouth to speak.

“Hello everyone, I would like to thank everyone for coming out today and showing their support to the Justicar Program. My name is Aatrox if you don’t already know, and I am a graduating participant of the program. I don’t really know where to begin with this so let me ask everyone a question, do you really trust me?"

Aatrox gave the crowd a minute to let the question sink in before he began again.

“I have never fully shared my past with anyone before, and in truth I don’t really know all of it myself. I am not human, not any more, I am old, really old in fact today I turn 2,000 years old.” said Aatrox

A gasped escaped the crowd but they remained quiet and eager to hear Aatrox’s story.

“I walked alone, always alone traveling all Valoren but not for the sights or for its culture, I was always searching for a conflict, a war. I have fought against the Iceborn in the Freljord, slaughtered Demacian in many conflicts, Noxains too. The worst part would be that I loved every moment of it; I never felt remorse or pity for those who I killed or fell around me. I believe that war separated the weak from the strong and gave people purpose in their lives. I loved the thrill of battle, the wet sticky feeling of blood on my hands, and the beautiful carnage that I create. I was a monster, a war monger and slaughter of men. I had fought in so many wars that the blood stains began to pile on top each other and eventually covered my entire body changing my appearance. With each battle I grew stronger and faster, perfecting my work and creating master pieces all across the land. But with each battle I grew thirstier, to the point that the thrill of battle was not enough. I grew weak, soft, and vulnerable to the point where I almost met my end in a battle caused by the Noxian invasion of Iona. I was wounded and broken, I found myself here at the Institute who accepted me as a champion with the help of one of the few people I could call a friend. Here I was nursed back to health, accepted as a person, and even found myself socializing with the other champions. Here I found a place I could call home and people who trust me, when I heard of the approaching War I did not feel the bloodlust arouse inside me, but instead I found myself feeling like I owe you all something, that I needed to give back to the people who took me in. When I heard of the Justicar Program, I marched into the Head Masters Office and demanded to participate. After 8 long months of rehabilitation therapy to make sure that the monster that I was remains buried I now stand before you all asking for your trust and ask if that you are all ready to trust me to defend you and serve in your ranks to fight against the threat in Icthica. I Aatrox solemnly swear to serve the will of the League of Legends and become the protector of its people.” said Aatrox full heartedly.

The crowd was silent; everyone including Syndra was dumbfounded by Aatrox’s proposition and openness. It was Shen who broke the ice and began clapping softly on top of the roof, the crowd quickly came alive cheering Aatrox’s name, the crowd was close the tears compelled by Aatrox’s story. Aatrox felt a wave of joy overcome him and he flashed a large smile relishing everyone’s applause. This moment will become Aatrox’s happiest memory and was almost completely perfect.

That is until a large man in bulky armor came running through the crowd wielding a large sword, he jumped up into the air swing his sword above his head aiming at Aatrox.

Authors note: enjoy, point out flaws, that good stuff

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2 Days Ago

I hope this continues!