The Heimerdinger Story

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today i was summoned to fight agian and it was boring the only person i got to fight who knew any useful knolage was this guy from the void. his name was velkoz and he wasnt that strong.he
reminded me of myself but he could shoot a lazer unlike myself. but he was the only other champion in the league that could come close to riveiling my intelengence about the void. but when it
came to our plane of exintance he needs to learn alot more so i was thinking of helping him learn more about or world. But when i did try to talk to him he just tried to kill me so good thing i
had my rockets ready i had to get rid of him quickly. but then I had to take out there nexus but before i could i had to fight this ancient rock formation that could break my turrets but i rid
him eventually and went on to fight a dragon who swooped from the sky and that anonying monster almost killed me so i had to teleport away. but when i go to were i teleported to i had to flash
because as soon as i teleported i heard a voice saying "Gems Gems are truly outrageus". so i had to run then i heard slow down and i go hit in the back of the leggs but i contuined to run as
fast as i could and i threw a bomb and he was so suprised he stoped in his tracks in a flash i had my hands in my toolbelt and built the biggest turret i ever had build and it killed him. then I
started to teleport back to bace but as i was i heard vel'koz voice saying "The melting point for human flesh still undetermend". i new if i fought i was going to die so in a desprate act i told
him i could tell him the melting point what seemed to peak his intrest because he stoped in his tracks. so i told him the melting point and then he said your usefullness has expired and he put
all his tentacles together and as he did i new i was going to die so i made a joke for the first time in a while i said "EXTERMATE EXTERMANTE". Then he laughed butt i saw his lazer starting up
and i gave up all hope then he stopped in his tracks and turned around and headed back to his base. but i didnt see him agian the rest of the fight but i was fine with that his summoner ran out
of power so i lived. and we made quick work of his nexus. then after the match a few other champions and i went out for a drink gragas and singed were having a drinking contest and brand was
sitting there heating up his metal stool. Then there was lux and garen who were having a contest to see what was stronger her lazer or his sword right outside my window. lux won of corse but
after i got done watching the contest between garen and lux i started walking to the bar to get a drink. as i was walking i say evelenn on the dancefloor with twisted fate but i continued
walking. i was stopped in my tracks when i heared a squueky voice say OW!. what did i hit i thought to my self you'd think with someone with my intellgence i could of guessed but then he
appered. as he appered i got ready to fire my turrets but i stoped as i saw it was just teemo a teamate who was with me when we took the nexus. " good match " teemo said. you to it was a
wise decision being on my team in that match. and teemo left the bar with swift speed then i noticed he took some boots from the rift and i was going to have to tell the summoner community in
a couple of days but i got to the bar. and the bartender was new to the job i guess he got in trouble with his kingdom beccause trundle was serving some of gragas's new brew he called the
"Pot O Gold". and i asked him for a glass and why was he serving he is a king anyway. "I miss not being treated like a king i miss my swamp and my piller of filth now i had my hair deyed blue
and i want to be my old self agian im thinking of leaving the league because im sick of being changed now i summon ice how lame is that really im not a bird. you knno what i mean" Trundle asked. i
know what you mean i mean i have to fix my turrets every fed minutes now so i have to stay close to them i use to be able to leave one on the other side of the map and it would still be able to
shoot but i got changed and not i have to waste all my rockets im shure it will get better Trundle. " thanks heimerdinger " said Trundle. and i thats when i heard a voice i havent heard in the
league before it sounded like my old friend urf but i new it couldnt of been him since Warwick killed him a few years ago. Then thats when it happened the door opened with a bang and there it
was the resemblance was uncanny it looked just like urf but didnt have his spatula. Urf Warwick growled. So your the one who killled my cusin Urf i've been looking for you for 3 years ima get
revenge for my cousin My name is Rinjin and im here to kill you. and i was getting ready to step in then i heard Dubble Rainbow right inbetween them to seperate them. "No fighting in the bar"
lux exclamed as she stepped out of the rubble she created. "What did you do to my bar" Gragas yelled in a drunken rage but as i thought i was going to have to step in but then he fell down after
he tripped on a teemo mushroom and passed out. but the fight between Warwick and Rinjin started getting a little rough. so i put a turret right inbetwween them as quick as a whip and every time
they tried to fight they got a little more and more hurt i had my turret set to stun so it wouldnt kill them. After all i still needed to learn more about were rinjin and urf came from so i
needed to keep them from fighting.