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The Explorer and Love (Ezreal and Lux)

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-This is a fan based story of Ezreal and Lux-

The Sun beams brightly upon the boy's face as he tosses and turns in his bed. After a moment, he opens his eyes and yawns, he gets out of bed and stretches then digs into his small chest to get dress, he then finally pulls out his Pulse fire Glove and looks out the window. He walks out of his house and looks around with his hands in his pockets, he then notices smoke in the distance. He decides to head over to the location with the smoke, as he gets closer, he hears a young lady shout "Demacia!" and hears a loud laser booming. He hides behind a tree and sees a young lady with a wand fighting off soldiers with the Noxus symbol on their armor.

"Noxians... I hate these guys.."
He says quietly.

As the girl continues to battle, a Noxian soldier comes up from behind her. The boy's eyes widen and he shouts out,

"Hey! Behind you!"

The girl looks behind her and gasps, tripping over herself, trying to defend herself.
The boy then sighs and jumps in, shooting a small bolt of Arcane into the Noxian.
The Noxian soldier falls and the girl gets up on her feet, shooting a ball of Energy to the other Noxian soldiers, detonating it, knocking the rest of the soldiers back. The Noxians retreat. The girl smiles at the boy.

"Hey, thanks! You really saved me back there! Mind if I ask you name?"
She asked.

"Not a problem, and my name is Ezreal."
He replied, smirking and giving a thumbs up.

"It's nice to meet you, Ezreal! My name is Luxanna Crownguard of Demacia."
She said, chuckling.

"If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing all the way out here?"

"I'm looking for my brother, Garen, he went off sometime yesterday and hasn't returned yet!"
She said, now with a sad and worried look on her face.

"Oh.. Well, I'm sure he'll show up eventually. See ya!"
Ezreal said with his hands behind his head, walking away. Lux then quickly tugged him on the arm.

"Wait! You're not just gonna leave an innocent girl out here all alone, are you?"
She said.

"Ugh! Look, you're cute and all, but I have my own things to attend to! I've got to practice for my Summoner's Rift match tonight."
He said, breaking free from her grasp.

"Summoner's Rift? You're a Champion too? That's cool! Me and my brother are Champions in the League as well!"
She said, excited.

"Huh, that right.. Well, have fun."
He said. Lux then grabbed his arm once more and tears fell down her face.

"Please you have to help me find my brother, what if he's dead or in trouble? Or trapped somewhere, he's probably trapped in a cave with a monster and he's probably starving and sad and alone and inju- "

"OH KAY! Sheeeesh.. You talk a lot.. I'll help you look for your brother, but only if you stop crying."
He said.
Lux then looked up at him with a big smile and eyes dry.
"Okay! Yay!"
'Ugh.. Why me.."
Ezreal thought to himself.

Hours passed and Ezreal was walking along side of Lux, who was searching frantically for her brother when all of a sudden she screamed;


Into Ezreal's ear.

"Ah! Jeez, I'm right next to you! Don't yell so loud, you might draw unwanted attention."
He said.

Lux looked at Ezreal and then frowned.

"We're not going to find him, are we..?" Lux asked, with tears falling down her face.

"No no no! We'll find him.. I'm sure he's around here some where.."

There's a loud noise and a man shouts "Demacia!".

Lux dashes off to follow to sound. "Gaaaren!" she yells, tackling a large and tall man.

"What the?! Oh, Luxanna.. What are you doing here? I told you not to follow me."
Said Garen, on the ground with Lux on top of him, crying and hugging him.

Ezreal walks up to them with his hands behind his head and an eyebrow raised.
"Hey there. You must be her brother."
He said, extending a hand.

Garen nodded and grasps Ezreal's hand, shaking it.
"Yes. And who might you be?"
He asked in reply.

"I'm Ezreal, I found your sister fighting off Noxians, she was defenseless so I jumped in and helped her."
He said confidently.

Garen looked surprised and looked at Lux.
"Is this true?"
He asked.

"Yes, it is! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here right now.."
She said, hugging Ezreal.

Garen pats Ezreal's head.
"Thank you for helping her, Ezreal. I am grateful."
Garen said, as Ezreal struggled to escape Lux's hug.
"Yeah.. No - No problem.."
He said.

Suddenly, blue rings appeared around Ezreal and he shrugged and smirked, waving.

"See ya later! I have a Summoner's Rift match! Bye!"
He disappeared.

Garen looked shocked, he then looked to Lux. "He's a Champion in the League too?"
He asked.

"Yes, he is. I was shocked too. I hope he wins."
She replied.

After a few moments of silence, Lux then said; "He's really cute.."

Garen shrugged.

~Welcome to Summoner's Rift!~
Announced the voice. Ezreal looked around, he noticed his team mates were: Jax, Gangplank, Ryze, and Shen. Ezreal quickly grabbed a Doran's Ring and dashed towards the middle lane. Ryze and Shen went bot and Jax and Gangplank went top.

Ezreal stood in front of his turret, taunting his middle lane opponent, Ziggs, and shooting off a few Mystic Shots, hitting Ziggs perfectly. Soon enough, First Blood belonged to Ezreal.

"Ha! This will be a fun match!"
He said, recalling. He picks up boots and a health potion and heads back to the middle lane, when then, he hears "An Ally has been Slain!". Ryze died to their Warwick's gank.

Thirty minutes passed and the enemy was pushed to their Nexus. Ezreal then spoke to his team mates.

"Alright guys! We can do this, Ryze and Shen, you two push the bottom lane, Jax and Gangplank, push middle. I will push top, once they see us, they'll have to split up to stop all of us! Let's do it!"
He said.

His team did exactly what he said to do, and the enemy team (Warwick, Xin Zhao, Sona, Ziggs, and Galio) panicked and tried to stop them all, but Ezreal and Jax pushed too quickly, their Nexus was destroyed and Ezreal was victorious! Everyone shook hands and warped out, except for Ziggs and Ezreal, who stared each other down, Ziggs then approached him.

"Hey, boy! You were really great out there!"
He said.

Ezreal smirks and gives a thumbs up.
"You were pretty amazing yourself. Good match, and good luck to your future ones."
He said.

Ziggs wished him the same and they both warped out.

Ezreal found himself back to where he was, and Lux and Garen were still there, Ezreal looked confused.

"He's back!" Lux shouted.

"Yup. Another victory. Ha."
He said,
"But why are you two still here?"
He asked.

Garen approached him and congratulated him on the win.
"We're still here because we're lost.. We don't have a map of this forest and we're hopelessly lost."
He said.

Ezreal raised up an eyebrow and said; "Who needs a map?"

-End of Chapter One.-

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Feedback and support would be great. Let me know if I should continue this.

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Well, to me, Ezreal sounds a bit too happy? Idk, but I picture him as "talk less and explore more" person, but what the heck. This story is pretty good

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Well, to me, Ezreal sounds a bit too happy? Idk, but I picture him as "talk less and explore more" person, but what the heck. This story is pretty good

Thank you! I picture Ezreal as a cool kinda of kid who lets the flow, you know, flow. Thank you for the feedback.

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-Chapter Two-

Ezreal smirked and looked at Garen.

"This isn't a big forest, you know." Ezreal said.
"We could probably hang out at my house until morning."

Garen nodded and Lux beamed, then said;
"Oh yeeeees!"
She hugged him.

Ezreal returned the hug, then broke free from it. He motioned Lux and Garen to follow him and led them back to his house, after a few hours they got there.

"How many rooms are there?"
Garen asked, setting down his sword.

Ezreal looked at him and then replied;
"There's two. Mine and a guest room. Though, the guest room's bed is really small, it will only fit one of you.."

Lux smiled and grabbed Ezreal's arm.
"Me and Ezreal can share his bed!"
She said.

Ezreal's face turned red and he looked at Garen and blinked. Garen smiled and nodded in response.
Lux beamed. Garen went into the guest room, while Ezreal and Lux settled in Ezreal's room. Ezreal felt a little nervous and excited. He had never slept in a bed with a cute girl, while he was getting ready, Lux was beaming, taking her armor off. Ezreal got a peek at her and his face turned incredibly red and then quickly looked away, Lux noticed and she smiled, turning Ezreal around and hugging him. Ezreal hugged back, holding it for several seconds before breaking away, looking at Lux's thin body.

"No need to be shy, Ez, you saved my life today."
She said, chuckling. Ezreal smirked slightly and nodded.
"It's just.. I've been living alone for some time now, I've never seen a half naked girl.. You're.. You're beautiful."
He said, now with a full smile.

Lux blushed and kissed his cheek, crawling into bed, she beckoned him over with a cute smile, blowing him a kiss. Ezreal took his shirt off and got in his boxers, smiling, he soon joined Lux in the bed.
When he got in the bed, Lux quickly cuddled with him, holding on to his stomach, nuzzling his neck. Ezreal smiled and closed his eyes, exhausted. The Sun's rays awaken Ezreal once more, he looks to his side and see Lux is gone, he gets dressed and checks the guest room, Garen was still asleep.
He went to the front door and stopped, and saw Lux in the kitchen, cooking. He rubbed his eyes and let out a yawn.

"Good morning, Ezreal!" Lux said in a cheerful tone.
Ezreal sat down at the table, leaning back in the chair.
"What are you cooking?"
He asked.

Lux looked back at him a smiled.
"I'm cooking eggs and bacon."
She replied.

Ezreal put his hands behind his head and sighed. Garen then walks in, rubbing his eyes and yawning. Ezreal waves at him.

"Good morning Ezreal, Luxanna."
He said.

"Mornin' Garen."
Ezreal replied.

Lux was too busy cooking to notice anyone was talking.

"So, Ezreal, you're a Champion of the League as well?"
Garen said, pulling up a chair and sitting.

Ezreal nodded;
"Yup, have been for about a year now. It fills the boredom of living here, I don't get a lot of guests around here."
He said.

"Well, me and my sister are too, and we've been Champions for a good Two years now. In fact, we have a match this afternoon."
Garen said.

Ezreal stood up.
"This afternoon?"
He said, shocked.

Garen nodded;

"Well, I have another match this afternoon too."
Ezreal said.

Lux stopped cooking and Garen stood up.
"Purple or Blue?"
Garen asked.

"I was told I was going to be Blue."
Ezreal replied.

Lux, now shaking, remained still.

"Oh.. Me and Lux are on Purple team.."
Garen said.

Ezreal's eyes widened and sat back down.
"Oh man.. I don't want to fight you two.."
He said, looking at Lux.

Lux turned around, trying to work up a smile.
"It's okay.. It's just the Fields of Justice.. If anything happens, we'll be revived.."
She said, voice cracking.

Ezreal and Garen remained silent, and Lux served their breakfast, it was silent. After breakfast, Ezreal stood up and walked outside. Lux soon followed.

She said, looking for him.

"Up here."
Ezreal said.
Lux looked up and he was up on a tree branch. Lux frowned, she didn't know how to climb a tree, when she tried, she'd always fall. Ezreal looked down at her, then pulled himself down, hanging on the branch with one hand, he extends to other hand to Lux, she smiles and takes his hand and Ezreal pulls her up. They both look off into the distance, Lux rested her head on Ezreal's shoulder and Ezreal smiled, they sat there for hours, talking and looking at the distance. Hours passed and blue rings appeared around Lux and Ezreal, they both knew they had to fight each other, Lux hugged him, tears falling down her face, Ezreal said;
"Good luck."
before warping to the Rift.

~Welcome to Summoner's Rift!~
Announced the voice.

Ezreal looked around, and his team mates were: Darius, Janna, Lee Sin, and Alistar. The enemy team was: Garen, Lux, Urgot, Cho'Gath, and Master Yi.

Ezreal grabbed his Doran's Ring and ran towards Middle lane, while Darius and Lee Sin went top, and Alistar and Janna went bottom.

When Ezreal got there, he saw he was against Urgot. They both shot at each other, and due to Ezreal's agility, he was the only one to land a hit, Urgot soon went back to base to heal. The match was boring for the first Twenty minutes, top exchanging a few kills on each other, and bottom lane pushing well. Soon enough, a team fight broke out in the middle lane, Alistar was pummeling everyone, and Lee Sin was kicking Yi around, while the Supports sat back and tended to the wounded. Ezreal dashed to help his team, when he got to middle, he stumbled around, seeing an opening, Urgot shot his poison and blade at Ezreal, the poison hit him, and as Ezreal rubbed his eyes, he heard Lee Sin yell;
"Watch out, Ezreal!"

Ezreal looked in front of him, only to be hit with Urgot's blade, blood splattered on his team mates that tried to get there to block the blade. Ezreal went flying back, the blade stuck straight through his chest.
Garen and Lux both looked on in horror, Lux was crying.

"Aaaah..! Ugh.. It.. hurts.."
Ezreal said, lifting his arm up to Lee Sin. Lee Sin had a sad look on his face and he grabbed Ezreal by the arm and carried him back to base. As the team fight in middle continued, Ezreal's team was winning.

"Here, friend. Stay still.."
Lee Sin said, laying Ezreal down for his wounds to heal. The Blade in his chest disappeared and his cut patched up. Ezreal thanked Lee Sin, and Lee Sin darted off to help the team. By the next fifteen minutes, Ezreal's team had pushed all the way to their Nexus, Ezreal leading his team to victory, with Twenty-Four kills, Two deaths and Ten assists, inspired his team and soon enough, victory was their's.
Lee Sin shook Ezreal's hand, and everyone talked for a bit before warping out. Ezreal was the last one to warp out, he stared at Urgot who was walking towards him.

"Hehehe.. You kid.. You're poisoned. Even though the match is over, my poison will persist until your death.."
Urgot said.

Ezreal was breathing heavily.
"What?! That must be against the Summoner's Code! You can't do this!"
He said, but Urgot already warped out.

Ezreal warped back, and found himself on the branch next to Lux as he was before the match. Lux, still a little sad, hugged him, after she released, Ezreal fell unconscious, falling off the tree. Lux tried to catch him, but it was too late. As Ezreal approached the ground, he was caught in Garen's arms. Garen carried him to bed, with Lux behind him. Garen got a wet rag and put it on Ezreal's fore-head.

"I don't know.. What happened to him.. He has a fever, and he's burning hot.. He looks pale.."
Garen said.

Lux was sitting right next to Ezreal, tears on her face.

"He'll be okay, right?"
She asked

Garen frowned and looked down, then Lux started crying. Garen gave a pat on Lux's shoulder, then left the room.

Lux stood in there with Ezreal, to see if he'd get better..

-End of Chapter Two-

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Remember, I'd love to get some feed back. Please let me know how you like it, working on Chapter 3 now.

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Nice twist at the end. You writing is good and very coherent. C:
Even if Ez seems happy, his personality fits his persona. I hope you finish this story! I look forward to more.

Who needs a map?! LOL Loved that!

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Great job! Can't wait to keep reading the rest of it. I love Ez fan fiction.

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-Chapter Three-

"Aaaaah! Ugh!"
Yelled Ezreal, as Lux tended the wound on his chest. Garen walked in with a bucket of cold water. He looked as Lux tended the wound.

"He's not getting any better..."
Lux said, sobbing.
Garen patted her on the back, then took the rag off of Ezreal's forehead and then placed it in the bucket, then squeezing it before placing it on Ezreal's forehead once more.

"I don't understand.. His wounds should of been all healed when the match ended.."
Garen said.

"I know.. It's so strange.. And his fever is just getting worse!'
Lux said. She then started undressing Ezreal, taking his goggles off and handing them to Garen. Soon enough, Ezreal was in the bed in nothing but boxers. Garen opened a window to let cool air in, Lux checked his fever.

"Ah! Good. It's getting better."
Lux said, happily.

Soon, Ezreal was just sweating, he fever gone and wound treated. Eventually, he was better, he sat up in his bed, to see a beautiful sight.. Lux was changing. Ezreal's face turned red and he said;

"What a beautiful sight to wake up to.."

Lux looked behind her and smiled widely, she then jumped on Ezreal, hugging him.
"You're better! You're better!"
She cheered. Ezreal smiled and gave a hug back, he then got out of bed and stretched, looking around.

"So, uh.. Where's my clothes? While I'm asking, where's your clothes?"
He joked.

Lux looked down, being only in her bra and underwear. Her face turned bright red.
"I, um.. I wasn't planning for you to wake up yet.. So I was trying on some new outfits.."
She said, looking away, embarrassed.

Ezreal smiled.
"Hey, don't worry about it,"
He said.
"This isn't the first time I've seen you like this."

Lux smiled, then climbed off the bed. She handed Ezreal his clothes and got dressed herself. They walked out of the room, noticing Garen was no where in the house.

"Where's your brother?"
Ezreal asked.

Lux responded with a shrug.
"I don't know.. Let's check outside."

Sure enough, when they walked out, they saw Garen, slicing a tree with his sword. He heard the door closed and looked behind him. When he saw Ezreal standing there, he smiled and walked to him.

"So, looks like you're awake. You've been out of it for a while. Two weeks."
Garen said, scratching his head.

"Yeah, well, I'm better no - WAIT! Two weeks?!"
Ezreal shouted.

Garen nodded.
"Luxanna didn't leave your side, not once."
He said.

Lux blushed and looks at Ezreal, Ezreal looked back.

"Well, that's nice and all.. But, what about my matches? I've missed so many!"
Ezreal said.

Garen shook his head.
"It's fine, you were in a fatal state. But, I have bad news.."
He said.

Before Garen could say anything, an arrow was shoot towards Ezreal.

"Look out!"
Shouted Lux, jumping in front of Ezreal to intercept the arrow.

Ezreal and Garen yelled.

Lux fell to the ground in pain. Ezreal and Garen looked up at a tree, and saw an Archer standing atop a branch, preparing another arrow.

"Get down!"
Said Garen, running to cover. Ezreal followed.

Another arrow was fired, missing.

"Ezreal! You are wanted by Jericho Swain of Noxus!"
Shouted the Archer, preparing yet another arrow.

"Okay, that's enough!"
Ezreal said, coming out from cover, he then prepares to fire a Mystic Shot.
"Take thi - ARGH!"
Ezreal collapsed, clenching his chest, he was paralyzed.

The Archer smirked, and fire an arrow at Ezreal. Garen quickly grabbed the Arrow in mid air, throwing it back at the Archer perfectly.

"You pest!"
Yelled the Archer, he jumped down to dodge the arrow, then pulled out two axes, his stance was strange, and it seemed as if he was dancing. Garen spun his sword and prepared to defend.

"Who are you?!"
Garen demanded.

The man cackled and did a little show, flinging and catching his axes around.
"I am Draven, the Glorious Executioner!"
He charged at Garen.

Garen used his Courage ability to block the attack, and punched the man in the face with his large fist.

"You don't belong here! Begone, or you die!"
Garen stated.

Draven smirked, then started throwing his axes. Garen blocked them all, but they kept ricocheting back to Draven. Garen gripped his sword and charged at Draven, Draven jumped up and kicked Garen in the chin, doing a back flip. He lands perfectly back on the branch he once was on.

"Say goodbye!"
Draven said.

But, before he was able to deal the killing blow, he was struck with a giant laser of Light, blasting him off, miles away. Lux smiled, then fainted, landing right next to the kneeling Ezreal, breathing heavily and clenching his chest. Garen walked over to Lux, picking her up.

"Are you alright, Ezreal?"
Garen asked.

Ezreal shook his head, then coughed up strange, green liquid. Garen gasped and quickly lifted up Ezreal.

"We're going to Demacia! We can heal you when we get there."
He stated.
Ezreal passed out.

As Garen marched through the woods, there was cackling and screaming. He continued to march, then got to an old stone bridge.

"Alright.. I can do this.."
He said to himself. He darted across the bridge, then suddenly, the bridge came apart behind him. He dashed even faster and right as the last brick fell, he threw both Lux and Ezreal on the other side, but was unable to make the jump.

"Oh no! Someone... HELP!"
He screamed.

But, Lux and Ezreal were both unconscious, soon, Garen's grip gave out, and he let go of the cliff, staring at the One-Hundred foot drop..

-End of Chapter Three-

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The reason the chapters are so short is because I'm planning to do at least Twenty to Thirty. So stick around, and I apologize for bad spelling, I get lost in the moment a re-type things and begin to type too fast, I do proof read these and fix any problems though.