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Kayle, An Angels Vengeance.

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Kaito Senpai

Senior Member


Well, I have been playing one of my favorite Champions in the League, Kayle. Even though you all have mostly been through her nerfs and buffs she is still an incredible champion and I began to use her as an AD top selection in a couple of ranked games. Mind you Im not a high elo but kayle has been getting me more wins than I thought she would. I will explain further.

The Usual pick for Top is Either a Tank, AD Bruiser or AP mainly being Vlad or Teemo etc. However Kayle can counter Most Top Lane Champs ESPECIALLY in early game. The only real threat I have come Across is Teemo with his blinds and Irelia, still being strong in sustain more so than most champions along with True Damage.

I run a VERY Offensive Kayle Top Which I will Explain in Depth.

My Rune Page Specifically for this Offensive Kayle is Simple But Devastating.

x9 Greater Mark of Strength
x9 Greater Seal of Strength
x9 Greater Glyph of Alacrity
x3 Greater Quintessence of Strength

This gives me a Massive +19 Atk Damage and +5.7% Atk Speed.

By sacrificing Durabilty in Magic Resist and Armor you can Overwhelm your opponent through constant harassment by abusing Kayle's passive which states:

"When Kayle attacks a champion, the target loses 3% Magic Resistance and Armor for 5 seconds Stacking a Maximum of 5 times."

This means that even if they have a defensive investment, you will shred through a percentage of their armor and magic resist with each strike while avoiding their attacks.

NOTE: While playing this offensive set, YOU MUST be aware of your enemy jumgle. This is one of the flaws a long side Blinds and Gap Closers that threaten this set which has a few remedies for even those pesky champions.

Here is what I mean.

For Masteries I take 21, 6, 3 Maximizing everything in offensive Attack Damage (except Lifesteal) 6 + defenses for a tad more durability and 3 for the additional mana per level as she runs through her mana quickly while completing combos.

I take both Exhaust and Ignite, Mastering both. This allows Kayle To Utterly HALT enemy champions that think they can get in close to killing you. By reducing their damage to pitiful amounts while lowering their defenses even further, Ignite then reduces healing if they are people lke Mundo or Volibear and thus allows for kills if they choose to run at low health.

At Level 1 open the game with A Dorans Blade which starts me of with 89 atk damge (+33) at lv 1 as well as a flat 0.700 atk speed.I then put 1 point in Righteous Fury and Max it LAST. This Point is A MUST at level 1 to harass the enemy to a point where it denies him Exp as well as makes them use their potions and if played well, extinguish their summoner spells to escape even at lv 1. Maxing it last allows for the acess to range attack while not sacrificing damage output and survivability.

Level 2 I take the next point in Reckoning which both slows the target AND gives them a debuff of which they take an extra percent of damage from all Kayles attacks. You combo this into Righteous Fury for DEVASTATING damage at level 2 that would make even the bulkiest of tanks cringe in retreat.

At level 3 I take a point in Divine Blessing. Which both heals and increases the movement speed of a friendly target. This is mainly used to catch up with fleeing targets, Escape and keep yourself or your team mate alive to make a quick escape or clean up for some kills.

I then interchange both Reckoning and Divine Blessing to maximize escape options, better healing capabilities and to catch up with fleeing opponents while having access to Reckonings increased damage and debuff.

Max out your Ultimate, Intervention, (Which makes the target immune to damage), As soon as possible to secure escapes, prevent team deaths, and tower dive successfuly as well as lure enemy champions into commiting to an obviously trap fight.

My build is as follows.

I begin with a Dorans Blade, followed by boots and a few health potions unless I can buy Berserkers Greaves. My Next Major purchase is to rush a build towards Trinity force for TONS OF DAMAGE. Although she can be built like most range carries. Maximizing attack speed will allow you to abuse her passive and rack up major damage to pick off enemies regardless of how tanky they become.

I work into MORE damage by going for Infinity Edge, Phantoms Dancers, Bloodthirster and Guardian Angel to return from death to reek more havoc.

Footage of me Playing Vegeance Kayle will be uploaded soon so I can show you all what I mean. Thank you for reading there will be more to come. Stick around for the upcoming link to the video.