Any tips to get out of elo hell.

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I have had an problem breaking the 1100 elo mark. players below this elo are in my opinion actually far better than the players around 1200 because of all the new player starting in ranked. As a result, I encounter more feeders and less experienced players whenever i break 1100 elo. I generally do well in most games. I'm not perfect yes, but I don't generally feel like I'm the one being carried. Any tips and advice would be gratefully accepted

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the biggest thing is communication in my opinion, even bad players can play well when instructed properly. ward as much as you possibly can, and establish a line of communication early. what i like to do is say at the beginning of the match that im going to ping my turret whenever my laners are mia, and once people know what that means, if they start doing it then its a win situation, and if they dont but understand it, then you can call the mia for all the lanes. you can ward key points of the map yourself, and keep track of the cs and find which lanes are doing well and which lanes arent. figure out the weak links on the enemy team and take them out or set up some positions where someone else can. if youre strong at a role, just do your best to get that role!

i dropped down to 900 from being placed in teams where i feel things were out of my control when i first started ranked, but recently ive been powering my way back up i think ive won like 10 of my last 14 ranked games. currently sitting at 1160 or something, so whatever im doing its working! there is a luck factor too though because inevitably youre going to get that dumb kid on your team who is just beyond help

and really do your best to take out key targets.. something everyone gets caught up in is focusing the person in front. when a team fight breaks out go for their glass cannons if you can. sometimes i struggle with this too but if you really try to position yourself and get in there you can find some success sometimes. encourage your team to avoid engaging the enemy team in fights you dont need. try to deter them from chasing into the enemys jungle, or just chasing the enemy in general. when people run they always run to a point of safety, and a point of safety for the enemy is a point of danger for you. play smart and let people get away if the kill isnt 100% secure, and then use the free time to take objectives

encourage the team to take dragon as frequently as possible, and keep an eye on opportunities to take down baron as well. people at these elo below 1200 still arent at the point where baron is a focal point after the 20 minute mark. and this is something i need to work on as well

and finally, dont turret dive alone and encourage your team mates not to turret dive alone either. but this really just falls back into "dont chase" not to say you shouldnt chase, but when someone is running at the same speed as you through their own jungle, just dont put yourself in that situation

pinging is so important and i find it so annoying that people dont understand pings or dont use them. its the quickest simplest and easiest form of communication, and although it can be annoying to some of your team mates, do it. ping like a retarded kid trying to learn morse code.. it will win you games

im no pro player but ive really been working on perfecting my game and these are some of the things im doing that seem to be working out