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Need some sona inspiration :)

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I Need A Break



Sona imo is simply amazing, but at the view of what i see she is very outclassed by other supports. She needs a lot of common sense to master since shes a poker but if some1 catches her shes toast.

I need some guide, tips, and who lane best with sona?

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sona can really go with anyone but as you also stated yourself she is outclassed by a large margin

if you build her support then go ad she can work decently at least then
srev>randuins>wards>manamune>triforce is what I do when I mess around with her

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Senior Member


I think you nailed it - Sona is simply outclassed by other supports. Anything you would want her for, there is at least one support champion that does it better. She has a very slight edge at levels 1-3, where her Q can pick a really big punch when combined with the power chord, but that's it. The only way I've ever felt useful is just maxing E and making my lane partner really fast and slowing the enemy every once in a while.