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New Streamer! Starting gaming community!

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Hello everyone, my names richard and I've playing league for about 6 months now. I don't like to brag but I believe I'm worth watching

About me, I play as a team. Simple as that, no bull. My strong suits are solo top and support bottom, I can also ryze/veigar mid if needed. I'm up to 1v1 anyone anytime anywhere.
So far I am undefeated aha.
Username: Rtytuyi
Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/rtytuyi
Team: Renegade United (recruiting)
Ventrilo: vent2.gameservers.com:4522 (Possibly changed to TS3 for better qualty)
Website: (none)...yet.
I wont be streaming for a while, but around 5pm (pst) I will start streaming, feel free to come join me either on ventrilo or on the stream site.

PS. Always looking for community officers, I have a feeling this could get bigger, so if interested feel free to join and stick around. Also always looking for people to team up with and play with, as long as your a good team player and dont get mad over the little things, add me, Rtytuyi.

also, if you doubt my skill, look me up, you will see my Riven champion pretty much kills