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The Story of Veigar. Before and After Insanity.

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Veigar as known now is now a known master of black magic and a disruptor of cosmic energy, however not much is known about his life before his imprisonment and there is not a lot of reference to his afflictions outside of the League. And that is where this comes in. This story is a fiction (something that I excel at writing, not that I excel at writing at all), this fiction is a story that may include some of other stories or ideas from other people by mistake. As for the summoners that wrote stories that may some ideas of those stories are in this one but not recognized for it I sincerely apologize for that I may have not read that story because there is countless amount of fan fiction out there. Thanks for understanding. Also this story starts before he learned dark magic and became a twisted version of himself and some common knowledge is expected to be known. And he also has “normal” yortle clothes.

Please tell me about my spelling and grammar errors. And feedback about the story and any ideas that could be offered would be greatly accepted. Thanks and Enjoy.

P.S. Sorry if I made it so that it is hard to read.

Page 2- Chapter 11,

Edit: It is just easier to keep a few chapters to one post so I will be "editing" it when ever I finish a chapter. I will only have like 3-5 chapters per post however.

Chapter I

Veigar awoke from his desk to the sound of a large trading corporation doing its business at Bandle City. He rushed down the stairs of the two story house he lived in. On the way out he lifted the heavy tomb that was written to inform the reader of the “marvelous lands” (as he called it) beyond Bandle City. Such lands was (to him) the most interesting things he wondered about. He wondered what they would be like and he always would stop and listen to traders stories about these far fetched lands. The only thing is that yortles can have a lot of fur and Veigar had fur about a centimeter long and his bangs sometimes could cover his eyes however he had no long hair elsewhere so his bangs looked a bit scary. And sadly having dark gray fur does not help but his face had some what a lighter tint of gray.

He reached the door with swift speed that even a Temmo would be jealous. He swung open the door with inhuman speed and rushed to see (and hear) what the traders had to offer. He was so excited that he smashed into another yortle in the processes.

“I am so sorry” Veigar excluded with up most sincerity

“That's alright” the yortle stood up and dusted himself off as if he did this a number of times. Veigar however wondered why he had a large engine, that fell with a small crash when they both impacted each other.

“I have a question though” Veigar asked “Who are you, I don't see you around here often”

“The name is Ziggs and you are really oblivious to your surroundings if you don't notice me around” he replied lifting his engine and strapping it onto his back “What's yours”

“Sorry, but anyways mine is Veigar” Veigar sighed. However the Veigar we know of today would of killed him right then and there however before he went insane he also had a strong determination to (ironically) help rid the lands of evil, and in his mind he never would of even considered of becoming one of those evils.

They both left with haste however Veigar stopped a few seconds later realizing that he was missing on thing, his book about Valoran. He retraced his steps to where he and Ziggs collided to the logical reasoning that like Ziggs he dropped his book when they collided. Only to find out that it was not there and that someone must of took the book unknowing that it was his. He greatly sighed as he lost one of his most valued treasures. However he still launched himself to find the traders.

He found them in the middle of the city still trading things like modern pottery or spice, some of few things that Bandle City did not grow or make due to their geographical surroundings. As he had some money to get somethings however pottery and spice was the least of his concerns. What he aimed for was a book, traders rarely traded books or artifacts however he knew that Mundo Trading (the trading corporation that was here) always had one and The Mundo Trading Co. knew that Veigar had a special interest for the books and artifacts relating to the lands outside of Bandle City. And whenever they went to Bandle City they always had a book or two for him, as books about the lands of Valoran is some what easy to get. Mundo Trading Co. was the leading trading corporation of Valoran and in just about every city (including Bandle City) they had a small shop or trading post where the citizens of the town or city would just walk in like a normal store and that the trading wagons just restocked the shop or store.
He rushed into the far back of the local Mundo Store, this was where there was a small book shelf no higher then himself and no wider then two feet. He rigorously shuffled through the book's titles and looked for the book he wanted that he found a few minutes later. He shuffled himself to the register where he went to pay for the book he found.

“Oh the 'Lands of Freljord' what an interesting pick” the teller exclaimed “It would cost you three hundred gold”

“Okay” Veigar replied as he shuffled through he pocket and pulled out what looked like a credit card and handed it to the bank teller.

“Thank you for your time” the bank teller returned the card after doing something with it that Veigar could not see.

“Thanks” Veigar lifted the book off the counter and hurried home.

He rushed home after picking up a pound of potatoes that he would use for dinner. Even though he lived alone he would not be alone for dinner.

Chapter II

He got home and slid the book he got into his book shelf upstairs he counted the issues. He had all but the Kumungu jungle and the Plague jungles along with Ionia and the book that he lost a hour ago. He went up to his bed to find his missing book plopped right on it with a note wedged in between some of the pages. He slipped the note from the pages and read it to himself out loud.

“Dear Veigar, I found this book caught between my engine's exhaust pipes and I think its yours. SN. You should put your name on your things or keep track of where they go. From Ziggs”. SN stands for Side Note by the way.

“Wow” Veigar exclaimed and he hugged the book “I never thought I would see you again” he got up and slid it onto the shelf where it belonged. But then he wondered how he got in as he locked the door behind him and he used his key to get in. But he figured that nothing was taken. He continued into the kitchen to make his lunch as it was around eleven thirty. Only just as he was going to head down the stairs he tripped over something and he tumbled down the stairs, the six and a half feet down flight of stairs.

He lay there for a minute or two as it was very painful to tumble down that much stairs for a yortle. Then he painfully got up and went to see what he tripped over as he rarely left things on the ground because at times he was a bit unstable. He went up the stairs and picked up what looked like a mechanical part that was about the size of the average computer mouse, although he had no idea what it was he knew who it belonged to. Ziggs most likely came still with his engine and that this part probably fell off as he what heading down the stairs. He would whipped up some leftovers and he set out to find Ziggs to return the part that he forgot as he also had the perfect line to say when he returned it. “You should keep track of your stuff”. He had the scenario in his mind that he found it so funny that he lost his balance and fell down the stairs again. He soon set out with a full belly, the forgotten part, and what felt like a broken arm.

Even though he did not know where Ziggs lived he was still determined to return it as it might be an important part.
He met up with a good friend of his, Temmo.

“Hey Temmo” Veigar asked “Do you know of Ziggs”

“Sure I do” Temmo replied “He lives three streets down of the Mother Ship, you know by Amumu's property.”

“Thanks” Veigar smiled.

Amumu's property is a “property” even though it had a house. However he lives in the League. And when he does not sleep there he normally is at Annie's house sleeping there because it got so late because they never keep track of time.

Veigar rushed to Ziggs house only to find that no one was home. Temmo was running behind him like he for got to tell him something, this proved to be true.

“Veigar” Temmo bellowed “I forgot to tell you that Ziggs is in Piltover now.”

“Oh” Veigar sighed

“Why do you need to see him anyways” Temmo asked “I mean I know him and he would highly dislike you”

“Why do you say that” Veigar replied sternly

“Well when I talked to him he did not like to talk about anything that did not relate to hextech technology” Temmo sighed “And I know more about hextech technology then you do”

“You don't know anything” Veigar replied “You focus your knowledge on mushrooms and poisons from the Kumungu jungle”
“Well that's much better then finding out how much rocks and trees Valoran has” Temmo scoffed

“I don't count the trees like how you count your mushrooms” Veigar bellowed

“You take that back” Temmo replied enraged and hurled himself at Veigar tackling him to the ground.

They rolled and they flipped for the next few minutes. They kept on doing this in till Temmo rolled into the wrong bag, his shrooms.

They exploded like his ultimate however Temmo gains some immunity to the poison of the mushrooms from being around them so often. Veigar however disliked mushrooms except for the ones that you cook with. Veigar threw the hextech part at Temmo's head because of that, and that set Temmo off. Temmo rushed to Veigar with his blow gun and using it like a stick he pounded Veigar across the face, he did not bother to get up in till later. And you wonder how they are good friends.

“Hey do you know where all the racket is coming from” asked a small voice

Both Veigar and Temmo (who is currently on Veigar pinning him to the ground) turned to see Amumu in the doorway of his house.

“Amumu you almost never come here” Temmo replied getting of of Veigar as if Amumu found out what happened he knew that he would be stunned beyond control. “What's with the change of mind”

“Well” Amumu sighed looking at the ground “I wanted to spend the night at a... friend's house”

“Who would that be” Temmo asked as Amumu had (sadly) almost no yortle friends.

“That would be mine you turtle head” Veigar got up and dusted his clothes.

“You” Temmo gasped “You rarely have any visitors as if you hate to have them”

“No that is not true” Veigar replied “I like when Amumu comes over, and I wish I could of invited Annie too so we could do something.”

“Lier your just envy Amumu's and my League entry, and Annie's too for that matter” Temmo bellowed. Veigar was not in the League of Legends program.
“Your kinda getting mean Temmo” Amumu sobbed relinquishing despair “I though you were (sniff) cheerful like”

“Sorry its just that the Institute gives so much stress” Temmo sighed

“It's alright” Veigar replied “Anyways you like com over with me and Amumu, the sun is falling”

“Sure I guess” Temmo sighed like a deflated balloon

Chapter III

Veigar was not the best cook however he did make a mean curry. He thought that the spiciness would be able to warm up Amumu's sad heart.

“Here we are” Veigar exclaimed “Curry et le riz”

“Okay let me get Amumu” Temmo explained. Amumu some how broke into tears because he was in someone's house and he rarely went to anyone's house but his and Annie's. Temmo hypothesized that these were tears of joy.

“Amumu dinner is ready” said Temmo as he found him in the upstairs hallway by Veigar's bookshelf

“Oh ok” Amumu sniffled “I'll...I'll be right there”

Temmo wished that Amumu would be happier because when we was sad he stuttered sometimes. He disliked this because it made it harder to understand him, not that he couldn't.

He looked to see what Amumu was doing as he was a curious feller. He found out that he was flipping through the pages of Veigar's Valoran book and beside him was another open book. He look at it and guessed that it must be Shurima desert book. So then he asked Amumu if he was homesick.

“Me...” Amumu replied “Me homesick”

“Yea” Temmo replied “You seem like you are homesick. You have a Shurima desert book open right there.”

At this Amumu burst into tears.

“Veigar” Temmo bellowed “I need your help”

“How so” Veigar replied coming into the hall and he witnessed the same thing. “Oh...”

“I...I...” Amumu sobbed “I miss my parents”

“We know” Temmo tried to comfort him “But don't worry everything’s going to be fine”

This proved to not help but make it more worse. Then Veigar tried, he had the most brilliant idea.

“Annie” Veigar called over the phone. His brilliant idea. “Do you know how to calm Amumu down.”


“We tried that”

“Smack him across the head? How will that help”

“It'll make him angry”

“How does that help again”

“Oh fine”

Veigar looked at Temmo. Temmo sighed and pulled out his blow gun. Amumu barely flinched, and he stopped crying almost immediately. However before he could turn around Veigar and Temmo was already out of the hall and down the stairs. He was not the brightest yortle (sadly) so he was very confused at what (or who) hit him and where Veigar and Temmo went. Amumu started all over again but this time he ran into Veigar's bedroom and slammed the door behind him. Veigar knew that he never installed or had a lock however he could no longer open the door. He dialed up Annie again.

“It did not work” Veigar replied over the phone “He barricaded himself in my room”

“What do you mean that you know it does not work”

“Wait we were supposed stay”

“But he would kill us for doing that”

“Endure it”

“Are you kidding me, he would bind to oblivion”

“Anyways what do you suggest we do”

“I can't. I told you he barricaded it”

“You don't know”

“Well thanks anyways and I don't know where he is”

Veigar clicked the “hang up” button.

“Annie said she does not know what to do anymore and asked us if we seen her bear Tibbers” Veigar reported

“I have a question though” Temmo asked “How did you get the phone we don't have any telephone wires in Bandle city. The magical cell phone was not dragged from earth to be reproduced and sold yet, nor was the mystical radio towers and satellites. However television was, and the magical runes of Valoran emitted and adsorbed frequencies just like the radio towers and satellites.

“I don't know” Veigar looked and turned the phone in his hands. “I guess we have lines that run underground”

“Whatever but anyways how are we going to get Amumu out” Temmo asked

“Like how Annie would do it” Veigar replied “Endure it”

Veigar walked to the door way. And he chanted “Have you seen my bear Tibbers”. This sounded just like Annie as he met her a few months back.

“Annie?” Amumu asked he opened the door.

“No I mimicked her so we could to talk with you” Veigar replied. He prepared for the worst. Amumu however did not do anything but one action that literally “stunned them all”. But it was not his “Curse of the Sad Mummy” as he called it. Amumu hugged Veigar and he muttered “Thanks”. Veigar and Temmo was ultimately confused.

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Chapter IV

Amumu left in a heart beat after he hugged Veigar. On the other hand Temmo finished his share of the curry and then he left. Temmo left with a red face and drenched fur. Veigar was alone again. He sighed and dragged himself to his bedroom extinguishing all of the lights but his room's. He knew that it was getting very late and he should get some shut eye. As he waddled to his bed he tripped over a open book. He lay there face flat on the floor cursing because he was getting sick and tired of getting injured and tripping over things other people left on the ground. He got up and picked up the open book that he tripped on, it was his Shurima desert book. He noticed that the page(s) that it was on was torn off, he looked at the previous page. 289. And then he looked to the next page. 324. He was shocked and devastated. Because that whole section was all about the art of mummification and where mummies were found. And he was devastated because of all of the things happening to him and his books. He immediately called Amumu's phone. Annie's voice could be heard as she probably did his voice mail. Then Temmo's phone was ringing.

“Hello” Temmo answered

“Temmo, Amumu ripped out the mummy section of my Shurima desert book” Veigar replied

“And” Temmo sounded uninterested.

“So he is probably looking for his parents and I think he found them and he is heading to Shurima desert now to find them” Veigar explained

“So” Temmo had the same tone.

“What do mean 'so'” Veigar asked “Aren’t you coming with me to find him”

“Well why should we interfere with his search” Temmo replied.

“We could help him” said Veigar “He could get injured”

“Well good luck with that” Temmo hung up.

Veigar stood there still with the phone wondering why Temmo would not even lift a finger to help out another yortle. He guessed Temmo disliked undead yortles. But none the less he was encouraged to find and help Amumu. This courage lasted in till he fell down the stairs and really broke his arm because he could not see where the next step. He called again Temmo for help. He came.

“God Veigar” Temmo swore as he packed up his first aid kit “You have got to stop falling”

“Be quiet” Veigar readjusted his sling to a more fitting position. This was his first.

“Well do you need help to get to your bed” Temmo asked “Or up the stairs”

“No I don...Shut up” Veigar replied sternly

“Just saying” Temmo backed away “But anyways you really need to be careful”

“Okay I got it” Veigar started up the stairs again “Thanks”

“K” Temmo replied as he opened the door to leave Veigar's phone rang. They both ignored it in till it rang again, louder. They walked toward it. It rang again and thus even louder. They were in reaching range of the phone. It started to ring but (to Veigar's and Temmo's ears) said “Forget it” and the receiver some how magically lifted its self up. And smacked Temmo across the cheek. Veigar answered it with his good hand.

“Um, Hello” Veigar asked. He was terrified because he now had a cursed phone and it was right next to his ear.

“Hello, Master Veigar” replied the voice from the other end of the phone.

“Um excuse me” Veigar asked courageously “Why do you address me as such, I am no Master”

“Oh no, for you don't know thy future.” replied the voice “Oh yes you are a master, but it would be disastrous to tell you what you are (or were) the master of.”

“How would it be” Veigar asked “And who are you”

“Ah that is not important” the phone replied “What is important is that when the future comes you will enjoy what you will do but it will not be a good thing”

“Is this some sort of warning” Veigar asked

“It depends on what to think about it and if you heed it” replied the phone. It died a second later.

Veigar hung up the phone and he helped the unconscious Temmo up and on to a chair. Getting water proved to be some what difficult.

Temmo awoke a moment later. And out of pure reaction he tried to fight the nonexistent phone back. Veigar was not amused.

“So who was it” Temmo asked having a huge realization.

“I don't know, he never mentioned his (or her) name” Veigar replied “(S)he somehow knew the future because (s)he gave me like a warning or something”

“Oh him” Temmo knew that it was Zilean because he was like the only person who could see into the future and/or past. Veigar wouldn't know who the heck he is.

“Wait you know the person who called” Veigar asked. “Who is it”

“I didn't say that I know him” Temmo lied to protect Veigar, to change the Future that will come anyways no matter what he does.

“Whatever” Veigar replied sternly “You know something so spill the beans.”

“Well it has bin nice” said Temmo “I really ought to go” he opened the door and disappeared into the darkness. Veigar sighed and went to bed.

Chapter V
“An enemy has bin slain” bellowed the announcer. Temmo killed Tristana. Something he always hated to do.

“An ally had bin slain” the announcer repeated. Trist's ignite and turret finished off Temmo's health. She also disliked to do that to Temmo. Unless she killed him with a fat explosion, then she really couldn’t care less.

This match ended with the defeat of Temmo's nexus. Tristana knew that Temmo would be in some sort of withdrawal because of the match.

She found him in one of the Institutes greater halls. He was crouched on the floor. Not crying but he was very depressed.

“You okay” Tristana asked.

“Um, Kinda” Temmo replied sorrowfully

“You know you should really stop having these withdrawals” Tristana explained “It is really sad”

“I guess” Temmo sighed and stood up, but he still had a gloomy face.

“Common” Tristana bellowed “Where is that scout spirit”

“I guess I don't have it” Temmo replied and slumped back down.

Tristana gave up and she sat right next to him. She did not want Temmo to be sad any longer. And her salvation came when Amumu opened one of the great double doors that the hall had.

He walked up to Temmo and he had a determined face. This is what he said...

“Get of your ****ing sorry *****y ass and ****ing help Veigar as he is getting ****ing raped by the other champions because ****ing Zilean does not know what the ****ing dangers of the freaking space-time continuum and Facebook”

This was the first time Amumu ever swore with out the help of a summoner.

“Wait what” Temmo jumped in shock “Why the hell is Veigar here”

They ran all the way to the “post game room” as he saw pretty much all of the AP carries and some of the more squishy AD champions all in a little group in the corner.

Temmo shuffled between the feet of the AP and AD carries. He finally got to the front where he saw Veigar. And he was bleeding all over. He had multiple bruises, cuts, and gashes along with another broken arm (his arm healed but was broken again). And he was knocked senseless as he lifelessly slouched agents the corner wall(s). The champions were ruthless, and he thought they hated him. Seeing that Temmo shielded him the champions left as even Temmo hated him in the future. But one champion stood on the side not doing anything as all but Amumu, Tristana, Temmo, and Veigar (of course) left. It was Lulu. Even though she was released as a playable champion after Veigar she was one of the few champions that was playable but was not released to the majority of the summoners. This was the case for a lot of champions as the high summoners did not want the younger summoners to try and summon a champion and have he or she die more often because of his or her inexperience. In the risk that the reviving magic that was controlled from the nexus did not transfer. Thus is the case of Urf. And Warwick had the **** beaten of out him by Jax after that match. But enough of Jax's heroic deeds and let the story go on (as it seems that Jax had a lot of heroic deeds, and some deeds where he is a grade A jackass).

Temmo picked Veigar up with the help of Tristana. However as the put him on a stretcher he regained his sense.

“Temmo” Veigar struggled to say

“Yes” Temmo replied

“Kill me” Veigar sighed.

“What” Temmo bellowed and almost lost his grip on his side of the stretcher. “Why”

“They told me about my future” Veigar replied “Of the pain and damage I would cause”

“Don't listen to them even if do what ever you do in the future” Temmo assured.

“Thanks” Veigar replied however he took Temmo's blow gun and emptied out his unused dart. And was to puncturing his own skin. Poisoning himself to death. But this was not the death Veigar got. Amumu, seeing what none saw he immediately tangled the dart with his bandage and whipped it out of Veigar's weak grip and had it skidding on the floor.

The loss of blood caused Veigar to faint again.

He awoke in the bed of his house in Bandle City. He had only a faint recollection of the events that took place earlier.

“Thank god your alive” Temmo sighed with great relief.

Veigar sighed and positioned himself up right on the bed. He looked like white Amumu.

“Why were you at the institute of war anyways.” Tristana asked

“I can't remember” Veigar sighed

“Please for your sake don't leave Bandle City” Temmo pleaded

“Okay” Veigar replied blandly

He looked over and saw Amumu there, he was crying over the Shurima desert book again. He went back to go to sleep as he rolled over (he slept on the left side of the bed) he saw Lulu. And anyone would freakout however because Veigar did not know who the hell she was he was frighted so hard he fell off the bed. Temmo helped him up on to a nearby chair. Lulu stayed in Veigar's bed. They talked and conversed in till it got dark. Then everyone kind of gone home. Frightening enough he learned he was knocked out for three full days. And Lulu was the last to leave (she left like a hour after Temmo who was the second to the last to leave).

Chapter VI
It took another week in till Veigar recovered. When he did he by far the happiest man (or yortle) in Valoran. However when he recovered he noticed that trading carts dropped their routes by half. Reducing the selection and quantity of certain goods. This put Bandle City's economy at a down fall. The Bandle City stock market dropped 30%. Veigar knew that there was a reason so he went to investigate. He bought a local newspaper from the Journal of Justice. It said that Bandle City's stocks were plummeting to the ground. “Well no durr” he thought. However for some reason one of Noxian's stocks were skyrocketing. And he checked Demacia's, nothing very noticeable. He also checked Freljord, also nothing very noticeable. And why not Ionia, Ionia's skyrocketed even higher then Noxus. But he understood that one as Ionia just won there early rematch agents the Noxus fighters to claim back there lands. However what struck him was that when he checked who was the person who made the most profit on the stock markets. It was him. As some how he bought about three hundred shares in that one Noxus stock and about seven hundred in Ionian stocks. Both combined are worth about seven hundred thousand IP. He did not know what was happening so he went to investigate, afraid that Noxian officials and/or Ionian officials found this rise in stocks very odd and that he somehow knew what stock would get the rise he was willing to forfeit all of his stocks to clear his name. He did not know that the huge rise in the stocks was because the leader of the business died and a Noxian trader took over. He knew Veigar. And he knew that he could use him to his advantage.

Veigar knew that he had much value in stocks. The Noxian trader owned the second largest trading company. He planed on over taking Mundo Trading Co.. This proved to be impossible with out any force behind his company to do the “dirty work” for it. He tried to ask most of the champions however they refused and some even attacked them back. However he had the most perfect plan to capture Veigar. The company was to have him join there trading company and then he would drive him so deep into insanity that Veigar would have no recollection of his past, no mercy or tolerance, and no room for insignificant disloyalty.

It all went according to plan. Well most of it.

Veigar walked to the Mundo Trading Co. store again as the store manager did the whole “How are you” stuff. He replied truthfully. He walked to the book shelf to see if he could be a step closer to finishing his collection. He found an Ionian book and he bought it right away. He also bought a Shurima desert book. When he returned home he mailed the older Shurima desert book to Amumu and said that it was his to keep.

Veigar awoke the next day to see the sky purely black. He looked at his sand-powered clock. It read that it was 2:23 PM. He realized that that was impossible as it was around the middle of the summer but if his clock was right then how can it be so dark. He took a glance at it again, the P of PM was jammed by sand as it would normally remove its self and reveal the A in AM.

“So its 2:23 AM” he said to himself “I should go back to bed”

He couldn’t.

Veigar got up accepting the fact that something was bothering his sleep. However he read that Nocturne was already bound to a nexus fragment. He had nothing to do in his house so he went down seventh avenue turned up sixth street and followed the Mother Stream in till it intersected with Yortle road. He knocked on the third house. No answer. He looked behind the berry bush that was right next to the entry way. He lifted a fake rock and he used the spare key.

It was still dark however he still entered the basement. He felt for a hammock. Found it and shakes it rigorously.

“Help earthquake, fire, riot” Temmo bellowed

“Temmo calm your ****” Veigar sighed

“****” Temmo bellowed “Why the hell are you here”

“I couldn’t sleep” Veigar replied

“So you had to disrupt me in my sleep just because you could not sleep” Temmo inquired

“I guess” He realized that he made a very stupid decision.

“God” Temmo climbed back in his hammock. A few minutes he bellowed “**** now I can’t sleep”

“Oops” Veigar giggled.

“Anyways because your here” Temmo sighed “I guess we should do something.”

“Like” Veigar asked

“I don't ****ing know, why don't you pick something.” Temmo replied

“Um, because I don't know your house that well.” Veigar responded.

“Why don't we play chess or something.” Temmo sighed and pulled out a koa, birch, and redwood chess set.

“Okay” Veigar replied and took white. They played a few games where most of them ended in a futile unofficial stalemate.

They were to set up their last game when Veigar fell off the chair, snoring.

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Chapter VII
He awoke in Temmo's hammock, he immediately sat up got off of the hammock and ran to the door, tripping over Temmo in the process. Both he and Temmo snatched a ice pack from Temmo's freezer. One for Temmo's side and another for Veigars head.

“Veigar” Temmo sighed “You really need to stop getting into accidents”

“I know” Veigar replied shifting his ice pack to a more suited position

“But thus I ask you” said Temmo “Why did you even think of coming here”

“I don't really know” Veigar replied “I guess I was lonely”

“What do not tell me you developed a relation to Lulu.” Temmo nudged

“Who is Lulu” Veigar asked. Like I said he did not much of the champions nor who this Lulu is.

“The one who slept with you in your bed.” Temmo replied

“Holy ****” Veigar bellowed “Why would I”

“I don't know but the evidence is stacking up agents you” Temmo gleamed.

“Whatever” Veigar scoffed “But anyways thanks for you hospitably” And he left without another word. But returned because he forgot to return the ice pack.

Veigar wondered if he should check the Mundo shop for a book or two, however because of his sudden increase in the stocks and suspicion that he had no idea he even had, he decided that it was better to lay low. It would be best for him at the moment. He walked up to his house and he checked the mailbox (something he haven’t done for days because of the events that occurred).

“Junk, bills, bills, junk, a thank you card from Amumu (eww... It's wet), a “Get Well” letter from Tristana (**** no money), An invitation...” Veigar sorted through his mail. He dumped the junk in the trash, opened the two bills and payed them online. He used a knife and a cutting board to open Amumu's letter because it just was too wet to open the seal. He straitened out the writing part of the letter on the table in direct sunlight to dry. The invitation was to a party, at the Institute of War. However after what happened before with the other champions, he decided to not go. So that went into the bin along with the junk.

He sighed and slouched in a nearby chair then rotated it so that he had a great view of the street. By far this was was the best moment today. Well, at least it was to him.

The whole “sitting on a chair” was rarely practiced and the only person who people wanted to sit still on a chair was Kennen. He disliked him as he played thousands pranks on him. Most of the pranks was like the common “April Fool's” pranks, but often times the pranks that involved him got him hurt a bit. But this was not to Kennen's intentions as the other pranksters that hang by him are the ones who go a bit far, that is why Veigar still has forgiveness towards him. Veigar remembers once in a “prank gone wrong” he got seriously injured. Kennen told him that it was only meant that the worst thing that was planned to discolor his fur to red, but the overuse of mental torture required him to go to mental therapy to avoid insanity. But the program that the therapy used would probably put you into insanity anyways.

He recalled the whole event and played the scenario in his mind, in a way it was somehow depressing but often he wondered if that event was his fault. He would deny that possibility almost as soon as it occurred to him. But this one time it lingered on the very thread of his imagination, it only lingered because of Veigar's epiphany about the event. As the story goes the lid flew off when the pranksters tried to pry it off its can and the shard of the lid hit Veigar in the gut. However those who where there knew this was not entirely true, however aside form Kennen and Veigar the witnesses went insane and killed themselves or there was no witnesses at all. The very plot of the scene is cloudy anyways. But as the writer knows everything what really happened was this...

It was a crisp Fall afternoon, most kids at Bandle High already went home or walked to the nearby library. However as Veigar was sitting atop a shaded bench by the “E building” the very annoying group was passing and they decided to make him a target.

“Yo Veigar” bellowed a prankster

“Yes” Veigar asked looking up from his book about Noxus. He hated the people and land for their crimes agents other people however he finished the book because of the sense of accomplishment when he finishes the sequels.

“You know what your fur should be” bellowed the same person.

He did not like these people or jokes at all.

“What” Veigar was clearly annoyed.
“Pink” exclaimed another prankster and pried the lid off the can and drenched Veigar, Veigar's clothes, the book, and the bench with pink paint. But the paint was a bit thinner then normal.
They opened another can and finished painting Veigar pink. Covering him head to toe in pink paint.

Enraged he hurled the book into the painted grass and tackled one onto the ground but two others tore him off their leader and hurled him back into the bench. He knew it was impossible to win because he busied himself with the importance of academics then the challenge of physical health.

The pranksters picked up dirt and dead leaves and threw it at him thus having their projectiles stick onto the wet paint.

Veigar just sat there on the bench waiting for it to pass over.

The pranksters knew that they were being ignored. Then they picked up Veigar's Noxus book, and ripped and burned it one page at a time. But Veigar knew the dangers of heading into a fight there and what severer disadvantage he had. So he withstood the mental torture, but at three quarters of the book in they decided to just burn the book in its entirety.

Throwing it into the ground in a heap of ash, they knew Veigar had strong mental barriers to mental torture. They used there last resort (some would ask how did they have time to plan it). They uncoiled rope and bound Veigar to the closed gate of E building. His feet was hanging a few inches off the ground. They were all laughing manically at him hanging there hopeless of any rescue in till mourning but the gates did not open in till the some twenty gym jackass's passed this gate on the way to the gym. This would affect his life all the way to death day.

But luckily it was Friday and the weekend was here. So he would be stuck until Monday or until someone rescued him. In the early hours of darkness he tried to loosen the ropes that bound him to the gate. This was futile. He accepted his fate and slouched to get into a better position to sleep in. But in the half moon's light he saw the glimpse of a shadow. Then of two. And then three. But the third was coming closer to him. It hit the ropes that bound his right hand. He knew it was metal as he observed the sound that it made when it hit the iron cage doors of E building. Having the ropes cut he freed his other hand and crumpled to the ground. He straitened up and lifted up a kama that glistened in the half moon light. It had a small note tied to it. It read, The Justice of Kinkou. And he never saw Kennen again.

Chapter VIII
He awoke from his self-put sleep. The bright sunlight could not be seen anymore. He lifted himself up and strolled to the stairway as he noticed a small beige to brown envelope. He tore it open immediately. And this is what it said...

Dear, Veigar
You are invited to be apart of a massive trading company that trades to Demacia, Noxus, Plitover, Zaun, Frejord, Bandle City, and Ionia. Please come to the town hall tomorrow with your reply.
From, Runic Trades Inc.

And reader he laid in his bed awake until sunrise.

He jumped out of bed at the first glimpse of sunlight. This way he was out the door by the time other yortles were getting up.

He rushed to the town hall with Kennen like speed and opened the door. The hall was empty. He sat in a nearby chair. Hours passed but no ounce of his excitement had a hint of dieing down. Then a small thin man opened another door across the hall and asked him to enter.

The man slid a small pack of papers off his desk and handed to the eager Veigar. He asked him to sign on the line on the last page. He handed him a pen and Veigar turned to the last page and hastily scratched down his signature, To his fault. The man immediately took the pages away stored it in a drawer in his desk and led Veigar across the town to the pasture and he gave him a horse and a small trading carriage. He told him to go to The Institute of War to pick up barrels of beer to deliver to Noxus. Veigar accepted the mission eager to even go out of the city.

He rode on the road through the mountain range pass and through the Kumungu Jungle. He kept a open eye and looked all around as he did not have the book about this land so it was by far one of the best experiences of his life. He kept on guiding the horse through the path though the thick jungles but it stopped to sniff something of the side of the road, Veigar looked over the side and he found that the horse was sniffing at nothing. He leaped off the carriage. It seemed weird that when he came close to the place that the horse was sniffing he felt a sudden wave of warmth. He waved his hand around, and he still felt warmth. And then he got kind of scared, he shuffled through the things in his bag to find the one thing that should help him. It was an Oracle's Elixir. But the only problem was that he could not get the cork off the bottle because the person who sold it pounded it in so far that the top of the cork was level with the rim of the glass.

So thy bottle was shattered from thy rage of thee, Veigar.

The pink brew splattered everywhere but most of it flowed into wagon trenches in the road made by, well, wagons. Then by out of pure need for a drink the horse drank it because it was of course thirsty from walking all the way from Bandle city to some place in the middle of the Kumungu jungles. The horse acted as if he drank only water but sooner or later pink particles swirled around the top of his head and shaped themselves into a Oracle's Eye (also known as the Eye of the Oracle('s Elixir). And then all invisible units were revealed. But the only invisible units was of course the only one who goes in the Kumungu jungles often. Temmo. But he had another companion, thus was the only other champion that could be invisible, Twitch. Evelynn was dating Twisted Fate some where in Runeterraian China. And they rarely left their sights. And it took more then two seconds and Wukong barely leaves the cherry blossom forest, thus is the place where he trains and meditates.

“Temmo I think I know why you are here.” Veigar asked “But why is Twitch here.”

“Well” Temmo replied “It's a bit complicated”

“Temmo here helps me with my poison” Twitch interrupted. Despite his first image, he is normal in just about every way. Like Cho'gath he would always be a gentlemen.

“Okay” Veigar sighed

“Wait, infact we should be asking you why you are here” Temmo inquired. “So thus please tell us”

“I'm hired by Runic Trades to trade goods to different city-states.” Veigar said it loud and proud.

“Oh someone has a career” Twitch giggled.

“Oh hush” Veigar replied. But none the less he did have one.

Both Temmo and Twitch hopped in the empty bed of the cart and told Veigar if he could drop both of them off at the Institute of War. He said of course because he needed to pick up the good there anyways. He remembered that he had a pass to go through Morgan Pass but is was not valid for three people. But then he also reminded himself that the wonders of stealth is by far the greatest advantage in Valoran.

They left the Kumungu jungles pretty fast for a horse-powered carriage but only Veigar really have the need to give a **** about it (because the faster you get out of somewhere the less time you get to sight-see in that “somewhere&#8221.

But the scorching Shurima desert proved to be a living hell. They knew that it was not as large as it felt but none the less it was/is as disastrous if a few kids was dropped of by a helicopter in some desert in Mexico (no offense intended to the Mexicans). They had little water and even less water because Veigar did not pack enough for even one person on the trip. Sad isn't it.

However they all knew that Shurima was inhabited by small villages who managed to survive by using the oasis’s water for drinking and agriculture. But these villages was scarce and not easy to find. But hope lies in the small town near the Shurima Pyramids. Amumu was born (well “awoke&#8221 here before the town was founded and Nasus and Renekton moved in to the pyramids with Amumu's permission.

The wagon held horribly agents the sand of the desert on the ground and in the air as they needed to consistently remove the wheels to prevent the sand from corroding the wood of the cart like sandpaper (boy I wonder why they call it that now). Their shoes need to be emptied out too, sooner or later.

Hunger began to ravish them five days into the desert. And then thirst came no to long after. Spirts and Hopes was the next one to come. And then the will to live, but this never went.

They were on their sixth day. None had a drop of water or a crumb of simple bread for one and a half days. The cart could take no more so it gave in to the sand and the axial was sanded so much that the wheels just rolled in the thick sand and opened up so the wheels rolled off the axis piece. They used the wood of the cart to build a temporary shelter for the sixth night. But spirits and hopes was drained into the sand when Twitch suffered from massive dehydration and some mysterious illness that came to affect his weakened state and was half bed ridden. Temmo and Veigar also had the agony of dehydration a few hours later but was fully capable of moving but they minimized it because of their need to conserve energy and calories.

All of them knew that if not found they would die. But their half salvation came. Temmo had to pee.

Chapter IX
They lasted for eight days in the desert's wilderness. But the cycle of pee could not be used again too often as the soon piss had toxic levels of waste to water ratios. However they did not know this as they got terribly ill because of this. And to walk took almost more energy then what they even had. Then using the last of his energy Veigar stood up struggled to walk to his bag, pulled out a hourglass and flipped it over but only got it to go at its neutral sideways position. He collapsed at this unfinished action. Temmo knew what he tried to do, he also tried to get the hourglass to flip over. And he succeeded. But at a massive price.

The hourglass's are magical but it the one in the store has more controlled magic. It controlled the sands of most places. As the hourglass was one hour. According to ancient runes engraved in temples it says that if a entire hour passes and is recorded by the turning of a hourglass a heavenly path would be shown. But the only problem was that in that hour the forces of Earth and Mother Nature would try all they can to knock it over or make the sand stop pouring or simply make it inaccurate. This is because of the Earth, Heaven, Hell, Void war and the hourglass was build off of time (one power that all had control of but none used it but one). Twitch pulled his life and courage together so that he would live and as the last violent storm subdued and the final grains of sand fell from the top. The hourglass shattered and spread its silver sand everywhere mixing in with the natural golden sand of the desert. It formed the shape of a rune. And that rune was a symbol of a circle but from its center point it had a line going up and going a small distance beyond the circle's edge. That top part of the circle button also pattered way for the line. Twitch stood up lifted Veigar and Temmo. And stood in the middle of the two yard long symbol and aura blue circles surrounded Twitch who fell unconscious. And they left in eight seconds.

Bright light reentered their half blind eyes and the fell of soft cotton and silk sheets made their feeling of touch return. Slowly but surely the environment was rejuvenating their life and spirit.

Temmo sat up and realized that he, Veigar and, Twitch was in the Institute's medical wing. Veigar and Twitch awoke to his call.

“What am I doing here” Veigar asked

“Veigar” Temmo replied “Do not leave this room”

“Why” Veigar stood from the bed. He clearly did not know where he is.

“This is the Medical segment of the Institute.” Temmo explained. “I do not want a unpleasant repetition in history.”

“What 'unpleasant repetition in history'” Twitch asked

“This guy here” Temmo replied jabbing his blow gun at Veigar “Somehow entered the Post-Game room”

“I told you that is was an accident” Veigar protested.
“Whatever” Temmo spat.

They all talked about nonsense until the nurse entered the building. And Temmo dashed behind Twitch who was behind the bed. But Veigar did not know what they were doing. But the nurse was one hot chick.

“Hello I would be checking your temperature” whispered the nurse.

“Um...Okay” Veigar replied as she put a small thermometer in his mouth. Temmo peeked out of hiding, Twitch still had his invisibility spell on but did not move.

“Temmo” bellowed the nurse. “What the hell are you doing”

“Akali I did not know you worked here” Temmo replied and got on his bed.

“You son of a *****” Akali sighed “Where have you bin for the pass year”

“I don't know I guess” Temmo replied “But none the less why do you work here, I mean I don't see you doing this profession (like Morgana)”

“Hey Akali here's the morphine you wanted” Kennen burst into the room. “And Shen is readying the Sodium Pentothal and the SH2O3.”

“Kennen you work here too” Temmo asked

“Um yes, along with Shen and of course, Akali” Kennen replied and placed the tray with the morphine on the bed stool by Temmo and picked up the inmate information clipboard and handed it to Akali.

“Temmo and Twitch” Akali whispered to himself. She threw a vision ward on the floor and Twitch was revealed. “You both should get a punishment soon”. Akali lifted Twitch and Temmo and dragged them onto their beds and she took out two shots. “And Kennen can you get the last one.”

“Sure” Kennen replied and straddled to Veigar's bedside where he grabbed the clipboard. “Lets see who do I have here”, he did not see Veigar as he was just covered in sheets because it was kind of cold, but most medical clipboards have the name of the patient on it. And at that, one pencil, one clipboard, and one jaw dropping “Holy ****” could be herd across the Medical Wing's patient room.

“Veigar” Kennen whispered “This has to be a mistake”

“Who is making all that noise” Veigar asked and sat up and stared at Kennen in his little doctor outfit.

“Veigar” Kennen recovered from his recoiling yell. “Why are you here”
“Oh Kennen” Veigar said dully “No reason”

They still did not the most recovered relationship. The only problem was that both Kennen and Veigar had the urge to be a better type of friends but they did not want the urge to go in the opposite direction. So they still had a small hate to each other.

So then Kennen did something he knew would be bad. He walked to Akali's room, and pulled her kamas out. And Shen's swords came from his room (Shen's not Kennen's). And then he pulled out a pair of shurikens from his pocket. Throwing one at Akali's back. But as we all know Akali had sharp senses and both of them knew that so with a simple turn she caught it and stared at Kennen with the one shuriken in his hand and the pile of the trio's weapons. That meant a mission, but it was rare to have Kennen assign a mission, in fact it was unlikely to have any of the trio assign a mission but Shen. And the sad truth is that it was uncommon to have anyone but Shen assign a mission.

And so they left on their unknown mission where no one but Kennen knew the details.

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I think I like your idea here, but I have a request: Could you split your posts so that you have only one chapter per? You're presenting us with this very massive wall of text and it's frankly intimidating. Splitting it up will let us read in small chunks.

I've only just begun, but I'll let you know how I like it when I get to the bottom.

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Thanks, I'll be sure to accept and apply your request.

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wow +1 bookmarked, will read again

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Thanks for the replys and comments. Also I am on the point where he is in the prsion cell but the only thing is even though I have ideas its not enough or hard to write about for a chapter or two so if you could also put a idea down along with your comment it would really help thanks. Also if I do use your idea I would most likely use your summoner name but if you don't want me to do that then just say it with the reply. But then it would be no fun =(.

Chapter X

Kennen, Akali, and Shen left without another word. Veigar sighed and sat up to search the room for Temmo or Twitch. They were not in the room. With another sigh he lay back down and shifted himself where he saw the pulsing Vision ward, slowly fading away as the three minute mark comes to pass. The night was coming and at that the runic lighting automatically lit themselves, even though most of the building had electricity it was cheaper to use runes.

As the runes got brighter and the ruby sky faded and was over come by the night sky Veigar felt a lot better and planed to leave in the mourning after getting the beer.

Sleep and Fatigue began to overcome Veigar, he knew he still had a few days left in the hospital bed but he was determined to increase the trust of the trading company by finishing his duty’s before the due date.

He awoke with a snap next morning but the chill of the morning air caused him to burrow under the sheets and covers for another hour or so until the sun warmed the air or something warmed up the earth.

After his impersonation of a ground hog, he set out to get the beer. That was strangely already in a cart that had a sleeve for a small pistol. Such pistol was on the riders seat.

He jumped onto the cart and removed the gun and fitted it into its holder on the side of the cart.

The ride through the fields of grass was pleasant compared to the struggle with the sands of the desert. The trees, plants, and greenery was a nice change from the gold and gritty sand. But then it came too nice.

Veigar (as mentioned) like to know the surrounding geological features the land(s) had to offer. But he had little interest in a large rolling plane of grass with a tree or two here and there by a few shrubs. He loved to read (and explore if he could) places like the cold and stormy wilderness of Ferljord, even if the experience with Shurima desert dampened his spirits. But a nice waterfall or oceanfront was nice once in a while. You know, nothing too plain.

As the cart rolled in the dirt road he often stared into the distance thinking what Temmo said about him and Lulu, he found it odd to even consider that he and she had a relationship, but he had a empty feeling in his heart. It was as if he was longing for something. He smiled at the possibility, but it was nothing more then a possibility.

He rode the cart to Noxus ready to deliver the beer to the place where he need to drop it off, but was stopped.

“What are you here for young yortle.” bellowed the gatekeeper.

“I come from the Institute, with beer to be traded” Veigar replied in a formal matter.

“Beer was not ordered at any facility in Noxus” the second gatekeeper replied “We require that you show your merchandise and verification papers to avoid any conflict with the League”

“I have none” said Veigar

“Fine” replied the first gatekeeper and went in a shed and opened a cloth with a semi-rusty cork screw. “Under the suspicion of theft we are to open the barrels”

“A warrant must be issued” Veigar replied but the guard paid no attention to his words.

He jammed the screw into the corks and twisted, and a pops came a moment after.

“Your a thief” bellowed the gatekeeper

“I am no thief” Veigar bellowed back “Explain yourself for this unruly behavior on your behalf”

“This sir, is my proof” replied the keeper. He kicked down the beer barrels and they spilled silver and gold coins everywhere.

“I see this but I had no intentions of theft” Veigar futilely protested “It was a set up”

“Lies” bellowed the gatekeeper “You have no proper authority or verification that proves that you are a true trader, and gold and sliver does not match your description of 'beer'”

“You must believe me” Veigar begged “For thy it is the true truth”, but this like all other pleads are a exercise in futility.

“Words are meaningless to actions” bellowed the gate keeper “You my friend are arrested under Noxian law of: Theft, Illegal Impersonation of a Trader, Attempting to Break a Sworn Treaty, Illegal Entrance, Trespassing on Noxus Grounds, Illegal Possession of Firearms.......”, he went on and on. He even go out a paper because he needed to recite all the laws.

While the gatekeeper was reciting all the laws that Veigar broke two things went on in this scared yortle's mind; “Jesus Christ how much laws are there” and “He is making half this **** up”.

The gatekeeper ended and threw the paper on the ground. Veigar forgot the definition and action of the word “run” as this whole thing unfolded. The gatekeeper equipped Veigar with handcuffs and dragged him across town (as well as the ground) by a chain that was attached to the cuffs.

He remembered two things when he was being dragged across the 40-grit sandpaper road with no chance of getting up or slowing down. A) The definition and action of the word “run” B) His stocks.

After being dragged on the rough road he was immediately summoned to a Noxus court. But as court dictates the people in court must be cleaned to help the prevention of infectious diseases that is spreading around.

So Veigar was blasted with a garden hose, but this was not the first or last hose he would be blasted by.

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im really liking the story awesome plot

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uhm what i truthlywant to say is that i love your veigar story and i seem to grow fond to it
is thereany more chapters,specially ones continuing veigars imprisonment?
please keep it up its awesome

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I am going to continue it now as in tomorrow. Or over the summer, or wherever I find the time. I am sorry for the delay, as school and Biology are not nice to writers who write to people over the Internet. However I am going to add a lot of new people. Mainly background characters. But some are more important than others. I will tell you that the people involved in the chapters of coming will mostly be Noxus. For the imprisonment part. I must go though the trial, but yes it will be quite detailed. No as detailed as his current and to be life. But it may be more detailed than all of the other chapters.

-Edit- I was writing another story, not for LoL but for a friend of mine and when I felt like it. I got quite caught up in that story, and I may add it to this (only very small parts). And also if sometimes other details could be added then that would be great. If I contact you via League chat, or this message board. Then it is for thanks or for conformation to use your summoner name in the story in anyway that you see fit and that I could use. But that is all you.
Like I said. I do need ideas, as I can write a story's beginning and end, but getting there would be hard. Also spelling help and grammar help would be nice. Quote if you can so I do not need to search the entire story for the error.