Connection problems

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kilrathi fighter

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Ive been having connection problems with the client. Asides from the extreme lag and d/c's and reconnect the dead minions stay in game and i have to find a path around them which is a pain and could more than likely get me killed.

I thought it was LOL replay that is making my client do that so i uninstalled. I would get one good game then its back to the laggy, d/c connections.

One thing I noticed there is always someone in my team that looks like they are disconnected (you know the death timer runs in the 1k) . But they are in-game.

I'm going to re-install the game and see if that helps.

Just wondering if anyone knows a solution.

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I been having this problem too. Thinking i used all my money on a game and this is what i get. I hope theirs a solution out their cause i just wasted money...I hope you riot can fix this problem before that huge map update.