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Riot, I beg acknowledgement

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Brofessor Jones



I want to be acknowledged. I want to hear that the frustration over this game is not seen as just flaming.

I have a serious issue with the way the game is played in solo que at the elo in which 90% of your players are at.

It simply works like this, the team with the worst players will flat out lose. It doesn't matter if you have a sick mid top and jungle combo if you have a Evelynn Fiddle bot lane that feeds Corki 10 kills

At Mid range to low elo, everyone plays stupid hard carries and then the team who has the baddest players will inherently give the insane snowballers the most kills, and no matter how skilled you are, you can't shut them down.

Please find a way to remove this toxic aspect of the game, it simply just destroys the fun in it. I would recommend a kick system that requires a unanimous decision to kick a player. Give them loss forgiven, and allow them to continue on with their next game. But then give the remaining players an HP/damage buff to compensate.

I don't want to ramble too much, I think I summed it up nicely.