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What should my rune pages be?

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Ghordin II

Junior Member


I play primarily Mid and Jungle, and I don't know what my rune pages should look like.

My mids are: Ahri, Brand, Cassiopiea, Kassadin, Katarina, LeBlanc, Swain, Karthus, Veigar, Morgana, Ryze

My Junglers are: Amumu, Udyr, Shaco , Hecarim, Warwick, Nocturne

I don't really want to invest into other rune pages, So what should be the 2 generic rune pages I should use. Preferably one for Jungle and one for mid.

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Something Snazzy

Senior Member


Well, to cover all those champions in two rune pages will be difficult but here goes.

MR pen marks, AP quints, armor seals and MR glyphs for mid.

Jungle is what makes it a bit harder because Amumu is in there. Armor seals obviously. And I like MR or MR per level glyphs for junglers.

For Amumu, I run armor quints and MR pen or armor marks. Armor marks are nice because jungle doesn't have any MR and it lets you start with a regen pendent. Rushing Phil on him lets you gank more, since money is less of an issue, and give up blue to your mid at 7 minutes, since it almost unilaterally solves your mana issues. Amumu can't jungle without mana, unlike AD champions. Also, he tends to have a fragile jungle but amazing late game, which is why I like armor marks and an early Phil Stone.

For the rest, you can't go wrong with AS quints/marks or armor pen marks. More armor pen means better ganks, particularly for champions that use abilities as much as auto attacks. But more AS means a faster and stronger jungle, which leads to more ganks. I personally like running 6 armor pen marks with 3 AS marks and 3 AS quints. That gives enough to get through all of the armor that jungle mobs have (at least with the armor pen from masteries) with plenty of AS to clear jungle quickly. This can be manipulated depending on your build/play style. WW, for example, benefits more from additional AS, as he has a heal and extra damage that isn't physical. And any champ that gets Wriggles will want more AS, particularly if you don't get Zerker Greaves, which are the only way to get an early and healthy amount of AS without forgoing boots 2 for a while.

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well based off those champs alone I would go

ap: mpen reds, flat ap yellows, 2 mpen blues, 7flat mr blues, flat ap quints
The main choices between yellows is if they need mana(cass, veig, ect), no mana(kat), or don't need either, which with your list shouldn't have many problems with either
For blues it's more straight forward, flat mr or ap/lvl blues. Mr blues is more of a counter pick runepage but to be safe with only 2 runepages I would pick that over ap/lvl

jungle 1: attack speed reds, armor yellows, mr/lvl blues, movespeed quints
movespeed for tankier junglers(hecarim, udyr)

jungle 2: 6 armor pen reds, 3 flat ad red, armor yellows, mr/lvl blues, ad quints
normal damage junglers (you can sub attack speed for attack damage based on junglers) AD just helps everyone while AS might be worse for some that cast spells more